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 Bazi Tea Serve/needs and meanings

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PostSubject: Bazi Tea Serve/needs and meanings   Bazi Tea Serve/needs and meanings Icon_minitimeTue Dec 25, 2012 5:54 pm

Bazi Tea Ceremony - as practiced by the Bakah Tribesmen
The Bazi Tea Ceremony is the celebration of life. It's beauty and grace signifies the deep meaning of the ceremony to its members. It is one service in which the Masters play an important and active part.

Things you will need:

***tea - freshly ground and aromatic***
***Tea set containing - 3 tiny cups, teapot, sugar bowls, spoons, tray***
***white and yellow sugars***
***heated water***

The tea sets can come in many kinds, one could be wooden with colors stained into the carved wood, another could be stoneware, a heavier set with glazed colors, still another type could be dainty china cups. Each set could come with a shiny copper teakettle with a lid and handle.

Whether stained or glazed, there is one yellow cup, one red cup, and one blue cup in each set. During the serve you can "dress up" the cups with gold edges, meaningful carvings or pictures etched or glazed on the sides, etc.

Each cup has a significance:

The yellow one represents the bitter first fruits of life.
The red signifies contentment of adulthood.
The blue signifies enlightenment that comes with experience and old age.

Steps of the serve include:

*~*taking the order*~*
*~*going to the servery*~*
*~*getting and preparing the tea set*~*
*~*adding the tea container, sugar bowls, and spoons to the tray*~*
*~*filling the teapot with hot water from the hearth*~*
*~*taking the set to the one you serve, set it on the tiles before you*~*
*~*preparing the tea, add three pinches of the tea to each cup, then pour in the hot water, let seep a moment*~*
*~*first cup, yellow, place in one spoonful of yellow sugar*~*
*~*second cup, red, place in one spoonful of white sugar*~*
*~*third cup, blue, place in one spoonful each of the yellow and white sugars*~*

Serve each cup one at a time, with each cup, tell of its significance before handing to the Master.
Masters respond with each cup repeating its significance in a personal way, he may raise the cups to the heavens or some other ceremonial movement significant to Him.

When all three cups are finished, the kajira summarizes the significance of the service, wishes for blessings for the Master, and waits.
After the kajira summary, the Master then summarizes the ceremony in a personal way.

The Master then thanks and dismisses the kajira.
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PostSubject: Example ONLY Of Bazi Tea Serve    Bazi Tea Serve/needs and meanings Icon_minitimeTue Dec 25, 2012 5:59 pm

Following is a full Bazi Tea Serve. You can see how the steps of the serve have been personalized by those celebrating it. Please, do not 'clone' this serve, use the basic steps to create your own - *smiles*, after all, you are unique and your creation will be.

Master: "Long ago in a different realm, the Gray Falcon Clan fought in many battles - they lost many young warriors. To survive a battle was considered a feat blessed by the Priest Kings. When the battle was over, and the dead buried, the askari would gather around the Jarl of the Pride, there, not to pay tribute to the dead, but to celebrate the living.

Each askari would summon his kajira to him and partake of the Bazi Tea to celebrate his safe return from battle.
Time has passed, this is a different realm, wars are not as numerous as they once were, but still an askari of the Pride celebrates his life with the Bazi Tea, as I am about to do now."
Master: "girl...?"
girl: "yes, Master?"
Master: "Bazi Tea!"
girl: "yes, Master"
girl: rising next to Him, she smooths her silks over her body with a slow deliberate movement, her eyes look to His for a small ihn, she smiles softly to Him as she backs three steps and heads to the servery. Her steps seem to barely kiss the tiles of the floor as she walks, her heart sings with great joy at once more being allowed to celebrate this ceremony with her Love and Master. With a toss of her head she sends the long golden tresses to her back where they gently sway against the deep crimson silks. Her walk causes her hips to sway making her silks dance around them, her breasts move gently with her, there is a twinkle in her blue eyes and a smile on her full lips.

She stops at the entrance of the servery to turn her head and smile over her bare shoulder at He whom she serves. Then, turning her attention to her task she looks to the shelves, her smile widens as she sees the lovely tea set awaiting use on the middle shelf. Reaching up with both hands she grasps the ends of the tray and brings it to the counter. She takes a soft rep cloth and picks up the first cup, it's yellow color like that of the sun in a clear summer Gorean sky, it's rim gilded with gold, on the side are illustrations in gold of youth in activities such as sports, learning, and play. She polishes the tiny cup to a shine, tests the rim against the inside of her wrist and smiles as the cup proves to be as safe as it is lovely.

She gently places the fragile yellow cup on the counter and reaches for the second, a red one, deep as the red of a deepening sunset, its rim also guilded in rich gold with golden illustrations of young Men as warriors, craftsmen, healers, she shines the cup with the rep cloth, tests its rim against her wrist and smiles that this cup too is worthy of service to Him, she places it on the counter.

Looking to the third cup, one of a blue so much like the deep blue of the waters in the pond, she picks it up, polishing it she shines the golden rim and looks to the illustrations of older Men or Gor sharing their time with those who are younger. Smiling as she runs the rim against her wrist she proves this cup too to be safe for His firm lips, she places it on the counter with the others.

Her hands reach for the small copper teakettle, she polishes its exterior to a brilliant shine, then opens it to inspect for cleanliness on its inside, it smells fresh and looks spotless, closing the lid she sets it on the counter with the cups. Next, she polishes the tiny sugar bowls, two of them, each a dark ebony black trimmed with brilliant gold edging. Setting them on the counter after each is polished, she picks up the tray. She shines this also, it is also a deep ebony black with edging of brilliant gold. When it shines with a brilliance that would be envied by the sun itself, she sets it on the counter, places the cups on the tray along with the teapot.

