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 slave rhiannon interview

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PostSubject: slave rhiannon interview   Thu Jan 10, 2013 7:34 pm

erisOasisScimitars: hi sister
Rhiannon171: hi
erisOasisScimitars: I'm sorry I didnt see your message
erisOasisScimitars: do you have time for an interview
Rhiannon171: yes First Girl
erisOasisScimitars: come sit with me
erisOasisScimitars: have you been able to get in the forums ok?
Rhiannon171: yes First Girl
erisOasisScimitars: Ready for the interview?
Rhiannon171: yes First Girl
erisOasisScimitars: lets begin
erisOasisScimitars: How long you been in IMVU or other Gor?
Rhiannon171: girl has been away from imvu gor for couple of years
erisOasisScimitars: Who was your last owner, why did you leave and were you officially released?
erisOasisScimitars: (will continue with the basic questions we ask everyone)
Rhiannon171: the physician Jester
erisOasisScimitars: What do you know of Oasis Two Scimitars or have heard of Oasis Two Scimitars?
Rhiannon171: He became a slave because he was besotted with some Mistress
erisOasisScimitars: oh my
Rhiannon171: i left and the administrator of Port Kar said girl was within her rights
erisOasisScimitars: yes understandable
Rhiannon171: it seems to be a break away from Schendi
erisOasisScimitars: Are you familiar with Schendi?
Rhiannon171: just know of its existence
erisOasisScimitars: Why do you want to be a slave in general?
Rhiannon171: just a feeling
erisOasisScimitars: Why do you want to be a Oasis Two Scimitars slave?
Rhiannon171: the room seems to be always busy never deserted
erisOasisScimitars: *smiles*.. thats true
erisOasisScimitars: Do you have any other IMVU avatars? If so, what are they and explain?
Rhiannon171: no First Girl
erisOasisScimitars: How much time do you generally devote to IMVU daily and weekly?
Rhiannon171: 2 hours a day
erisOasisScimitars: What is your time zone?
Rhiannon171: uk
erisOasisScimitars: What does being a kajira mean to you?
Rhiannon171: the ultimate sub or slave
erisOasisScimitars: What don't you like about being a kajira?
Rhiannon171: serving, rembering detail
erisOasisScimitars: *smiles*... that can be difficult..
erisOasisScimitars: How do you feel about someone else having authority over you?
Rhiannon171: depends how they exercise it
erisOasisScimitars: care to elaborate?
Rhiannon171: as example a lot of Fiirst girls are not as polite as You and throw weight around more than Mistresses
erisOasisScimitars: *smiles*.. thank you sister.. girl is easy to get along with as long as everyone does what their suppose to
erisOasisScimitars: not in a power struggle, but will do as Ubara wishes it to be carried out
erisOasisScimitars: for the most part all runs smooth
erisOasisScimitars: Are you looking for a Master or Mistress?
Rhiannon171: a Mistress
erisOasisScimitars: Is being a Oasis Two Scimitars city slave acceptable to you?
Rhiannon171: yes First Girl
erisOasisScimitars: Why should we consider you for the coveted role of a Oasis Two Scimitars slut?
Rhiannon171: girl is eager to please the Free
erisOasisScimitars: Do you like to rp or just chat?
Rhiannon171: rp
erisOasisScimitars: What questions do you have for me?
Rhiannon171: where are these files and laws
erisOasisScimitars: have you been added to forums?
Rhiannon171: i looked at the forumotion one
erisOasisScimitars: they are on a website not imvu
erisOasisScimitars: it shows you as a member have you been able to log on?
Rhiannon171: yes First Girl
erisOasisScimitars: lets finish this then we'll see if you can get there
erisOasisScimitars: After you have passed the 30 days probation and your ceremony has been conducted you will be required to change your name.. either by Your Master or Mistress or by Ubara.. but the name chosen will end in either Scimitars or OasisScimitars, pending on the first name length
erisOasisScimitars: are you willing to change your name?
Rhiannon171: girl will have to
erisOasisScimitars: That concludes the interview - Thank you sister. -smiles warmly-
erisOasisScimitars: oh one more question
erisOasisScimitars: if you were to rate yourself as a kajira and your training.. where do you feel you are on a scale of 1-10
Rhiannon171: 3
erisOasisScimitars: that's good to know
erisOasisScimitars: girl will post this
erisOasisScimitars: you can return to the room
Rhiannon171: can girl leave for the night First Girl
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PostSubject: Re: slave rhiannon interview   Sat Jan 12, 2013 4:41 am

Excellent job. Impressive on both your parts.
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PostSubject: Re Interview   Sat Jan 12, 2013 5:12 pm

Thankyou Master
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PostSubject: Re: slave rhiannon interview   Sun Jan 13, 2013 11:17 pm

just wonderful rhiannon.....Smile
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PostSubject: Re: slave rhiannon interview   

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slave rhiannon interview
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