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 More Masters seeking for a Kajra to own in the city

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More Masters seeking for a Kajra to own in the city Empty
PostSubject: More Masters seeking for a Kajra to own in the city   More Masters seeking for a Kajra to own in the city Icon_minitimeThu Dec 13, 2012 10:31 pm

TenrikNiels: hahaha
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: lol
LordNyxMarfedelom: (sounds about right ))
KingMasterDragon69: -he rides up slowly as he notices a village, he dismounts his horse and ties it up- who rules here?
Juleiyaa: brb
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~ hears the sound of a man she looks up ~ I the Ubara does Stranger why do you ask ?
TenrikNiels: *Rising from the thron, he moves outside the main tent. immediately he spies the hilt, rising from the sand. He strides over to it, taking a firm grip upon it he pulls, lifting it from the sand he raises it in a manner of victory, high over head ... He turns and nods with respect and with honor to the Captain as he turns and enters the tent holding tightly to his prized possesion*
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((horse?))
TenrikNiels: *He stands moves to step before the Ubara as the stranger makes his way forward and asks the question*
MikhaelSkalleOksen: (i would've expected a Tarn personally)
KingMasterDragon69: i am Dragon First Sword of Hellenos i came to see if there was a slave that i could buy
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: (what wrong with a horse)
TenrikNiels: (sand, scorching heat)
TenrikNiels: You have come to the wrong place FS
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~she looks to him as she would tap her lip in thought ~
HaukBok: ((Horses, don't exist on Gor, now a Desert Kaiila yes.))
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~ looks to him as she would say perhaps a market ~
TenrikNiels: ((Indeed)
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: (oh ok thank you Bok)
HaukBok: ((You're welcome...))
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( only i seen ever to use horse was west )
TenrikNiels: Who has sent you here or did you happen by on your own?
Juleiyaa has left the chat
KingMasterDragon69: i came on my own im traveling
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((lol, its why i questioned it))
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( its why i had a litttle panic)
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((-.- does she ever not poof, oh wait that was me yesterday))
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( lol)
HaukBok: -Looks up at the Stranger..rubbing his chin..-
LordNyxMarfedelom: You come all this way just to look to buy a slave?
TenrikNiels: You hail from Hellenos, and there were no markets there to look through?
KingMasterDragon69: -he nods-
LordNyxMarfedelom: Anyone else think something is not clicking here?
TenrikNiels: aye
HaukBok: Yes..
TenrikNiels: He is the second today to come looking to buy slaves here
TenrikNiels: strange indeed
LordNyxMarfedelom: but humor me, What kind of slave do you seek
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: really odd
TenrikNiels: -Listens-
TenrikNiels: *Holds his position between the visitor and the Ubara*
KingMasterDragon69: a slave to tend to me and my family in my home
KingMasterDragon69: but if there is none i will take my leave
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~looks to the man on the pillow and a curious turn to my love ~
TenrikNiels: You are FS of Helenos and you have no personals of your own ?
KingMasterDragon69: -he nods-
HaukBok: -seeing him on a pillow- Seems he wishes to be collared, no?
KingMasterDragon69: noone collars the FS
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smirks~
TenrikNiels: *Passes a collar to the Ubara*
LordNyxMarfedelom: Should I go and speak to the ruler of Helenos to verify this?
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: -giggles-
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: I could use a fighting slave hmmmm
HaukBok: "Well welcome to Oasis, I am no one.."
KingMasterDragon69: if you wish
TenrikNiels: Indeed, I do know the lady Scarlet as well
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: Scarlet has a home on my land
HaukBok: ((Darn, me and crashing from Private chats.))
TenrikNiels: Indeed
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: would you not know this ?
KingMasterDragon69: i do not know her every move
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: your the FS ?
KingMasterDragon69: i am
TenrikNiels: But you claim to be her FS, how can you not know
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: I would expect you to do so
LordNyxMarfedelom: Isnt it your duty to protect her?
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smiles to my FS~
TenrikNiels: ~Returns my Ubara's smile~
KingMasterDragon69: yes and it is the duty of the other Warriors to do so as well
TenrikNiels: No it is not
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: are you new to gor ?
TenrikNiels: That is why you are FS
TenrikNiels: That duty falls to you and you alone
TenrikNiels: or least that is how it works around these parts.
KingMasterDragon69: (on here yes but iv done Gor on another game)
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: If you keep to your knees I will be sure to make you useful ~ snickers~
LordNyxMarfedelom: - He gets up and slowly walks towards him- So again I ask what brings you here
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: -looks back and forth amongst the Free conversating-
MikhaelSkalleOksen: -chuckles at Juicy's words-
TenrikNiels: oh my
KingMasterDragon69 has left the chat
TenrikNiels: he poofed...

