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 Kilik Vs Tenrik Sadar fairs Tornuament

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PostSubject: Kilik Vs Tenrik Sadar fairs Tornuament    Sat Jan 05, 2013 1:30 am

TenrikNiels: *His gaze remains on the young warrior, eyeing the blade, the whip and blade attached to his helmet, making note he circles slowly. His eyes keen and focused he would stay just out of the warrior Kilik's reach as they moved about the circle. The air charged as their eyes met from behind their helmets. he would step carefully, steadily as he took precise measures to size up the opponent as he watched the opponents eyes taking in his every move*

KilikTheRed: ~ he moves in a cirlce counter to the First Sword watching his feet his hands every twich of a muscle anything to indicate the begining of an attack shrugging a little losening his shoulders he draws one of the Scmitars from his back riseing it in a breif salute to the man oppsed him he readied his sheild and sword maniting the distance between them all of his wepons with in easy reach the shorts swords daggers and the other Scimitar within a fracton of a seconds grasp should the need arise ~

TenrikNiels: *As he moves he closes the distance, the shiled secured on his left arm, he reaches back with his right hand taking hold of the golden Scimitar hilt. Sliding it smoothly from the sheath, his dagger at his doot within easy reach, the bracers on his arms holding each a special designed dagger of the finest steel. hilts crafted from the finest ivory, deadly and razor sharp. He liked using them in close as he did prefer up close and personal.. he moved left to right, watching the young one as he would grip his sword, the weapons adorned his frame, adding a bit of extra weight he noted the positioning of the daggers, the shield, the rippling of the young warriors muscles. he stepped in quickly, moving hard against the young one, he would step hard to the right, planting his left foot securely and swinging back with the shielded left arm, his inten to cause the warior to retreat, to break his concentration as he then would bring the shield arm back strongly to the right as he would arc the Scimitar in a downward motion at the right arm of the young Kilik attempting to cleave through his armor and cause damage to his sword arm*

KilikTheRed: ~ he noted the oncoming attack and having expected as much from the larger man he took advantage of his shorter frame ducking underneath the intial swing swing of his sheild and moves his own shield into postion to deflt some of the oncoming sword blow the sheild taking most of the impact but the blow jared his forearm slighty his own right arm arcing through the air towards the larger mans knee using the ducked postion he found himself in hoping to atleast jar a leg with the hit or knock him off blance the prefered result would be a deep gash ~

TenrikNiels: *As his sword did make contact wit hthe shield, he would step in closer, pressing the smaller warrior, his vision focused he would see the swing of the sword as it arced at his leg, he dropped his sword hand, using the blade to attempt to block or deflect the sword as it moved towards his knee. The young warrior's strength is not surprising as his blade makes contact, jarring his leg, his eyes narrowed behind the helmet. Having the young one in a crouched position he would bring the shield down in a powerful motion towards the young Kilik's shoulder, attempting to shatter bone, dislocate, he moved in as his intent as he raised his leg and lauched a savage kick in the direction of the warrior's chest attemtping to lay him flat in the middole of the arena*

KilikTheRed: ~ seeing the hit to the lager man only jaring his legs he makes a move to presses that tiny advantage and push foward and rise to his feet insdie his guard and learning his mistake to quickly he avoids th elarger mans kicks and barley gets the edge of his sheidl between the bash of the larger shield feeling a sharp pain in his shouder he ingores it quickly pushing it to the back of his mind to deal with later he moves his free sword hand again fist wraped around the handle putign extra force behind teh blow towards the First swords Gut hoping to wind him ~

TenrikNiels: *His action would carry through, his shield would be brought up in a defensive position as the warrior did throw a punch aimed at his midsection, he took the blow as he moved forward, He would draw back the shield, through his helmet he would mneet the eyes of the young warior, sjaking off the blow he pushed through, raising the Scimitar, arcing down powerfully, forcefully once, twice, a third time in his attempt to batter the young one, as he moved in close, stepping inside the guard of the warrior Kilik, he would launch a series of knee lifts, viscious and powerful towards the midsection, his intent to inflict pain, to shatter bone, take the breath and stamina from the young one as he would throw a single punch with the left hand, the shield whistling through the air as he attempts to knock the young one int unconcisiouness*

KilikTheRed: ~ absorbing the blows shriniing down with each blow each with in easy strking distaance of the other he ses his oppents knee draw back knowing this was the strike hed been wating for holding his sword arrm against his body blade awy from nhimself his elbow pointed towrds the incoming knee at the end of the elbow athe tip of a dagger mentioned before was visable and awatineg the incoming knee hoping his plan would succed this would help bring the larger man to size back if it failed would back fire horribly ~

TenrikNiels: *Moving in with a ferocity, he would let the growl escape his throat as he moved in to land the blow with his knee just as the light hit the tip of the dagger, He wound plant his foot, bringing the sword around in a sweeping arc, the younger warrior out of position, he would then thrust forward with the shield in an attempt to force the young one further towards the sand, the Scimitar screamed as it arced through the air His attempt to cleave the flesh, muscle, sinew and shatter the bone of the sword arm. he bore down hard as he would stand above the young warrior, almost simultaneously he would slam the shield downward in the direction of the helmet of the warrior Kilik in an attempt to strike doubly as he stood and held his position over the warrior*

KilikTheRed: ~ he caught the sowrd attacks with his sheild the blows wraking havok on his arm he grunted him self presseing wiehgt into his sheild arm keeping the othermans swords at bay the helmet restricting his veiw slightly henoticeted the sheidl incoimg to late smashinginto teh side of his helmt blood immedtily poured down the side of his neck from the old wound to his ear he fell to the ground instanly barely able to thing from the rinig of the helmet he reacts purley on instinct strking out from teh sands trying to trap teh larger warriors legs to bring him to the sands aswell ~

TenrikNiels: *Stepping in he kept the shield close and in front of him as the young warrior would crash to the ground. Stepping to his left. moving away from the sword arm, he would again raise and lower the shield, hard at the shoulders and lower back of the young warrior, attempting to shatter bones, smash and tear cartilage and wrech vertabrea. As his cvaught the swing of the young warriors arm, he would raise his foot, in his attempt to avoid the sharpened edge of the sword he would raise his foot and timing it perfectly pinning the blade to the ground, acring the Scimitar through the air once again he would raise his heavily booted foot in an attempt to plant it in the middlre of the warriors back as he would then bring the sharpebed tip of the Scimitar to the neck of the warrior, knowing he had to make the best of his motion he pressed in as he attempted to briong the skirmish to a quick and decisive end*

KilikTheRed: ~ head rinign and eyes ubale to foucs on anything really he avoids the shields bash sacelry before trying to swing his blade noting it pinned to the sands eyes narrowing and knowing teh outcome here the moment he feels the other man boots and teh tip of the sowrd pressing agsint his neck he uttered a simple word admiting defeat ~ shit ...
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PostSubject: Re: Kilik Vs Tenrik Sadar fairs Tornuament    Mon Jan 07, 2013 6:09 am

cheers cheers cheers cheers wow well done both of you...Smile cheers cheers cheers cheers a great spar indeed, better luck next time Kilik you did hold out pretty good....Smile cheers cheers cheers cheers well fine job Tenrik and nice finish to the both of you cheers cheers cheers cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Kilik Vs Tenrik Sadar fairs Tornuament    Mon Jan 07, 2013 11:17 am

Nice spar my Master and Master First Spear cheers cheers cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Kilik Vs Tenrik Sadar fairs Tornuament    

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Kilik Vs Tenrik Sadar fairs Tornuament
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