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PostSubject: eris's SLAVEWINE AND EXAMS FILE 12-2-13   Wed Jan 02, 2013 4:55 am

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PostSubject: eris's Health exam 6/19/2012   Mon Jan 28, 2013 3:42 pm

Health Exam - 6/19/12

Post MasterHyukisun on Tue 19 Jun - 14:32
HyukiSunOfSchendi: ~he washes his hands ,the trays set up as he desired ,the sample jars and viles neatly sitting in each space , he scans the room then lays the fur atop the cold stone exam table - he summons the slut in to begin~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: ~he looks up as he summons the slut of the city in for her exam~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: well good morn onyx -is your time to be examined ~he states warmly~
ImperiaOnyx: ~girl runs to Master hearing His call..~
ImperiaOnyx: Good Morning Master..
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he waves his hand behind to the table fur covered for her to go and sit ~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: morning he says with his back turned walking to the table-climb up here -
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he takes up a scroll with her name upon it ,his questions ready for the ask --- so let me ask --he clears his throat and looks to her -
ImperiaOnyx: ~she moves quickly to where His hands point~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: your age ?
ImperiaOnyx: Yes Master.. -takes a deep breath-
ImperiaOnyx: girl is 39 Master
ImperiaOnyx: earth years
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he nods -- and have you any complaints or ailments as of this time-
ImperiaOnyx: just butterfly stomach Master... but she is not one to complain
HyukiSunOfSchendi: well I am asking as I do care of your health -his tone warm -as eyes peer up over the scroll to her --- so no then?
ImperiaOnyx: No Master..
HyukiSunOfSchendi: good then -he notes this -and continues~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: any broken bones -- dental work ? have you ever been with child?
ImperiaOnyx: ~crosses her legs at the ankles. then uncrosses..~
ImperiaOnyx: uhmm No Master.. none of thos Master
ImperiaOnyx: those*
HyukiSunOfSchendi: notes of her words-- distinguishing markings ?
ImperiaOnyx: -takes a deep breath-
HyukiSunOfSchendi: old brands? he looks her over-
ImperiaOnyx: No Master..
HyukiSunOfSchendi: no- he notes it by seeing she has none by his own eye- he slips beside her -his hand lifting the stethascope plaing the ear piece to his ears and the long scope he he grips between his fingers~
ImperiaOnyx: ~cringes at the thought of a brand~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he looks to her -- now I will place this to your chest and back -each time I move take a deep breath and let it out -- understood?
ImperiaOnyx: Yes Master
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he places it to her chest - her heart beating strong --haha you are nervous --he quips- just relax--
HyukiSunOfSchendi: moving it to one side of her lung to the other -- breathe deeply again --
ImperiaOnyx: ~she takes a deep breath.. ~.. inhaling through her nostrils..holds it-
HyukiSunOfSchendi: let it out --
HyukiSunOfSchendi: breathe in then out
ImperiaOnyx: ~exhales through her mouth~
ImperiaOnyx: ~inhales..
ImperiaOnyx: ~exhales
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he slips it to her back -hearing of her upper lung then lower~
ImperiaOnyx: ~inhales.. ..~exhales.. whoooo
HyukiSunOfSchendi: noting the findings - he stand before her - lifting her chin ---- open your mouth
ImperiaOnyx: ~she opens her mouth wide..extending her tongue..~.. ahhhhhh
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he lowers the scope then lifts a small lit device - looking to her eyes -her ears and nose--
HyukiSunOfSchendi: good good
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he feels of her skin and her hair-- very nice --- he states -- and your well fed --- he notes-
ImperiaOnyx: ~glances up quickly..~ slowly starting to relax
ImperiaOnyx: Yes Master
ImperiaOnyx: "yikes"..
HyukiSunOfSchendi: your getting a shot onyx it will burn like hell but I expect you to let me know later how it is -- redness or swelling ,he prepared the serum and simply washed the area of her lower back -with a gauze dobbed in wet cleaning fluid -- he took up the syringe and lifted a loose bit of her flesh -poking the needle to her flesh , injecting it quickly~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he place slight pressure to her back a soft dry gauze as he removed the needle-
ImperiaOnyx: ~her arm muscle flexes.. the she breathes out. ~. Yes Master..
HyukiSunOfSchendi: you ok ? this is your stabilization shot girl-
ImperiaOnyx: Yes Master... just a little light headed.. girl does not like needles..~
