Oasis Of Two Scimitars

A Gorean RP In The Tahari
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 Encounter of NPC Guards with Master Riddick

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PostSubject: Encounter of NPC Guards with Master Riddick   Sat Jan 12, 2013 1:14 am

scarletwulf: you are not in trouble girl
SyndarzaSun: ~sighs~ kaylee go to the kitchen and under the counter deep in the back should be Sun's little black bag please bring it to me
AnayaSinDeLaRose: she looks up at him she new there was nothing anymore could do for her problum unless breaking her feet to fix bone placement was on there mind but that just may make it worse and make her unable to walk. she looked at him and did not know what they wanted to do with her foot.
AnayaSinDeLaRose: anyone *
kayleeofLordMaximus: *she nods and rises to her feet carrying the tray back to the kitchen she sets it to a table then goes to where the Mistress instructed her to go and retrieved the black bag. she moved back to the MIstress and knelt to her side, lifting it up to her*
RaychelofGor: *Lowering herself at the entrance, after lifting her hands to temporarily remove the veil, Raychel crosses her hands before her, right wrist over the left. Pressing her lips to the floor of the Free, she rises up once more, replacing the veil, before speaking softly from behind it.* May this girl please enter?
scarletwulf: you may raychel*he says as he strokes skys hair calming her*
melOasisScimitars: *beaming as the her Ubara enter(
RaychelofGor: *she smiles* Thank you, Master.
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky looks to him and lays her head on his chest what would they do with her broken foot to try to heal it whever was done she new it was going to hurt. her snopw2 white hair fell in her face hideing worryed eyes behind it.
AnayaSinDeLaRose: snow*
SyndarzaSun: ~reaching down she takes the little black bag and opens it with her small hand wide enough so she can search through it to find what she needs. ~ ahh here it is ~she takes out a small rep cloth and sits the bag beside her chair. Gently unwrapping it she breaks off a very small piece of willow back then wraps the rest back up ~ here girl chew on this, it will help with the pain ~handing it down to her~
kayleeofLordMaximus: *she slips out of the way and to a pillow watching as the Mistress treats her sister*
RaychelofGor: *blinks, but moves across the rugs before the standing Master Blacksmith. Quietly, she lowers herself before him and noting he is busy, presses a quick kiss to his boots.* Greetings, Master. This one hopes you are well.
scarletwulf: greetings raychel i am well we are just taking care of your new sister
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky takes it in her fingers and looks at it. she gulps in some air and pops it in her mouth as it tasted revolting she ate it anyway keeping it there as she put her face to masters chest trying to get rid of the nasty taste.
RaychelofGor: *she nods her head, glancing to the sister. Concern matts her brow.* Yes, Master.
scarletwulf: *sits back down not putting sky down but continues to calm her softly*
SyndarzaSun: Here kaylee please but the Physician's bag back were you got it and bring what you fixed for me
MrRiddick: -Upon the skys it is seen 7 tarns flying togather, on the lead tarn a huge black bird ,once a battle tarn in times of war a true Ubar of the sky's the man sits, behind him six more glide the winds of gor. Two huge northern men ride two brown predators of the skys one called Tarn, a burly man his hair blonde and eyes blue, the other Jacob both brothers, twins reunited long ago by fate and the deeds of the huge man in the lead, each carries a double bladed axes weapons they enjoy ,sheilds straped the the tarns with no emblem or sign,also the long bows of the north both were known for thier ability with them, each had won many a contest and took down many a beast, dressed in simple attire of the north cut down a bit for the weather thier faces hard eyes clear and, daggers straped the the waists, these two men known for thier brash fighting with hands and axes. Along with them a assorted band of southerners all of whom follow the man in the lead each known for deeds done , each clad in leathers or simple attire, from the waists of these men is seen swords and daggers, shields also strapped to the tarns as with the two huge blondes no embelm shows, each carries a ranged weapon some crossbows others shorth bows of the south. A rag tag band of men it seem to the