Taking the sugar bowls, she fills one with yellow sugar rocks and one with white then sets them on the tray. Opening the drawer just under the counter she gathers three small spoons and lays them side by side near the cups. Looking once more to the shelves she sees the delicate wooden tea vessel that holds the freshly ground bazi tea. Reaching to it she grasps it with a delicate hand, brings it down, opens it and inhales the delicious, fresh, pungent odor of the tea. Smiling she places it on the tray also, she looks to the arrangement of the items on the tray, moves things around until it is pleasing in symmetry, then takes the tray with its contents to the hearth.

Setting the tray on the stones, she kneels at the hearth, taking the delicate copper teapot she reaches for a ladle and from the bubbling hot water pot, she ladles water to the teapot until it is full, she is most careful to avoid dripping water that may leave a spot on any of the highly polished tea tray items. The heat from the fire raising small beads of sweat on her skin making it seem to glow. When the teapot is full, she rehangs the ladle and closes the lid of the teapot placing it back on the tray. Rising, she grasps both ends of the tray and raises it, she turns to the main room.

Her eyes deepen in their blueness as they seek and then find Him, her walk becomes one of seduction and womanly grace, her parted lips are moistened by a slow movement of her tongue, she approaches Him and kneels at His feet, she places the tray on the tiles before her. Taking the tea vessel, she opens it and places three pinches of the aromatic tea into each cup, recovers the vessel and sets it back on the tray, she then raises the delicate copper teapot and fills each cup. Placing the teapot to the side, she waits a moment for the tea to seep within the cups

Taking the first spoon, she adds one spoonful of the yellow sugar to the yellow cup, replacing the spoon, she picks up the second and measures one spoonful of the white sugar into the second, red, cup, then puts the spoon on the tray. Reaching for the third spoon, she measures one spoonful of each sugar to place into the third, blue, cup, then lays the spoon back to its place on the tray. She does not stir the tea, rather allows the sugars to find their way through the hot liquid.

Taking the first cup in both hands she brings it to her chest, there she holds it for the count of three heartbeats in honor of the three moons of Gor, then reaches it out to him as she lowers her head between her arms and softly says...
"Master, this first cup represents the first bitter fruits of life, when lessons are hard won, souls burn with a thirst that never seems quenchable, hearts are often torn asunder as the pain of hurt and at times despair fill them."

Master: Rises, takes the first cup from her hands, lifting it to the heavens, says...
"To the Bitterness of my life...."
Master: drinks the tea in one swallow, and returns the empty first cup to her

girl:takes the cup from His hand and gently places it on the tray, she grasps the second, red, cup, holds it against her for the three counts of her beating heart in tribute to the moons of Gor, reaches it out to Him and with head lowered between her arms she softly says...
"Master, this second cup represents the contentment of adulthood, when lessons have been learned and understanding is melded with wisdom to make decisions that are of calmer more thoughtful natures, when a warrior fights his greatest battles and oft feels his greatest losses of friends and brothers, a time when plans are made and lives are lived with a passion for that living"

Master: takes the second cup, raises it to the heavens and says...
"To the Contentment of my Life..."
downs the tea in one swallow and hands her the empty Second Cup

girl: takes the cup from His strong hands and places it carefully beside the first, taking the third, blue, cup in her hands she brings it to her chest, counts three heartbeats to honor the three moons of Gor then reaches it out to him, her head lowered as she speaks...
"Master, this third cup represents the enlightenment that comes with experience and old age, a time of being honored, respected and revered by those younger and eager to learn, to pass down the lessons so hard fought to learn, to share the traditions and customs that make a people who they are."

Master: takes the third cup, lifting it to the heavens, says...
"To the Enlightenment of my Life..."
downs the tea in one swallow, then hands her the empty Third cup..

girl: takes the third cup from His hands looking into His dark eyes for an ihn then lowering hers in great respect. she places the cup on the tray with its sisters, lifts the teapot and returns it to the tray and slides the tray and its contents to the side, she lowers her head as she speaks once more to Him..
"Master, you have toasted the three stages of your life, this one hopes you have found the ceremony one of joy and recollection, one of peace and reflection, she hopes it has brought a peace to your mind and heart, that is has shown you a life that has been well lived in each of its stages thus far and full of promises in the next, she hopes you have enjoyed the ceremony as she has enjoyed with all that she is in serving you."

Master: "I have toasted the three stages of my life, Youth in Bitterness, the bitterness of seeing your fathers, brothers, uncles march of to battle wilst you must stay behind and of tasting the bitter tears of sorrow when they did not return.

The Contentment of Adulthood, when I can march out with the other askari of my Pride, content in the knowledge that I can cover myself in honor and gain great respect.

The Enlightenment of Olden Age, the knowledge that I survived another day - toward the time when an old askari can hang up his shield and sword and enjoy the fruits of his labor."

"An excellent serve, girl, you honor me and you are an honor to our Clan."
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PostSubject: Re: Bazi Tea Serve/needs and meanings   Bazi Tea Serve/needs and meanings Icon_minitimeSun Dec 30, 2012 7:40 pm

wow great read Sun very informative and shows the answer to the question of the day lol.......Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Bazi Tea Serve/needs and meanings   Bazi Tea Serve/needs and meanings Icon_minitimeSun Feb 10, 2013 1:24 pm

very nice dear, I learn this serve long ago
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PostSubject: Re: Bazi Tea Serve/needs and meanings   Bazi Tea Serve/needs and meanings Icon_minitime

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Bazi Tea Serve/needs and meanings
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