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 Collaring a slave

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The Collaring of a Kajira

A woman becomes a slave. Her slavery must be made known to her on more than a intellectual level. So along with the branding, when she gains a new owner three other steps seem almost without fail to follow. First she is placed in her new ko`lar so that her owner is clearly identified to the world. Second, she submits to her new owner, often her wrists are bound and thus transitions to the third phase of an ownership ritual. A new slave is customarily stricken with the Gorean slave whip so she knows not to doubt her new owner's power over her; a mild beating is common when only taming her to the new collar rather than punishing her.
"'Three things will now be done to you, matter of factly, and in order,' he said. I looked at him, puzzled. 'Down on all fours,' he said, 'and crawl here, head down, to the foot of the chair.' I did so and there, unceremoniously, he crouching down, behind me and to my left, I was collared. He was not gentle with me. 'Kneel back on your heels," he said, 'and extend your arms, wrists crossed.' I looked at him, starled, protestingly, as my wrists, with one end of a long leather strap, were lashed together. 'Stand up,' he said. I was pulled to a position at the side of the room. The long end of the strap was tossed up, through a ring fixed in a beam, and then put through another ring. Drusus Rencius then drew on the strap and my bound wrists were drawn up, above my head. He then looped and knotted the long end of the strap about a hook, on the side. I then stood there, at the side of the room, naked, in the collar, my hands bound together, held over my head... This was clearly a whipping position." (Kajira of Gor, page 432-433)
As yet, in the books I have seen only one example of a ceremony surrounding the placing of a collar; here is the collaring ceremony of Rask of Treve excerpted from the seventh Gorean novel:
"I knelt, naked, on the scarlet rug in the tent of the women. I had been washed, and my hair had been combed. The slave girl replaced the glass stopper in a small, ornate bottle of Torian scent. 'I shall touch you again,' she said, 'twice, before you are led forth.'
Another girl, one of the four near me, besides Ena, again knelt behind me and again began to pass the narrow, purple horn comb through my hair.

'You know your part in the ceremony?' asked Ena, not for the first time.

I nodded my head.

'Stand,' said Ena.

I did so.

I gasped as they brought forth a long, exquisite garment, hooded, of shimmering scarlet silk.

Behind me, swiftly, one of the girls wound my hair into a single braid and then, coiling it, fastened it at the back of my head with four pins. The pins would be undone by Rask of Treve.

The garment was placed upon me. The hood fell at my back. The garment was sleeveless.

'Place your hands behind your back and cross your wrists,' said Ena.

She had, in her hand, an eighteen-inch strip of purple binding fiber, about half an inch in width, flat, set with jewels.

I felt my wrists lashed behind my back.

Ena then gestured to the girl with the small, ornate bottle. The girl removed the stopper and, quickly, again, touched me with the scent, behind each ear, a tiny drop on her finger. I smelled the heady perfume. My heart was beating rapidly.

Then Ena again approached me. This time she carried, coiled in her hand, some seven or eight feet of slender coarse rope, simple camp rope. She knotted one end of this about my neck, tightly enough that I felt the knot. My wrists would be bound by jeweled binding fiber but I would be led forth on a simple camp rope.

Ena drew the hood up from my back and over my head.

I was led through the camp, and, here and there, some men and slave girls followed me.

I came to a clearing, before the tent of Rask of Treve. He was waiting there. On my tether I was led before him. I looked at him, frightened.

We stood facing one another, I about five feet from him.

'Remove her tether,' he said.

Ena, who had accompanied me, unknotted the rope, and handed it to one of the girls.

'Remove her bonds,' said Rask of Treve.

In his belt I saw that he had thrust an eighteen-inch strip of binding fiber. It was not jeweled. It was about three quarters of an inch in thickness; it was flat, supple leather, plain and brown, of the sort commonly used by tarnsmen for binding female prisoners.

Ena untied my wrists.

Rask and I regarded one another.

He approached me.

With one hand he brushed back my hood, revealing my head and hair. I stood very straight.

Carefully, one by one, he removed the four pins, handing them to one of the girls at the side.

My hair fell about my shoulders, and he smoothed it over my back.

One of the girls, she with the purple horn comb, combed the hair, arranging it.

Rask of Treve now stood some ten feet from me. He regarded me.

'Remove her garment,' he said.

Ena and one of the girls from the tent parted the garment and let it fall about my ankles.

'Step before me naked,' said Rask of Treve.

I did so.

We faced one another, not speaking, he with his blade, and in his leather, I with nothing, stripped at his command.

'Submit,' he said.

I could not disobey him.

I fell to my knees before him, resting back on my heels, extending my arms to him, wrists crossed, as though for binding, my head lowered between my arms.

I spoke in a clear voice. 'I, Miss Elinor Brinton, of New York City, to the Warrior, Rask, of the High City of Treve, herewith submit myself as a slave girl. At his hands I accept my life and my name, declaring myself his to do with as he pleases.'

Suddenly I felt my wrists lashed swiftly, rudely, together. I drew back my wrists in fear. They were already bound! They were bound with incredible tightness. I had been bound by a tarnsman.

I looked up in fear. I saw him take an object from a warrior at his side. It was an opened, steel slave collar.

He held it before me.

'Read the collar,' said Rask of Treve.

'I cannot,' I whispered. 'I cannot read.'

'She is illiterate,' said Ena.

'Ignorant barbarian!' I heard more than one girl laugh.

I felt so ashamed. I regarded the engraving on the collar, tiny, in neat, cursive script. I could not read it.

'Read it to her,' said Rask of Treve to Ena.

'It says,' said Ena, 'I am the property of Rask of Treve.'

I said nothing.

'Do you understand?' asked Ena.

'Yes,' I said. 'Yes!'

Now, with his two hands, he held the collar about my neck, but he did not yet close it. I was looking up at him. My throat was encircled by the collar, he holding it, but the collar was not yet shut. My eyes met his. His eyes were fierce, amused, mine were frightened. My eyes pleaded for mercy. I would receive none. The collar snapped shut. There was a shout of pleasure from the men and the girls about. I heard striking the left shoulder in Gorean applause. Among the warriors, the flat of sword blades and the blades of spears rang on the shields. I closed my eyes, shuddering.

I opened my eyes. I could not hold up my head. I saw before me the dirt, and the sandals of Rask of Treve.

Then I remembered that I must speak one more line. I lifted my head, tears in my eyes.

'I am yours, Master,' I said.

He lifted me to my feet, one hand on each of my arms. My wrists were bond before my body. I wore his collar. He put his head to the left side of my face, and then to the right. He inhaled the perfume." (excerpted from Captive of Gor, pages 280-284)
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wow and hmmm, read and acknowledge
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thank you for the read.. wears hers proudly
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Collaring a slave
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