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 Syn's Exam and Health file 1-2-13

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Syn's Exam and Health file  1-2-13 Empty
PostSubject: Syn's Exam and Health file 1-2-13   Syn's Exam and Health file  1-2-13 Icon_minitimeWed Jan 02, 2013 11:52 pm

HyukiSun: let me wash and we can proceed Love
HyukiSun: seehow thing are
SyndarzaSun: ~nods feeling a little nervous~
HyukiSun: he steps to the basin and removes the gloves , tossing them to the fire bin, he scrubs deeply his hands and rinses them deftly -then grabbing some cloth and covers he walks to the exam room-
SyndarzaSun: ~folds her clothes and places them on a chair then pads over in her bare feet and sits upon the bench~
SyndarzaSun: ~she slided from the table and follows him~
HyukiSun: he see her nervous and takes her hand soflty- come up and lie back
SyndarzaSun: ~gives him a small smile she takes his hand and slides up onto the examining table~
HyukiSun: he prepares the speculum and warms it -then sets it aside as he covers her lap with a warm fur- all will be fine
SyndarzaSun: ~she smiles and nods not sure of what is going to happen~
HyukiSun: I will be gentle , but at times a bit of discomfort is to be expected , I need to look deep to check your cervix
SyndarzaSun: I trust you Sun
HyukiSun: i will insert the speculum and open you to be checked - as I palpate your abdomen -ok
SyndarzaSun: ~leans back and looks up to the ceiling!
SyndarzaSun: alright
HyukiSun: he syas gentle toned as he places a warmed grease to her vaginal opening then slowly inserts the speculum- relax Love - his hand to her belly as he guides the instrument deeper
HyukiSun: lowering the bulb he looks to her - her cervix is sealed and tight with a good mucus plug forming - he looks over and up to her - well It is official
SyndarzaSun: ~takes a deep breath and tries to relax his warm touch to her helps~
HyukiSun: you are going to have a child -he chuckles
SyndarzaSun: ~her lips could not help but curve into a bright smile~
HyukiSun: placeing som pressure to her abdomen his fingers seeking a form - finds what he sought as his eyes gleem proudly-
HyukiSun: some*
SyndarzaSun: ~she winces a bit from the pressure but lies very still~
HyukiSun: well well and Id say this is the baby here - he presses slightly more gauging its size
HyukiSun: removing the speculum and hands her a cloth
HyukiSun: your to my best say almost 2 months along
HyukiSun: about the size of a Larma
SyndarzaSun: ~biting her lower lip as he continues~
SyndarzaSun: ~her eyes sparkle as she looks to him~
HyukiSun: i will examine you each week
HyukiSun: basic asks
HyukiSun: nutrition
HyukiSun: how your fairing
SyndarzaSun: alright
HyukiSun: but as Im with you -lol - will be just for my records
HyukiSun: be*
HyukiSun: how are feeling otherwise Love
SyndarzaSun: still get nasuea but doing well
SyndarzaSun: my breast are a little tender
HyukiSun: quit eating all that sugar and you wont get so sick feeling eat a bland for the rest of the month -
HyukiSun: yes and by yor 3rd month your breast will produce colostrum
SyndarzaSun: ~wrinkles her nose at that ~
HyukiSun: a clear fluid - this is what the child will nurse till your milk comes in fully
HyukiSun: which generally is within a day after birth
SyndarzaSun: oh great sounds wonderful
HyukiSun: smiles
HyukiSun: you will do fine , the baby will nurse every 0ne to 3 hours
SyndarzaSun: ~wiggles her feet~ bliss said my ankles looked swollen are they?
HyukiSun: if you get full and breast are painfull try to nurse
SyndarzaSun: ~eyes widen~ painful?
HyukiSun: not so bad --- but Id suggest the weight goes up from the baby you stay off of them
HyukiSun: milk drops Love
HyukiSun: Ive heard it to be quite painful till the child nurses and relives the pressure
HyukiSun: if the babe wont suckle you will have to bind your breasts to express the unused milk
SyndarzaSun: oh my
HyukiSun: which I will help with
HyukiSun: wiggle brows
SyndarzaSun: ~giggles~
SyndarzaSun: got milk?
HyukiSun: hahahaha
HyukiSun: ok ok
HyukiSun: so now we have your first official eaxm
SyndarzaSun: umm this is going to be interesting
HyukiSun: you are with child
SyndarzaSun: mmhmmm
HyukiSun: MINE
HyukiSun: so wee keep an eye on your diet , weight and any illness you may feel
SyndarzaSun: ~smiles brightly~ OUR
HyukiSun: for nausea I left you 3 types of cures
HyukiSun: mines
HyukiSun: ok ours
SyndarzaSun: yes dear
SyndarzaSun: the peppermint helps
HyukiSun: you may dress Love and get tidy
HyukiSun: aye is best and a hot cup of chamomile tea
SyndarzaSun: alright
HyukiSun: i d rather not used the powders yet
HyukiSun: unless you cant keep food down
HyukiSun: so far so good right?
HyukiSun: Ill note all and post
SyndarzaSun: ~slides off the table to pad over to the basin~
HyukiSun: see me next week if any issues
HyukiSun: mmmm
HyukiSun: closes eyes-
SyndarzaSun: no keeping food down is not a problem
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Syn's Exam and Health file  1-2-13 Empty
PostSubject: syn's 1st health exam file 5/16/12   Syn's Exam and Health file  1-2-13 Icon_minitimeMon Jan 28, 2013 2:51 pm

