Oasis Of Two Scimitars

A Gorean RP In The Tahari
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 slave sky

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PostSubject: slave sky    slave sky  Icon_minitimeThu Jan 10, 2013 8:26 pm

AnayaSinDeLaRose has joined the chat
erisOasisScimitarserisOasisScimitars : please join me when you load this wont take long
AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : hi there
AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : i will
AnayaSinDeLaRose: long load
erisOasisScimitars: it's ok
AnayaSinDeLaRose: there we go
erisOasisScimitars: How long you been in IMVU or other Gor?
AnayaSinDeLaRose: imvu 8 years gor 3 of them 8
erisOasisScimitars: Who was your last owner, why did you leave and were you officially released?
AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : and then rp for about 9 10 years came from yahoo rp
erisOasisScimitarserisOasisScimitars : ok
AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : i was tossed out for being to much of a pain and he said he got board of me, his name was calamandros and it was about a year ago i was tossed out he found pain as plessuer so Sky was used as a cage slave and plessuer slave
AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : and that is in how she acts in the Oasis rp as well
AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : i carred her story over for it it a part of her
erisOasisScimitars: *nods*
erisOasisScimitars: What do you know of Oasis Two Scimitars or have heard of Oasis Two Scimitars?
AnayaSinDeLaRose: she is pure never used once he only ever wanted the beating not the sex. looked up gor rp and tryed to find something strict it got my eye so i looked at it then shruged it off then hunter my real life friend that in rp sky hates told me it was not so bad so i gave it a run
erisOasisScimitars: Why do you want to be a slave in general?
AnayaSinDeLaRose: cus i ingot the rp aspect of it
erisOasisScimitars: Why do you want to be a Oasis Two Scimitars slave?
AnayaSinDeLaRose: enjoy*
AnayaSinDeLaRose: same reason
erisOasisScimitars: Do you have any other IMVU avatars? If so, what are they and explain?
AnayaSinDeLaRose: one male one but i never use him he is my DeLaRose donathon account for the soon to be DelaRose badge
erisOasisScimitarserisOasisScimitars : How much time do you generally devote to IMVU daily and weekly?
AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : i am on everyday
AnayaSinDeLaRose: but get up to do things from time to time
erisOasisScimitarserisOasisScimitars : What is your time zone?
AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : canada
AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : it is 5 66 right now
erisOasisScimitarserisOasisScimitars : *nods*...What does being a kajira mean to you?
AnayaSinDeLaRose: kajira= a slave girl a female that is to please her master mistress or in gor words Jarle, she is to live for her master or mistress and do jobs for the free around her to do what master is to say and to do as wished it be sex dance song or service
erisOasisScimitars: *nods*.. a Jarl is simpy a Master from the North or North of the Gor equator
AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : yes
erisOasisScimitarserisOasisScimitars : What don't you like about being a kajira?
AnayaSinDeLaRose: and i always spell it wrong XD
erisOasisScimitarserisOasisScimitars : *smiles*
AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : not much i am an open minded woman i am fine with being breaten and to be honist in real i kinda like it. i am a diffrent kind of rper and i like to toss curve balls and things into my story and storys as a whole from time to time i will npc guards to pass the time and inprove the rp of the room. so i am very open minded in what i do. what i like on the other hand of being a gor slave is simply the pain and plessuer of it all i was a sex rper in a force room for about 5 years always placeing the submisive and that is why i have made my chara in the Oasis a plessuer swlave and nothing mucvh of more she is really not good at much she will do it but seeing she is a mute it is hard to understand her.
AnayaSinDeLaRose: slave*
erisOasisScimitars: *nods*
erisOasisScimitars: How do you feel about someone else having authority over you?
AnayaSinDeLaRose: fine with it, as said i love pain and being a sub in a lifestyle i am a sub in real so no worrys on that
AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : i like pain and plessuer
erisOasisScimitarserisOasisScimitars : Are you looking for a Master or Mistress?
erisOasisScimitars: *smiles to your comment*
AnayaSinDeLaRose: not as in lover master or mistress no, but as in one for the rp yes but i am nostly looking to be more a city used slave as that is what i want for sky
erisOasisScimitars: Is being a Oasis Two Scimitars city slave acceptable to you?
AnayaSinDeLaRose: yes
erisOasisScimitarserisOasisScimitars : Why should we consider you for the coveted role of a Oasis Two Scimitars slut?
AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : being a plessuer slave would be the best
AnayaSinDeLaRose: why well cus i am a hell of an rper, i am diffrent in my ways of rp can toss curve balls and i ahve a will as well as i have placed that will in my rpc to never give up and always fight as Sky will always fight no matter how many try to break her
erisOasisScimitarserisOasisScimitars : Do you like to rp or just chat?
AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : but note that the first one to clame her will take her pureaty i ahve amde her a virgin
AnayaSinDeLaRose: i rp i dont do ooc much at all
AnayaSinDeLaRose: i am a strict rper
erisOasisScimitars: girl finds it's best to stay in character as much as possible
erisOasisScimitars: On a scale of 1-10.. how would you rate yourself as a kajira?
AnayaSinDeLaRose: depends on how in depth i am able to go if i go all out i can beat every girl in the room
AnayaSinDeLaRose: i am one to take the spot light
erisOasisScimitars: *smiles*
erisOasisScimitars: What questions do you have for me?
AnayaSinDeLaRose: mostly only how hard the males in the rp like to be and what with my placement as being city slut/ plessuer slave will be in store for me
erisOasisScimitars: girls Master is probably the roughest.. that you will see.. he can be a roaring lion.. or a gentle lamb..
AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : and oh will this log be sent to juicy or will i ahve to go over it agein with her
AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : have*
erisOasisScimitarserisOasisScimitars : no it will be posted
AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : oh that is wonderfull
AnayaSinDeLaRose: i am not big at having to say things twice
AnayaSinDeLaRose: XD
erisOasisScimitars: Wink
AnayaSinDeLaRose: and i am glad they can ba hard, i am one to fight so i like it hard back
erisOasisScimitars: After you have passed the 30 days probation and your ceremony has been conducted you will be required to change your name.. either by Your Master or Mistress or by Ubara.. but the name chosen will end in either Scimitars or OasisScimitars, pending on the first name length
AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : i cant do that
erisOasisScimitars: did you discuss that with Ubara?
AnayaSinDeLaRose: i am a DeLaRose by blood on my main rp, it is my rp that i have ruled for 8 years and created. my first chara is Anaya Sin DeLaRose a black elder dragon and i ahve played her a long time. and to add on i do not have the founds for a name change anyway and i simply dont want to i can place it in my intorests that is all i am able to do sorry
AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : and i will go over it with her if it is needed
erisOasisScimitarserisOasisScimitars : for now you wish to be known as sky?
AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : yes
erisOasisScimitarserisOasisScimitars : has anyone sent you the link to our forums?
AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : Sky is the RPC i am useing the the Gor rp if ones want to call me Anaya or ang in ooc so (()) that is fine as well
AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : not yet no
erisOasisScimitars: one moment
erisOasisScimitarserisOasisScimitars : http://oasisoftwoscimitars.forumotion.com/
AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : and if anything is needed for me to type up like a run down on my rpc sky i can very much make a bio like thing up on her and post it
erisOasisScimitars: yes you will need a bio
AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : i will make one up in the comeing week
AnayaSinDeLaRose: that is no problum for me
erisOasisScimitars: you're required to do 5 post per day.. nothing long
erisOasisScimitars: was everything explained to you?
AnayaSinDeLaRose: and if you wish to see my rping skill level i can show you my group page and add you to it
AnayaSinDeLaRose: no it was not
AnayaSinDeLaRose: and inb posts you mee in the cliant room or on the form
AnayaSinDeLaRose: men*
erisOasisScimitars: forum
erisOasisScimitars: let me finish then i'll explain
AnayaSinDeLaRose: ok
erisOasisScimitars: I need to post this. brb

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PostSubject: Re: slave sky    slave sky  Icon_minitimeSat Jan 12, 2013 4:39 am

Very well done, both of you. You both do your Master/Mistress as well as the city proud.
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PostSubject: Re: slave sky    slave sky  Icon_minitimeSat Jan 12, 2013 5:52 pm

Sky smiles and dips her head pointing up and points more wiggling her fingers saying that was her.
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PostSubject: Re: slave sky    slave sky  Icon_minitimeSun Jan 13, 2013 11:18 pm

fine job sky.....Smile
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PostSubject: Re: slave sky    slave sky  Icon_minitime

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slave sky
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