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 Master Administrator /Captain Bleeds the Homestone

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PostSubject: Master Administrator /Captain Bleeds the Homestone   Master Administrator /Captain Bleeds the Homestone Icon_minitimeTue Jan 08, 2013 1:48 pm

SyndarzaSun: one I can travel back and forth from the main Market?
LordNyxMarfedelom: as i said a trade port between here and there, would be easier to bring goods from other cities from there to here rather then to here, as we dont have a water way here
SweetShaylaStark: ~with worry that she may be interrupting, she silently crawls back to her spot~
SweetShaylaStark: tower
phoenyxblissSchendi: may this one renter
SyndarzaSun: yes bliss
SyndarzaSun: ~giggles now that she can be seen~
phoenyxblissSchendi: -Master should this one refrain from greets?-
LordNyxMarfedelom: you can greet mine
LordNyxMarfedelom: though Ubara is brb
phoenyxblissSchendi: thank you Master, yes she Master, spreading her thinghs for his pleasure of what is his, she folds her body softly to kiss his boots with open mouth, jher hands upon his calfs she rises Tal my Master sweetly as in lyric she speaks how are you this day ?-
LordNyxMarfedelom: I am doing great mine....you?
SweetShaylaStark: May this girl please be excused to the blocks for a few ehn?
SyndarzaSun: yes shayla
SweetShaylaStark: thank You kindly my Mistress
SyndarzaSun: ~nods~
SyndarzaSun: (brb..rl)
phoenyxblissSchendi: smiles girl is perfect with you home Master
LadyAiraofVenna: Tal girl
LordNyxMarfedelom: - smiles-
LordNyxMarfedelom: you may greet the others mine
phoenyxblissSchendi: rises moving to Master Physcisans feet -
phoenyxblissSchendi: -kneeling she slightly parts her sunkissed thighs for his view only , folds kissing his boots with open mouth rising she smiles Tal Master how are you this day?
HyukiSun: watches the slave -greetings bliss - im well thank-you
HyukiSun: proceed girl
phoenyxblissSchendi: -nods yes Master slipping over to Mistress , closing her thighs, folsd and kissing her dainty feet, rising she smiles Tal Mistress how are you feeling-
SyndarzaSun: ~looks down to bliss with a gentle but off smile~ greetings bliss I am doing alright
SyndarzaSun: please continue
LadyAiraofVenna: good girl
phoenyxblissSchendi: -yes Mistress good to hear, moving to Mistress in gold and orange, she kneels in tower , Tal Mistress how are you ?
HyukiSun: off to work) just tooo much fun here --- be well-and good day all-rising he walks from the tent - and chuckles -
phoenyxblissSchendi: -rising and moving back to Master as Mistress is away -
phoenyxblissSchendi: Master yours serve you drink or food?
phoenyxblissSchendi: -sighs- the room is so quiet -
Guest_NavaKartane: agreed.
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: back
phoenyxblissSchendi: tal sister girl didnt know you were here -smiles- moving to the cage
LadyAiraofVenna: back
SyndarzaSun: (back)
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: wb all
LadyAiraofVenna: I am good bliss
Guest_NavaKartane: tal sister -smiles-
phoenyxblissSchendi: -stops ubruptly and kneels before Ubara -
LadyAiraofVenna: (kinda got my self in the mood for skyrim rofl)
Guest_NavaKartane: Welcome back Ubara.
SyndarzaSun: welcome back Ubara
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: thank you
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smiles to the girl ~
SyndarzaSun: (you are on skyrim?)
LadyAiraofVenna: (Razz yes a leagal steam coppy)
LordNyxMarfedelom: wb Ubara
phoenyxblissSchendi: -kneeling she towers kneels held tightly together, she bends puckering her kips she blows gentley at the looses sands upon her shoes , then kissing them each with open mouth , rising Tal my Ubara how are you this day?-
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ty
SyndarzaSun: (love that game but if there why here)
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: Nyx will you message Taven ask wat hes doing if hes in or out
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smiles down to the SG ~ Tal girl how are you this day I am well
LadyAiraofVenna: (kinda inbetween actually : was watching stuff on youtube...)
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: wb love
SyndarzaSun: (lol)
KingViktorDarkblade: ty love
phoenyxblissSchendi: -smiles up at her girl is very well today she gazes towards her Master , smiles thank you for asking -
Guest_NavaKartane: welcome back Master
phoenyxblissSchendi: may this one go see the new sister Ubara?
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: aye do so girl
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~looks to Nyx~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: join me at the HS please
LordNyxMarfedelom: - he moves towards the HS-
phoenyxblissSchendi: tal this one is Second Girl its nice to meet you
LordNyxMarfedelom: Yes Ubara
Guest_NavaKartane: tal sister
