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 Mistress Dark visits from Turia, as well as Jarl

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Mistress Dark visits from Turia, as well as Jarl Empty
PostSubject: Mistress Dark visits from Turia, as well as Jarl   Mistress Dark visits from Turia, as well as Jarl Icon_minitimeMon Dec 24, 2012 2:08 am

melOasisScimitars: Where did everybody go?
chastitynyte: (girl will be right back she is going to finish her last three lessons if she may)
RaychelofGor: Poofed, it seems, sister
melOasisScimitars: oh
LadyGingerTalton: (you may)
melOasisScimitars: How are you?
RaychelofGor: Well, sister. And yourself
melOasisScimitars: real well
chastitynyte: (thank you Mistress)
melOasisScimitars: poof
DarkLoveDreamer has entered the Chat
melOasisScimitars: Mistress!
melOasisScimitars: ~smiling big~
RaychelofGor: *She raises a brow at the entry, for it was odd to see one of Turia here, but she nods to the visitor.* Tal and greetings, Mistress.
melOasisScimitars: Start wiggling
DarkLoveDreamer: Tal
DarkLoveDreamer: how are you mel
RaychelofGor: *She turns her gaze, peeking beneath lowered lashes, for she recognized the Mistress from her brief time in Turia.* How are you this day, Mistress? Well this one hopes...
melOasisScimitars: great How are you?
DarkLoveDreamer: Im good but I might be getting kicked out of turia
melOasisScimitars: girl missing you
RaychelofGor: *She blinks rapidly for a moment, raising a single brow in shock.* Girl is...sorry to hear that, Mistress...
melOasisScimitars: Why?
DarkLoveDreamer: i missed u too hun
melOasisScimitars: Wat happen?
DarkLoveDreamer: its because the drama with star and Kon, he wants me to block star because she a run away, but she told him flat out she was leaving its not her thing, and becaues im friends with her he wont rp with me
RaychelofGor: *sighs gently.*
DarkLoveDreamer: im FW, i do as i wish no one owns me
RaychelofGor: *nods softly.* Understood, Mistress...
melOasisScimitars: True
RaychelofGor: There is much unrest in Turia, it seems. This one is sorry you are dealing with that, Mistress...
DarkLoveDreamer: ya, too many run aways
melOasisScimitars: Wat happen with star?
DarkLoveDreamer: -looks to mel-
DarkLoveDreamer: she ran away and left goe but he wouldnr let heer go so she blocked him
melOasisScimitars: She came to SCHENDI but she went back
melOasisScimitars: Yes thaat he told this one
DarkLoveDreamer: im picking mel, if Dark doesnt strighen it out ill stay with mt other brother the hunter/outlaw
RaychelofGor: *she shifts gently.* The Ubara here, Mistress, does not take well to dramatics. Girl is sure there would be a place for you here, if of course, you wished it.
DarkLoveDreamer: -nods- ty, only use a city as a home to rest i travel alot being a merchant
RaychelofGor: *she nods gently, understanding.*
melOasisScimitars: How is MasterSlaver?
DarkLoveDreamer: he is ok
melOasisScimitars: Girl saw MasterKon the other day
DarkLoveDreamer: i havent been in any of turai except my brother Darks places in a few days
DarkLoveDreamer: Kon should be glade i didnt get pissed or i would have showed him part of my past
RaychelofGor: *Shifts a bit.* Mistress? Can this girl get you anything?
melOasisScimitars: Some body better take over Turis before everybody leave
DarkLoveDreamer: ive been hearing romars that romars are going around turia is diseny and im starting to agre
DarkLoveDreamer: im ok girl, but thank you
RaychelofGor: *nods, a soft bob of her head.* Yes, Mistress.
melOasisScimitars: Its. Girl had learn so mush here
DarkLoveDreamer: and you dont get chained for not doing it right away?
melOasisScimitars: No. they all know girl is trying
DarkLoveDreamer: good
RaychelofGor: The Oasis is tolerant of new girls, Mistress. *smiles*
DarkLoveDreamer: good to hear
melOasisScimitars: And they know girl type with a head stick
DarkLoveDreamer: ok one simple qusetion, if i was here in this city and i asked for mel to be mine and she giving me to train, would she be mine or the cities stil?
melOasisScimitars: Mistress girl been clamed
RaychelofGor: Well, Mistress, this one believes sister mel is already owned...
DarkLoveDreamer: im just asking, i only picked mel becausr i know her
melOasisScimitars: Girl is sorry
DarkLoveDreamer: its ok im using u as an exp.
RaychelofGor: *nods gently.* Understood, Mistress. However, in order to have a girl in this city, a Free must pass the probationary period, Mistress. *smiles gently.* Each Free is allowed one personal restricted slave each.
DarkLoveDreamer: ok, but if she was giving to me to train to become mine, would she be a city girl or mine?