eye but be wary to think of such, for these are killers, thiefs, bandits,warriors, cut throats, battle worn and seasoned fighters of gor held togather by the dark dressed man who rides in the lead. This man a huge man in gorean standards dressed in a black larl skin hood that hides the tall tale eyes of silver,the trade mark of the mystorious man. His face a mask of indifforence the jaw hard and set, his chest bare tanned and scared from the time on gor, scars riddle the massive chest of the man from battles won and lost hunts made and aceived, known to hunt anything there is to hunt from larls to slaves and men alike, it does not matter to this man as long as the coin is right or the hunt exciting enough, to him life is for living and doesd not worry as to death. If one was to ask his homestone his words would be *Upon the battle feilds of gor where true honor is made, where a man is made by his steps, actions, abilities,heart , and curage of the man, where disputes are handled by the steel, honor, and abilities of the man, or hunts of exciting and dangerous creatures*.This man known to have fought in many a war on gor, saved many a city , or laid waste to it, not caring as to side or reason merely the coin or the excitement of the fight. One might ask him why his response would be * becuase i am gorean and it is there*. This man a true gorean and olutlaw by all sense of the word rude, crash, obnoxious, arrogant, self centered, egotistical, crude, ill mannered, dark man, who thinks gor is a males world all female Free or not belong at the males foot. This man owns no slaves for he sees them as coin, babbles, object to trade , cattle,or furnature, as it is with all females, for the amusement, and enjoyment of the male as he sees fit. A harsh male seasoned by his time on gor,from his waist you can see four daggers, twins at his side and a matched set held by a bosk strap, set about the middle of the broad well formed and scared back, another bosk strap is seen well used and old this strap holds a sword made for this man, also four bolas hang ready for use two on each side, black larl skin pants compliment the weapons he holds. Beside him on the huge black tarn is seen a crossbow his favorite ranged weapon, it has been said he can drop a larl on full stride but none truely knows, a shield is seen made of metal and leather , no emblem is seen as with the rest, sleen skin boots complete his attire dagers tucked in each. This man legends are told many think him dead, other think him a curse or ghost, but none know not for sure, but his name is spoken in many a tale and song of feats untold, wars fought and beasts killed a shadow in many ways, mystory and darkness serround this man,no one know the true place from where he came, some say he works for the Priest Kings, others say he works to distory then, but none dare to ask, for it is said if the you the silver eyes of the men most times is the last thing you see. The tarns circle the city, gliding effortlessly upon the winds in perfect formation, as the man thinks to land, a creature of caution he has the men land a bit away from the city. The band of 7 tarns alight to the ground the claws drigging into the ground and a minor wind strom is made by the wings as the huge predators of gor land the huge black tarn sreaming out the arrival of it owner , the huge man in the lead waisting no time as soon as the tarn lands he is unstraped, not bothering with the ladder he jumps from the tarn, leaving the sheild and crossbow, his sword clanks as he lands his massive legs taking the shock and he retains his balance standing full upright pround and strong. His men land thier tarns and begin lowering ladders, a orderly and seasoned affiar done with controled actions of well mannered men of this man, as the dust settles it is seen the 7 men standing the dark one in the lead. His name you ask the one heard in songs and tales spoken in whispers hunted in many places , this man known only as Riddick, turns and walks toward the city-
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky moves with him and lays her head on his chest she wants badly to spit out the nasty wood .
RaychelofGor: *moving slightly, she kneels before the Mistress Merchant, her gaze sticking momentarily on the beauty of her gown. Shaking her head to clear her distracted brain, she leans forward to press a kiss to her slippered feet, legs tight together. Raising herself up again, she smiles in her direction.* Greetings, Mistress. Mistress is looking wonderful this day.
