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 Format: City Alliance

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PostSubject: Format: City Alliance   Mon Dec 31, 2012 9:21 am

City Alliance Treaty

(Name of City)


(Name of City)

For Trade and Military Purposes

Be it hereby decreed by the Leaders of (________) and (________), respectively, that said cities have heretofore on this day entered into the following Alliance for the purpose of Trade and Military Reasons:

I. The above named Cities, when not in posture of War will lend aid by way of its Warriors, when it does not involve conflict with other Cities of Alliance and when deemed as a justifiable neccessity to those within the City.

II. All Free Women of both cities will be treated with respect due to a free woman. No collar will be attempted unless inappropiate or slavish behaviour is displayed, at which time a consultation with an appropriate city official will determine if the woman is to be detained for punishement or sent home in chains to be dealt with there for collar or punishment.

III. Amicable trade rights will be ventured into to enrich the bonds of both Cities.

IV. If at anytime this Alliance is forcibly and willfully broken by the establishing parties, such protection rights and luxuries previously aforementioned will be deemed null and void, thusly giving Warriors the right to protect their rightful Home Stone, with honor, strength and dignity.

V. When either party visits the Home Stone of the other, it will be so noted that common courtesy and arrangements will be made to house the visiting city official with full protection of the other Home Stone.

VI. This alliance will be renewed every Gorean year (three mun months) to show that an alliance still exists and will remain in effect through the duration or until the said leaders pass to the Cities of Dust. At such time, the new leader will notify its allied city and make arrangements to either renew the alliance or not.

VII. All cities of the alliance must be informed if there is formal war declared.

VIII. Acts of raiding that are not formally endorsed and that are done without the city's knowledge will not be held against the city or goverment. If the stealing is not of a political figure, it will be handled on a personal and individual level. However, no raids will be sanctioned by the city against a city of the alliance, and the city guards will defend the people that are under an alliance with them with their very life, if need be.

Therefore it is written and agreed upon this the


Bound and sealed by allied brethren below:





Signed: (Scribe or Witness SN and Home Stone)

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PostSubject: Re: Format: City Alliance   Mon Jan 07, 2013 5:06 am

read and acknowledge
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Format: City Alliance
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