ImperiaOnyx: ~rubs her arm .~.. mmmm whoa..
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he notes the day and times of this -- it being of the utmost importance --- he took up her arm and tucked it to his side -keeping her still -he turned slight to the table then rolled a leather tie about her upper arm~ make a fist for me onyx-he states-
ImperiaOnyx: ~squeeze her hand into a tight fist~. Yes Master..
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he would take a wet prepared gauze ans wipe the bulging vein -tossing it to the tray as he lifted the vile -a long needle to it -opened at the end -then placing a vile into it -sled the needle swift with ease low and into her vein as the crimson blood flowed forth till filled -- his fingers placing tight pressure with a cotton ball as he removed it quick ---then released the cord ----hold this and bend your arm upward -
ImperiaOnyx: Yes Master.. she places her finger over it.. bending her arm upward..~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he would turn and with a smirk --- hand the slut a glass cup --- need some pee girl -- just enough --- then come to the room beside this one~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: leave it to the tray - then hop up into the exam chair
ImperiaOnyx: ooo..
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he goes to re-wash his hands -then dry them fully -- he slips on gloves and awaits her to return~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he greases the tube device - tugging the small power bulb to his reach -- the glass slides readied ---
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he sits to a small wooden stool -just low enough to be in view of the girls vaginal opening -
ImperiaOnyx: ~takes the cup....~slowly slides from the table...... hmmm spreads her legs.. and holds the cup.. next to her heat..~.. small trinkle of pee filling the cup half full.. sets it on the table.. "yuk.." leaving it on the table.. then washes her hands before lying on the table
HyukiSunOfSchendi: you done yet -- he snaps-
HyukiSunOfSchendi: good girl-- he runs his hand to help her lie back-
ImperiaOnyx: moves quickly
ImperiaOnyx: ~feels a little drafty as she sits in the chair..~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: placing each foot to a stirup-- his hand remove her silk -as he palpates her belly and breasts carefully -- careful to check of any earthly ails--- he rolled his hands twice over her belly and lower abdomin~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: anything hurt girl-- he asks her as he looks to her with care-
ImperiaOnyx: No Master.. she speaks in a bashful soft voice..~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: snapping the cuff of each glove he lowers before her sitting to the stool low and his hand taking the bulb to see~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: very good -he states -he touches soft her shoulder-- last but not least
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he takes to his hand the tube - it was wide and ready to insert -- he slid it slow into her heat and turned it slight to widen the see-
ImperiaOnyx: ~shivers as her legs are bound by the cuffs..~. watches the light..
ImperiaOnyx: ~flexes the muscles of her vaginal area..~"that's cold..".. she looks up to see what he's doing~
ImperiaOnyx: ~the tube.. causing her belly to crap as she feels it spread wider..~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he took a small probe and dipped it taking samples -he noted she was opened -and all looked well-- -outer folds were of good color her inner walls healhty to his eyes -- well it isnt any more he quips ~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: then slips it from her heat placeing to a bin of water -- you may dress girl- he handed her a soft cloth and clean yourself -
HyukiSunOfSchendi: taking the slides and samples to his inner office placed them to do testings later--- and you may return to the hall as welll
Slave wine was administered by Lady Jules 6/18/12
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PostSubject: eris's slave wine schedule    Mon Jan 28, 2013 3:45 pm

Re: eris's slavewine schedual and exam file 6-19-12

Post MasterHyukisun on Sat 22 Sep - 13:57
9/18/12-but pushing all to october

slavewine given 10/3/12 ..........................next dose first week of November

eris, recieved her slave wine for November next is Dec first week-

eris recieved her december slave wine dec !st next is January
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PostSubject: Re: eris's SLAVEWINE AND EXAMS FILE 12-2-13   Sun Feb 03, 2013 3:55 am

eris recieved hers for feb /13-next is 3/13
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PostSubject: Re: eris's SLAVEWINE AND EXAMS FILE 12-2-13   

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