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 Format: House Alliance

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PostSubject: Format: House Alliance   Mon Dec 31, 2012 9:19 am

House Alliance

House <insert name> and House <insert name> have come together this day, <date here>, to form an alliance to bring peace, to keep peace, and uphold peace here in the Glorious City of <City name>

1. The below terms as set forth this day are to be adhered to until the parties of the alliance come together to disband the alliance as a joint venture or one of the original house leaders are no longer living. At such time of death or dissappearance, the new Head of House will contact the allied house to set up a new meeting for a possible continuance of said alliance.

2. This Alliance is to aid in keeping the peace. It does not say that we, as allies, have to join in a fight against another house unless this is discussed with the head of the house beforehand.

3. Any disputes between other houses is between other houses, We, as a separate house, have the right to decline offering our aid, as it may cause conflict with the opposing house of the ally. We reserve the right to decide whether our houses will get involved in the ally's fight.

4. All swords or members of said house alliance will respect the other's properties. Shedding of blood between houses is not allowed. Sparring for practice is allowed, including hand to hand combat or the use of wooden practice swords or with blades covered.

5. A meeting between allied houses should be held once a month with heads of houses and their first three swords for discussions about arguments or dissatisfactions between house members of said alliance.

6. Alliances should be renewed once every two Gorean years (six mun months), for purposes of keeping the peace and to know that this alliance is still valid.

7. Rosters are to remain the sole ownership of each allied house unless at war, at such time current rosters will be exchanged between the warring parties so combatants know with whom they are fighting.

8. All disputes regarding Honor Matches, Capture Matches, Release Matches, and Death Matches will follow the city rules and guidelines as to ensure the validation of all deeds done, women captured or released and ALL "deaths". This includes slave death, as slaves can be killed with the stroke of a blade and no match is needed to do so.

Signed by: <signature> Dated:

Signed by: <signature> Dated:

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PostSubject: Re: Format: House Alliance   Mon Jan 07, 2013 5:07 am

read and acknowledge
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Format: House Alliance
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