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 ginger's Slavewine And Exam File

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PostSubject: ginger's Slavewine And Exam File    Wed Jan 09, 2013 5:27 pm

was given slave wine 1-8-13 No
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PostSubject: Re: ginger's Slavewine And Exam File    Mon Jan 28, 2013 3:30 pm

gingers slavewine schedual and exam file 4/27/12

Post MasterHyukisun on Fri 27 Apr - 8:43
MasterHyukiSun: ~seeing his enter he offered a warm smile to make her feel safe - his hand summoning her to the table ~ tal mine come
MasterHyukiSun: hop up here- he pats the table~
gingerSchendi: *quickly follows Master...setting herself upon the table*
gingerSchendi: Tal Master
MasterHyukiSun: ~he looks to the girl ~ then goes to wash his hands quickly -- drying them well -then strode back to her side~
MasterHyukiSun: ok first I need to know of your history - issues -old and new
MasterHyukiSun: he holds the scroll quill at ready awaiting her words-
MasterHyukiSun: dont be afraid it must be known
gingerSchendi: she has been healthly Master other then childhood colds
MasterHyukiSun: no births or broken bones?
MasterHyukiSun: bad rections to anything?
gingerSchendi: she never given birth..no broken bones...*thinks hard* bananas make her quesy
MasterHyukiSun: he notes her word as he scans over her body with keen eyes -- I see no marks-- this is good --
MasterHyukiSun: hahaha ok
MasterHyukiSun: he notes the replies-
gingerSchendi: *smiles*
MasterHyukiSun: taking a scope he presses it to her back -breathe deep and release
gingerSchendi: *ginger takes a deep breathe in slowly releasing it*
MasterHyukiSun: he slips it to the other side -again
gingerSchendi: *takes another deep breathe in and out*
MasterHyukiSun: then to her front below her breast -sounds very very good --now lie back
gingerSchendi: *laying back on the table she holds still afriad to fall*
MasterHyukiSun: good good - he notes - his hand palpates along her belly and hips -applying pressure and thumping along to feel of any abnormalities-- noting none found-
MasterHyukiSun: you had your slave wine yesterday --
MasterHyukiSun: so today your shot - one of four -
gingerSchendi: Yes Master
MasterHyukiSun: he lowers a hand to the prepaired tray of syringes -lean forward he commands -pressing her slightly forward-
gingerSchendi: *she learns forwards biting her lip at the sight of the syringes*
MasterHyukiSun: he swipes her hip with cleasing fluid wiping the spot he desires-
MasterHyukiSun: a fast poke to her left upper hip -he injects the serum then removes the syringe and places pressure for a small time-
MasterHyukiSun: it will burn like hell~ he states~
MasterHyukiSun: he looks into her ears , eyes ,nose , feeling her spine and neck --- all is well here -- he stops to note all -then summons her to examine her vaginally-
gingerSchendi: *the pain of the shot makes her bit her lip...but she shows no other sign it hurt being strong*
MasterHyukiSun: he washes his hands once more then snapping on gloves -gently lies her back --- feet in the stirups~
MasterHyukiSun: just a quick look to varify mine-
gingerSchendi: *the girl climbs in a weird type chair waiting Master*
MasterHyukiSun: he presses her thigh apart a small power bulb he lowers before her opening -- taking a small metal speculum he slips it in ~ just cold a bit here -- he looks to her-
gingerSchendi: *jumps at the cold metal touch fight to make herself no pull away at the feeling*
MasterHyukiSun: notching up to see within her he slips a finger to her -- - feeling and seeing she is indeed intact -- he removes his gloves -washes hands -- looks to her a glass cup - now pee
MasterHyukiSun: set it to the tray when done -next is blood draw mine
MasterHyukiSun: see you after you finish
MasterHyukiSun: he stepa away leaving her to leave the sample-
gingerSchendi: *looks at with a funny look then the cup....she takes the cup in hand....ginger quickly does as asked setting the cup of her liquid upon the tray...stepping out side the screen she looks to Master* done Master
MasterHyukiSun: wash hands mine
MasterHyukiSun: he quips
gingerSchendi: *goes the the wash basin washing her hands quickly...taking a small cloth she dries them before returning to the table near Master*
MasterHyukiSun: having prepared a syringe and vile -he takes up her arm -almost don mine-- he adds ~tieing it off above the elbow - finds a good vein --just a quick poke-- the needle glides in with ease -as the vile now filled with blood quickly he pressed a gauze to it and removed it swiftly-
MasterHyukiSun: good girl he states --his hard features warmed by her obedince durin her exam --- we are done -Ill note all and have the samples tested -
MasterHyukiSun: he kisses her forhead -- you may return to the hall now mine-*******************
MasterHyukiSun: he helps her down ~
gingerSchendi: *jade eyes watch Master wondering if this too will hurt....when the needle withdraws blood she turns her face from it smiles to Master as he helps her down* Yes Master thank You my Master

ginger is in good heatlh - all blood test showed positive reaction in her shot - 3 more coming- urine was normal as well - the girl is intact -
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PostSubject: ginger's slave wine schedule    Mon Jan 28, 2013 3:35 pm

Re: gingers slavewine schedual and exam file 4/27/12

Post MasterHyukisun on Thu 24 May - 0:35
Ginger had her Slave Wine administered for this month 5/23/12

MasterHyukisun on Thu 28 Jun - 20:39
ginger had her slave wine for this month -- administered by my hand - 6/28/12

MasterHyukisun on Fri 2 Nov - 7:16
Slave wine given 11 - 1 - 12 ---- next dose 12 - 1 - 12

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PostSubject: Re: ginger's Slavewine And Exam File    

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ginger's Slavewine And Exam File
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