RaychelofGor: And a Free can only own more slaves, if all other Free have a slave already. She would be yours, but if not restricted, able to be used by other Free in the city.
melOasisScimitars: girl thinkyou would like it here
RaychelofGor: *nods* It is very structured, and easy to understand.
RaychelofGor: *smiles*
DarkLoveDreamer: im asking that because before star left Gor i was given her to trade, but she was still a city girl not mine
DarkLoveDreamer: we both felt that wasnt right
melOasisScimitars: She left gor??
melOasisScimitars: She loved gor
DarkLoveDreamer: she loved me, she wasnt much of a slave
DarkLoveDreamer: lil quiet
RaychelofGor: *nods* Sorry, Mistress.
DarkLoveDreamer: its ok
melOasisScimitars: Is she still imvu?
melOasisScimitars: on*
DarkLoveDreamer: mhm
melOasisScimitars: ?
RaychelofGor: *she smiles to sister mel.*
DarkLoveDreamer: star still on imvu
melOasisScimitars: Thats good
melOasisScimitars: You two should boh come here
DarkLoveDreamer: shes not a good slave, she more a free sprite
melOasisScimitars: oh
Diablo990 has entered the chat
RaychelofGor: Perhaps her being Free would be a better course of action. *nods gently.*
DarkLoveDreamer: maybe
RaychelofGor: *her head lifts up, glancing out of the tent, before turning back to the Mistress as she speaks.*
Diablo990: Tal Woman....and girls
RaychelofGor: *she smiles to the visitor, nodding her head toward him.* Tal, Master.
Diablo990: .....think again girl
chastitynyte: Tal Master-she hears the second girls response to him and responds after she does-
melOasisScimitars: Tal Master ~smiling swetly~
Diablo990: ......-says nothing but facepalms-
RaychelofGor: *she raises a brow, confused.*
chastitynyte: (girl shakes her head realizing that her headache caused her to think that her sister raychel is the second girl)
DarkLoveDreamer: Tal
RaychelofGor: *Her eyes blink for a moment, and she takes in the Master, quietly. He looked familiar, but she could not quite place it.*
Diablo990: girls, i am a Jarl.....i dont wear silks.....
RaychelofGor: *she nods gently.* Forgive this one, Jarl. She meant no offense.
chastitynyte: -at the words of the Master, that he is a Jarl that makes her feel a part of home is here with her today-
Diablo990: girl....what name were you given??
RaychelofGor: This one is called raychel, Jarl.
Diablo990: Raychel hmmmm, well, know this, if i was offended, your pretty long hair would be shorter than mine real quick, ok??
RaychelofGor: *she nods gently, staring at the floor.* Yes, Jarl.
Diablo990: now, Raychel...lift your head, let that collar shine in the sunlight, if you know anything of my father you'll know that he drilled into my fucking thick skull to be more patient than an Initiate, but more deadly than an Assassin, and more brutal than a Warrior
RaychelofGor: *She nods to him, knowing that if she didn't know now, she surely would before the day was ended.* Yes, Jarl. This one will remember that...
Diablo990: good, now carry on as to what you all were doing
chastitynyte: -yearns a bit for home, she misses it but is content to be here as she knows she did it so that her family would survive-
DarkLoveDreamer: well im out to see where i can get more goods to trade
RaychelofGor: May this girl please be excused, to return later?
RaychelofGor: ((Duty calls.))
Diablo990: you gotta ask? fuck'n a' just go, lol
RaychelofGor: ((Yes, per law, must ask.))
RaychelofGor: Thank you, Jarl. Well wishes.
Diablo990: peace
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Mistress Dark visits from Turia, as well as Jarl Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mistress Dark visits from Turia, as well as Jarl   Mistress Dark visits from Turia, as well as Jarl Icon_minitimeThu Dec 27, 2012 10:08 pm

interesting, though who does Diablo think he is that he can just come in and try to take over the room, he should be made aware that he is a guest while there, his threats were uncalled for
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Mistress Dark visits from Turia, as well as Jarl Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mistress Dark visits from Turia, as well as Jarl   Mistress Dark visits from Turia, as well as Jarl Icon_minitimeWed Jan 02, 2013 7:08 am

hmmmm Neutral
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Mistress Dark visits from Turia, as well as Jarl Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mistress Dark visits from Turia, as well as Jarl   Mistress Dark visits from Turia, as well as Jarl Icon_minitime

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Mistress Dark visits from Turia, as well as Jarl
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