syn's health exam file 5/16/12

Post MasterHyukisun on Wed 16 May - 10:40
HyukiSunOfSchendi: awaiting the girl syn -all items set out and prepaired for her arrival~
Syndarza: Greetings Master
HyukiSunOfSchendi: welcome -- are you ready this day for your exam syn?- he inquires~
Syndarza: ~looks around not liking the feeling of being is such a place~ Yes Master ~stating so with some hesitation~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he motions for her to follow - hop up here syn~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: hahaha it will be fine -
Syndarza: ~rising with her chin up and slowly walks to the Table using her arms to pull herself up~
Syndarza: ~see the needle and jumps off the table~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he smiles warmly - as he observes and notes her visual appearence~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: get back and lets do this syn - he snaps
Syndarza: ~taking a deep breath her eyes narrowing~ Yes Master
Syndarza: ~swallowing she moves back to the table and sits upon it~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: it will be fast if you do as told -he looks to her in mood for games-
HyukiSunOfSchendi: good
Syndarza: Yes Master ~mumbling so was last time~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he begins the exam as usual he looks to her eyes and ears --- open your mouth~
Syndarza: ~opens her mouth wide ~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: taking up the small lighted instrument looks to her throat and teeth - noting it is all well
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he takes the stethascope and places it to her back -- breathe deeply syn-
Syndarza: ~blinks stiffens at the cold stethascope but takes in a ver deep breathe, she had very good lungs~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: moving forward and low to hear all lung function -- he notes once more -- clear and strong breaths - clear and normal~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: helping her down to lay back - his hand lowering her to the table-- presses to her abdomen and belly-
Syndarza: ~lays back looking up at the ceiling his hands so warm~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he notes no oddities to the feel of her soft belly and lower abdomen-
HyukiSunOfSchendi: now -- he looks to her - you will get your stabilization shot-- there are a series of 4 -- so each day after this you will get one
Syndarza: ~her eyes widen and she stiffens her muscles tight and ready to move~
Syndarza: What is a stablization shot? ~raising a brow~
Syndarza: ~her eyes narrowing at the needle~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: holding her still -the readied syringe set aside -- he goes to quickly wash his hands-- then drying them well -strides back to the tray and the girl -lifting a clean wipes he dops it with cleansing fluid wiping the lower left part of her back-
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he lifts the needle and quickly pokes deep and delivers the serum then wiping it dry -
HyukiSunOfSchendi: it will burn - he states looking to her but should subside
Syndarza: ~tries hard to hold still still remembering the first needle she got~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: I will watch till the end of your exam of any diverse reaction-
Syndarza: ~telling out her breath she was holding she softly states~ Yes Master
HyukiSunOfSchendi: now -- blood -- he states -lifting a small band he raises her arm -tucking under his -pump your fist a bit syn - he asks -
Syndarza: ~closing her fingers tightly in her hand then releasing closing again~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he ties it up above her elbow - seeing the fine veins bulge -taking a wettened cloth wips the place of his want -- taking the needle -up -a small glass vile attached -glides the needle swiftly into the vein as the blood fills the vile -- seeing it fill to the needed amount -takes a dry gauze -pressing hard as the needle is removed - looks to her --he asks her to hold it tight and bend her elbow to ease the bleeding -
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he chuckles and looks to her -- handing her a small glass cup --- I need you to pee in it and set it to the tray -- then get up for vaginal exam - understood?
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he staps aside to wash his hands once more--
Syndarza: ~she watches with an interest but would rather it had been someone else. Places her long fingers upon the gauze and bends her elbow.~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: pulling from the drawr a pair of gloves - he snaps them on awaiting word she is ready for the final part of her exam -
Syndarza: ~eyes wide like silver as she looks to the cup then to him and back~ Yes Master
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he sets the blood to stand - the urine he covers to do tests after wards -- to post results --
Syndarza: ~jumping up from the table and goes up next to the screen as she watches him leave that area. Sqawking down she pees in the cup quickly then places it on the tray going over to wash her own hands.
Syndarza: ~hearing the snapping she wonders what on the world he intends to do~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he sees her wash and smiles -- come hop up here
Syndarza: ~walks into the other room and freezes looking at the strange thing~ You want me on that?
HyukiSunOfSchendi: placing her legs to each stirup he gently splays her thighs -he notes appearence -- he gently with gloved hand slips a small speculum into her then pulls it to open her slightly-- he tugs the small light to his view~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: (um yes))
HyukiSunOfSchendi: looking to her -your unopened?
Syndarza: ~she stiffens feeling this strange object so wanting to jump off that table.~
Syndarza: ~her cheek blush a deep red at his words but nods in agreement~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: any thing that I should note to your history syn- broken bones births -
HyukiSunOfSchendi: he notes she is unopened - then awaits her respones still suprised she is unopened --
Syndarza: ~swallowing and thinking of her past she finally states~ My right forearm has been broken but that is all I remember beside the deep sword cut in my left side.
Syndarza: ~grinning at his surprised look thinking of all the times she has fought.~
HyukiSunOfSchendi: I see - he notes the small scar - and the broken bone mentioned -- he smiled and pulled off the gloves --
HyukiSunOfSchendi: you may slip down now -- all done and you did well