Suspect Suspect Suspect Suspect Suspect Suspect Suspect Suspect Suspect Suspect Suspect Suspect Suspect

CoreyDelicious has joined the chat
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: Tal Corey
CoreyDelicious: TaiSoZo
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: (lol its Rhi)
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: are you visting
CoreyDelicious: (sorry i am new to gor)
CoreyDelicious: Yes
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: oh you are well welcome
CoreyDelicious: I am Cory ss to the City of Kalum
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: well it is nice to meet you Cory from the city of Kalum
CoreyDelicious: i have been told i must find a kajira
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: what brings you to the city of Oasis Two Scimtars
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: Scimitars*
CoreyDelicious: I am travelling seeking a kajira and learning on way
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: In Kalum you did not have any markets their where slaves are sold
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: there*
CoreyDelicious: I am that new i have not been to a Market
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: oh I see
CoreyDelicious: I am told if i sit long enough they come in to the great hall
CoreyDelicious: but with me from the UK and kalum US based its difficult
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: well that is a place you should go to finding a slave -nods to him in agreement to his statement-
CoreyDelicious: I have sat for two hours with no visitors whatsoever lol
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: no I mean a market
CoreyDelicious: ah
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: -nods-
CoreyDelicious: do you know of any markets ?
CoreyDelicious: or should i read more before i continue my journey
CoreyDelicious: i sometimes find myself like a fish out of water
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: names of markets I have not been deep in gor to know but yes you can read more before continuing your journey
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: do you own the city
CoreyDelicious: No
CoreyDelicious: but the admin does not come online till around midnight 1am my time
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: oh ok
CoreyDelicious: which is around 1 hours time
melOasisScimitars has joined the chat
CoreyDelicious: by the time ppl arrive i need sleep for work lol
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: -looks to see the wondeful girl returning home-
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: Tal mel
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: oh so your not on when you do get vistors
melOasisScimitars: she lowers herself gracefully at the feet of Master First Sword her thighs apart her glistening heat for His viewing, she leans to kiss His feet with open lips, then rises and settles on her heels, keeping her eyes lowered “Tal Master “
CoreyDelicious: Tai girl
CoreyDelicious: i do try a lot
melOasisScimitars: Sorr
CoreyDelicious: i think eventually it will happen
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: -she looks confused- mel you know this person
melOasisScimitars: May girl enter?
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: you may mel
melOasisScimitars: Girl goof
Oteliar has joined the chat
CoreyDelicious: I have never met her
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: -confused looking at the two- mhmm why you replied when she towered to you
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: <.<
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: wb ote
CoreyDelicious: I never saw that
Oteliar: ty
Oteliar: going to bed soon tho)
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: if you read up I saw it big and bold lol
CoreyDelicious: lol
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: oh ok ote
CoreyDelicious: no girl i am ss from the city of kalum
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: well what ever the case is -she stares both of them in the eye- I do hope you will find a slave soon enough when not looking
melOasisScimitars: ~gracefuly kneeling at Master feet. Her thights are slightly apart showing her her heat for Master pleasure. Bending at the waist softly Head bow eyes lower. Greeting
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: -coughs- mel?
CoreyDelicious: i will eventually
Oteliar: ~ looks at the slaves pose and blatent showing in front of the Mistress and cocks an eyebrow up hoping the Mistress doesnt wallop her one~
melOasisScimitars: Yes Mistress?
CoreyDelicious: mel kneel by your mistress
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: you know vistors are to be greeted last beforeyou greet citizens
CoreyDelicious: i will ask if i need anything
HaukBok has joined the chat
melOasisScimitars: Yes Mistres
CoreyDelicious whispers: if i have made a mistake let me know
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: -eyes look to the stranger, watches him up and down-
Oteliar: ~ tucks a strand of hair behind her ear as she listens to the Free's voices drifting over the dune~
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: Tal Bok wb
CoreyDelicious: Tai Bok
HaukBok: Tal, Rhi..Stranger.
melOasisScimitars: Welcome back Master
HaukBok: Thanks dear..
CoreyDelicious: Rhi i think someone is arriving in my city
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: -whispers to mel: just remember next time as she giggled, tapping the girls nose softly-
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: oh ok well wishes
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: and safe travels
CoreyDelicious: I will leave your hospitality but will return
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: -nods-
melOasisScimitars: Sorry Mistress
CoreyDelicious: ~nods towards Reii~
MrsSoZoRhiRhiGrind: your fine mel you did a lovely greet -winks to her-
Oteliar: ~ sighs and starts picking the bark off the palm tree~
CoreyDelicious has left the chat
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More Masters seeking for a Kajra to own in the city Empty
PostSubject: Re: More Masters seeking for a Kajra to own in the city   More Masters seeking for a Kajra to own in the city Icon_minitimeTue Feb 12, 2013 7:22 am

was very intering to read had to post just say that
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More Masters seeking for a Kajra to own in the city
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