phoenyxblissSchendi: please excuse this one a minute she wants to watch her Master bleed the home Stone
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: I will ask all to a few min of silence and if any enter to have then hush till we are done please
SyndarzaSun: Yes Ubara
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smiles to Nyx as he stood to the HS with me ~
phoenyxblissSchendi: -kneels as she watches and listens very proud of her Master -
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~much of importance of you not only the Admin but the bleeding to our new Home Stone wher we stand and take a vow to not only protect me the Ubara but the city as well and in doing so we make such vows to see the city as our first intrest ~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~I ask of you Nyx do you at this time make such vows to die if needed for the Ubara and the Home Stone ~
LordNyxMarfedelom: - he nods "I make that vow"
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smiles to him and I ask do you take a vow to see the city and all with in to be of your intrest to see it flourish with fairness and honor ~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( enter silent mel)
LordNyxMarfedelom: "I swear it"
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smiles to him as I would take my hand to his wrist lifting it palm up as my free hand takes the dagger from my thigh ~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~Nyx you have been with me for a long time with loyalty and dedication with much you overcame to be not only a citizen but a Admin with always the best intrest at heart ~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~looks to his palm as I take the tip of the blade pressing it on his plam as I speak ~
SweetShaylaStark: May this girl please be given permission to return?
SweetShaylaStark: her computer crashewd while she was away
LordNyxMarfedelom: - Feels the blade on his pam as he looks towards her-
SyndarzaSun: yes and quietly
LordNyxMarfedelom: palm*
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~with you hard work and love for the city and all within it does me great Honor to have you bleed on the HS ... Slices his hand with notice of the blood rise ... make a fist hold it above the HS please ~
LadyGingerTalton: -Ginger quietly slips into the halls sitting down by her sister as she looks over towards the Ubara and Nyx-
LordNyxMarfedelom: - he makes a fist and holds his hand above the HomeStone-
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~as I watch him adn the drips of blood that fall to the HS I beam in a Smile as his oath has been said the blood shared of ours on the HS would be most exciting to see his there as well ~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: and*
LordNyxMarfedelom: - he lets some of his blood fall onto the HomeStone as he returns the smile of the Ubara-
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~looks to him now please fall to your knees and kiss your Home Stone Nyx ~
LordNyxMarfedelom: - he falls to his knees and gives the HomeStone a kiss-
phoenyxblissSchendi: -smiles- a tear slips down her cheek as her pride wells up in her eyes at the beautiful ceremony and her pride for her Master -
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~ smiles Please rise and turn to yoru fellow home mates as you say " Ta Sardar Gor" and you are now a Proud official citizen ~
LordNyxMarfedelom: - he rises and turns towards the others as he speaks "Ta Sardar Gor"-
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: Ta Sadar Gor!
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ii
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ii
SweetShaylaStark: ~smiles happily for Master Administrator~
SyndarzaSun: Ta Sardar Gor
phoenyxblissSchendi: congrats my Master she rises hugging and kissing him then claps estatically , cheering happily
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: congrats Nyx
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ii
LordNyxMarfedelom: Thank you A/all
SyndarzaSun: congratulations Nyx
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~watches his girl ~
SweetShaylaStark: Congratulations Master
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: bliss post log of this for him girl
KingViktorDarkblade: Congrats Nyx
phoenyxblissSchendi: yes Ubara with pride
melOasisScimitars: congrat Master Captain
LadyGingerTalton: Congratulations Nyx -smiles softly-
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Master Administrator /Captain Bleeds the Homestone Empty
PostSubject: Re: Master Administrator /Captain Bleeds the Homestone   Master Administrator /Captain Bleeds the Homestone Icon_minitimeSun Jan 13, 2013 11:19 pm

claps to you
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Master Administrator /Captain Bleeds the Homestone
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