Re: syn's slavewine schedual and exam file 5/16/12

Post MasterHyukisun on Wed 16 May - 23:47
all results are normal - she shows good acceptence of shot - 3 more to come in sucssession- blood was showing the serum at work -urine was normal - she overall is very healthy -- sunny slave wine was admnistered her 2nd week in the city- 4/29/12 -

Last edited by Syndarza on Mon Jan 28, 2013 3:51 pm; edited 3 times in total
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Syn's Exam and Health file  1-2-13 Empty
PostSubject: Update on syn 5/29/2012   Syn's Exam and Health file  1-2-13 Icon_minitimeMon Jan 28, 2013 2:55 pm

Re: syn's slavewine schedual and exam file 5/29/12

Post MasterHyukisun on Tue 29 May - 2:19
syn is opened -- and noted this day 5/29/12 ==
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Syn's Exam and Health file  1-2-13 Empty
PostSubject: Past slavewine schedule   Syn's Exam and Health file  1-2-13 Icon_minitimeMon Jan 28, 2013 2:58 pm

Post MasterHyukisun on Mon 2 Jul - 15:19
slave wine given this day -7/2/12

slavewine given 8/1/12 next needed 9/1/12

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Re: syn's slavewine schedual and exam file 5/16/12

Post MasterHyukisun on Mon 1 Oct - 12:03
slavewine given by my hand - Oct.1 -12 NEXT IS November 1st Shocked

Slave wine given 11 - 1 - 12 next 12 - 1 - 12 --- Razz

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Syn's Exam and Health file  1-2-13 Empty
PostSubject: stitches and tend of knife wound to forearm 7/25/12   Syn's Exam and Health file  1-2-13 Icon_minitimeMon Jan 28, 2013 3:00 pm

stitches and tend of knife wound to forearm 7/25/12

Post MasterHyukisun on Thu 26 Jul - 14:52
tended the slash to her arm, syn received 11 stitches to her forearm - was cleaned out - peppermint oil applied -as well as green paga to disinfect --- numbing salve and healing salve were applied and the wound bandaged --placed her arm in a sling to ease pressure to forearm and lessen bleeding-- Crying or Very sad
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Syn's Exam and Health file  1-2-13 Empty
PostSubject: Checking of wound - 7/26/2   Syn's Exam and Health file  1-2-13 Icon_minitimeMon Jan 28, 2013 3:01 pm

check to wound- 7/26/12

Post MasterHyukisun on Thu 26 Jul - 14:55
this day syns arm was cleaned and freshly bandaged - it is healing well - no redness- sling taken off - the wound was freshly bandaged -healing salve applied again -
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Syn's Exam and Health file  1-2-13 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Syn's Exam and Health file 1-2-13   Syn's Exam and Health file  1-2-13 Icon_minitime

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Syn's Exam and Health file 1-2-13
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