kayleeofLordMaximus: *she rose to her feet and to the MIstress, taking the black bag * yes Mistress *she moves out from the main area into the kitchen and returns the black bag back to its place. she then lifts the tray with the juice and chocolae pastries*
melOasisScimitars: ~the slave mel owned by the Ubara moves with a small sway of her hips with a towel in hand as the Free enters mel falls before the Free as she takes the towel she whipes the feet free of sand as she feels the hot sun beaming down on her she kept her eyes low as a timid respectful tone was lifted " Tal "
scarletwulf: *continues looking after the girl as she chews the willow bark*
SyndarzaSun: ~smiles down to raychel~ greetings sweetie it is nice to see you
RaychelofGor: *Guards at the entry freeze, two men in arms, standing in their positions, having been both looking out whilts speaking to one another. Ceasing their conversation, they both eye the tarns warily, before the first, a large man with sheild firm on his arm, blade at his waist, steps forward. His mind wonders, and he thinks of the best way to handle such a situation. Not needing to make something out of what he hoped was nothing, though many a guard were to defend if that was not the case, he gave the warriors greeting to the lead man after watching them all land their tarns.* Welcome to the Oasis.
SyndarzaSun: greetings mel
RaychelofGor: *Raychel smiles to the Mistress in return.* You as well, Mistress.
RaychelofGor: Welcome back, sister
melOasisScimitars: Thank you sister
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky had chewed it to almost nothing and it faded away in her lips and mouth. the black lips looked up at him as she tilted her head. she wondered why he was so kind to her, she had fallen geting him his drink and inside her fighters heart she felt ashamed of her flaws and she hated not being able to ask him why. she softly lawed a sweet kiss to his cheek in thanking and rested her head on his chest not knowing when she wouold ahve to get down or more inside she did not wish to move she wanted to stay there. he was kind to her sweet even when others tossed her aside or ignored her fully. or in some cases talked to her as if she was stupid or deaf. she was a very smart woman just had diffrent ways of doing things. she took her nail and rain it along his chest tickling him for the shear joy of it.
melOasisScimitars: gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
SyndarzaSun: ~she shifts as she waits for her drink the desert was hot and sandy and it made it worse in her condition~
AnayaSinDeLaRose: ran*
kayleeofLordMaximus: *girl slips to tower before the Mistress, setting the tray to the side she lifts the goblet first to her belly to show her fire to serve, then to her heart for the blessing of the Priest Kings, then to her lips where she presses a small kiss onto the side opposite from where the Mistress will drink from. she lowers her head and lifts her hands* Mistress, your chilled ramberry juice, girl hopes you find it refreshing
RaychelofGor: *Moving from the Mistress quietly, so her sister may serve, she sits beside her Ubara's throne.*
melOasisScimitars: May girl return?
SyndarzaSun: ~reaching out she takes it in her delicate small hand then brings it under her veil to take a sip, the cool refreshing juice did much to help her thirst~ Oh that was good, ~she smiled to kaylee ~ as was your serve
scarletwulf: *continues stroking the mute girls hair*
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky snuggles into him and for a moment she shuts her eyes resting.
kayleeofLordMaximus: *she smiles and reaches for the small plate with the chocolate pastries, lowering her head she lifts her hands again* thank you Mistress, here are the Mistress Bakers famous chocolate pastries she hopes you enjoy them
SyndarzaSun: ~her blue eyes would sparkle at such a delight, her sister's pastries were well know throughout the Oasis. They were rich and sweet, something she seem to be craving for now which was surprising concidering she rarely ate sweets~ Thank you kaylee . Well done you may go now
RaychelofGor: *she smiles, watching the Mistress divulge. Thinking quietly to herself, her dimples shine beneath her veil, but she remains silent.*
scarletwulf: 8chuckles softly at his sister* well you are of a certain condition*
MrRiddick: -the huge dark dressed man looks to the gaurd who styeps forward his eyes canting to the others before he speaks he turns- Tarn make the men settle the tarns you and Jacob follow me the rest remian here less i say other wise - the huge blonde nods, turns to the men dispatching the orders given, him and the other huge blonde fall in behind the dark man, eyes watching all around them while the other men with out so much of a grmble settle the tarns and remins there making themselfs comfortable but keeping watch, for they knew when ever thier leader travels there is sure to be some excitement of assasins somewhere looking to get his head. The huge man turns back to the gaurd his silver eyes hid by the hood look him up and down aceesing him as to danger and stance- I am Riddick -the simple response is said- i travel about gor seeking trades and learning of new places - a slight grin crosses the face- and hunt beasts of gor selling the skins to places and meat, or other things - the grin is replaced with a smirk, the blondes behind him grin at his added words-
melOasisScimitars: ~the slave mel owned by the Ubara moves with a small sway of her hips with a towel in hand as the Free enters mel falls before the Free as she takes the towel she whipes the feet free of sand as she feels the hot sun beaming down on her she kept her eyes low as a timid respectful tone was lifted " Tal "
kayleeofLordMaximus: *smiles and takes the tray, rises to her feet* thank you Mistress *she returns to the kitchen and places the tray back to its place then makes her way back into the main room. with so many people in the room the long stick was not safe to move about so she took the small knife and long stick and returned to the kitchen to finish it*
AnayaSinDeLaRose: sky opens them up and looks to her foot her toes where feeling a little better it helped did not cure but was feeling a bit better for the time being. sky looked back up to him and made a finger like a stick and then with her other hand made it in the shape of what looked like a foot and placed the stick under her fingers and curled them around the stick finger. she was trying to explain that her feet where lashed to a sticks by her old master for he found pain as plessuer and he would make her walk as this till her lef toes broke one day and sadly he keped the sticks there and her bones just never healed right.
