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 Selling a slave

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PostSubject: Selling a slave   Selling a slave Icon_minitimeMon Dec 17, 2012 5:01 pm

In the books, the selling of a slave could be quite short and uncomplicated, or handled via the more structured auctioning on the slave block. Beginning on page 250 of Slave Girl of Gor, one reads:

"'I am vending a girl,' said Ladletender, indicating me. 'Greetings, Tup Ladletender,' said the voice. The small door in the great gate opened, and we entered. The small door was then shut behind us. 'I will give you four copper tarsks for her,' said the captain. 'Ten,' said Ladletender. 'Six,' said the captain. 'Done,' said Ladletender"

And it was done; a slave had a new Master. For a very lengthy, yet descriptive writing of how a formal slave auction is conducted, Chapter 13 of Slave Girl of Gor offers one for the reading pleasure.

Actually, fifty silver tarn disks was an extremely high price, and indicated the girl was probably of high caste as well as extremely beautiful. An ordinary girl, of low caste, comely but untrained, might, depending on the market, sell for as little as five or as many as thirty tarn disks.
---Outlaw of Gor, p 193

A golden tarn disk was a small fortune. It would buy one of the great birds themselves, or as many as five slave girls.
---Tarnsman of Gor, p 191

The Price of slaves

that most slaves are worth
"No more than a few gold coins"
at your average Gorean market".

since slaves were a commom place merchandise on Gor that
"most" were available at reasonable prices , there are ofcourse a few known exceptions, it will depend on the individual slave and the market involved.It would come as no surprise that In a common slave market, even an excellent girl might be bought for only a few coppers; the same girl, in another market, might bring much more; and an exceptional slave might be worth a small fortune to a particular buyer

One should *NEVER* pay outrageous amounts for slaves, this takes away from the gorean perspective , and places way too much value on a mere slave girl

The average value of the basic kettle-and-mat girl in the common Gorean city or village market is to be somewhere between 3 and 5 silver tarsks. A lesser girl would bring less, and a better girl would bring more. Market value,of course, would be both relative and situational. much would also depend on the Buyers Caste , and ability to make money..

The price for the sexual use of a slave girl will start at 10 coppers tarns.
This applies to tavern girls in yellow or red silks

Privately owned girls will find out from their Owner the price set for their sexual use, it should be within Tuchuk standards of what is reasonable. Of course if a slave is highly trained in the art of sexual pleasure her Master may wish to profit more from her special talents , this is without question His right, but He/She should stay within the realm of the "Use/rent" prices..

The sale or purchase of slaves should also be within the Boundaries of Ones Caste and position, and if He has it , why would He part with it for a mere slave??

A common ~Y~ silk slave trained in basic service and providing pleasure with less than 1 years experience should cost between 3-5 silver Tarsks and a Barter.. to a Max of 3 gold Tarns and a Bolt of fine silk.

A privately owned ~Y~ silk slave, perhaps trained or in special training in a certain area ex..healing..scribe.. etc..or in the arts of sexual pleasure, or perhaps is just very appealing and pleasing, may draw a higher price .. her price may go as high as 5 gold Tarns ..though she should be an exceptional ~Y~ silk, and one should never offer the highest bid first.

A tavern, or privately owned ~R~ silk slave should draw a good bid , can be sure that the slave is well trained in all the arts of pleasing , her demeanor should be pleasant and her belly true, she should be trained in cooking , healing, and tending to all the chores required of her, dancing erotically, and sexually be versatile , and eager to serve,

a ~R~ normally will begin with bids at 2 gold Tarns depending on her skills and her price should not exceed 10 Gold tarns, also included in the sale may be any number of bartered items .. if the slave is worth much and she is found very desirable ..Bartering will be more likely to secure her sale then more gold

though it is not my policy to include Cabot's marginal notes, jottings, etc., which are often informal, and apparently written at different times, in the text of his accounts, I think it would not be amiss to hypothesise certain approximate equivalences here. To be sure, much seems to depend on the city and the particular weights involved. For example, a "double tarn" is twice the weight of a "tarn." It seems there are usually eight tarsk bits in a copper tarsk, and that these are the result of cutting a circular coin in half, and then the halves in half, and then each of these halves in half. An analogy would be the practice of cutting the round, flat Gorean loaves of sa-tarna bread into eight pieces. There are apparently something like one hundred copper tarsks in a silver tarsk in many cities. Similarly, something like ten silver tarsks would apparently be equivalent, depending on weights, etc., to old gold piece, say, a single "tarn." Accordingly, on certain cities, would be eight tarsk bits to a copper tarsks; one hundred copper tarsks to a silver tarsk; and ten silver tarsks to a gold piece, a single tarn. On this approach there would be literally, 8,000 tarsk bits in a single gold piece.

( Magician of Gor -- p468)

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PostSubject: Re: Selling a slave   Selling a slave Icon_minitimeFri Jan 11, 2013 5:14 pm

aww sad to see what the girls go through smh but very informative to know thank you Gin
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Selling a slave
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