scarletwulf: *nods in understanding* i have wandered around girl i have mat mutes before
AnayaSinDeLaRose: she looked at him with sadined eyes she hated not having a voice she once loved to sing and now it was jsut a burden to her. for once she was happy with the garment she had on for it was good at hideing the scar on her back that was her largest flaw.
scarletwulf: *smiles removing his glove revealing his heavily scarred forearm*
RaychelofGor: *The guard watches the slave girl begin to wipe the feet of the man before him, nodding to her and waving his hand in dismissal. Lifting his head once more, he nods the the darker featured of the two, the one called Riddick.* Again we welcome you. If you wish to take comfort inside, we only ask that you leave your weapons with your tarns. *nodding his head, he spoke to the guard beside him.* يراقب عليها. سوف نلاحظ *His companion nodded, giving a signal to the other guards who watched diligently from their posts. He returned his gaze to Riddick.*
SyndarzaSun: ~She took one more sip of her juice and places the goblet down by her side, her keen hearing from her many years in the jungle heard the ruckess outside as she would peek out the openings in their hall. What was going on and should an alarm be made or could the guards just handle this. There was no shouting only words of command, deep and strong. A visitor perhaps? The sound of many she assumed.~
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky looks to it and moves her hand to hold his arm she new how it was to be scarred she bent over and huged his arm, and a little of her back showed the black dragons bone wings and spine scarred into her back .
SalenaRya: the sounds of her bells chime announcingher movements as she made her way tot he entrance,there she knelt in submission~ may this one enter if it pease the Free within
RaychelofGor: *Raychel raised her gaze from her Ubara's throne, turning to face her chain sister warmly.* Tal, sister mel. *Blinking, she'd then glance to the outside. Blinking her eyes rapidly a moment, she noticed two guards standing before two men. She could not see clearly, as they were not close, but one, she recognized. He had visited the oasis before, in the sand tent. And this memory set her heart to pounding.*
SyndarzaSun: You may rya
SalenaRya: thank you Mistress
AnayaSinDeLaRose: she could hear the sound from outside and her eyes twitched and she lifted her head up a little looking out her snow white hair fell in her face but she still did not let go of his arm.
SyndarzaSun: (brb)
scarletwulf: we live we learn we make mistakes and endure pain we will look after you here and set your foot right
kayleeofLordMaximus: *she finished making the tip of the long stick pointed and moves to lean it against the wall. hearing more people in the main area she moves to see whom to greet or whom may need serving*
SalenaRya: she moves in quickly out of the way of the of the entrance careful not to track any sand inside~
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky looked to him and she and then pointed to her foot and maked a broken hand simble telling him only way to fix it was to break her foot to reset the bones but in the end that may just make it worse and it would place her in alot of pain and unable to walk for weeks.
scarletwulf: *kisses her forehead softly*
AnayaSinDeLaRose: there was worry in the girls eyes she did hope it did not come to her having broken feet. she shut her eyes as he kissed her and she reterned the kiss to his cheek as a thank you.
SalenaRya: moving further inside she knelt before the Master there her thighs slightly parted for his pleasure as she bent to kiss his boots~
MrRiddick: -the dark man merely nods turning to the two blondes his voice low ment only for thier ears *tell the men to be waery many thing alive in gor this year also keep a watchfull eye upon all* hands them his sword and daggers leaving the bolas at his side as they were not considered weapons. *be sure those are where i need them if the need arises* the huge blonde named Jacob nods turns goes back to the tarns and discusses what was sead with all of them, the men making no notrice of it seems what was sead but hands seem to be close to weapons and crossbows , as they are outlaws they know being unprepared is a flaw to the death od many a gorean male, and this man Riddick has killed a few himself of his own for just such a offense, he cared not to what others thought he was who he was a cold hearted man in many ways ruthless and harsh, but a fine leader and had made sure they eat and have a place with him his rules are simple do as needed and never question- Yes i think i might for a time
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky moved her foot so the sister would not harm it.
scarletwulf: Tal rya
SalenaRya: tal Master so good to see you
scarletwulf: good to see you as well you may continue
SalenaRya: yes Master
RaychelofGor: *The guard steps aside, gesturing a hand toward the direction of the room.* Please. *Nodding, he stands at his post once more, warily watching those who remained, his gaze firm and unwavering.*
SalenaRya: there to the Mistress Merchant she lowers thighs together she bends to kiss uppon her feet with a smile~tal Mistress so wonderful to see Mistress this day girl hopes all is well
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky put her head to masters shoulder hearing the voices outside she was the weakest one in the halls and she new it, with a hurt foot and no voice she was worryed as there was alot of sound from outside. it placed her on edge and a very light hiss only the master could hear rang in his ear.
scarletwulf: *smiles and continues to look after her stroking her hair to calm her*
SalenaRya: see Mistress busy she moves to a pillow~
SalenaRya: tal deaar sisters
RaychelofGor: Tal, sister. *smiles*
melOasisScimitars: Greeting sister
kayleeofLordMaximus: *smiles to her sisters* Tal sisters
melOasisScimitars: Tal sister
SalenaRya: has girl missed something ~as she saw their concerned faces~
RaychelofGor: Tal, sister. *smiles again.*
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky was always a restless one and one to worry at the small things if worse came to worse she would fight to hold her own. she moved her head and let her hair fall from its bindings it falling in her face as she looked out from it at the other girls in the room. everyone looked diffrent then her, from her hair to hos she acted to her eyes all of her. she looked to master and held out a bit of her hair as if asking if it was alright oddly.
scarletwulf: *smiles at her gesture* it is alright
AnayaSinDeLaRose: she held up her hands and made the hand word for really.
MrRiddick: -the man walks past the guard his eyes remains just a instant no more as his gait takes him past , the huge blonde Tarn at his side a sight to behold two outlaws of gor one whom was a fable the other a huge man. His steps sure kickjing a bit of sand up as he walks the shoulders rolling and the muscular body moves forward, his move gracefull for a man his size ,as he had hunted many a larl and sleen and a few kurii in his time. Not one at pleasantries he steps inside the cold gance scaning the room, the huge blonde a war veteran himself always on the alert looks about too. His arm show his fights as well as the chest and back of the man scars show he was not afraid to fight, the hooded head remains held lvl and he looks about, looks to those inside and a flat greeting is said- Tal
melOasisScimitars: ~the slave mel owned by the Ubara moves with a small sway of her hips with a towel in hand as the Free enters mel falls before the Free as she takes the towel she whipes the feet free of sand as she feels the hot sun beaming down on her she kept her eyes low as a timid respectful tone was lifted " Tal "
scarletwulf: Tal
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky saw the man and hissed a little she already did not like him and she did not even know why. she got closer to master and stayed in his arms and chest.
RaychelofGor: *Rising from her position, as neither the First or Second Girl are there at the moment, she rises to kneel. Nodding in his direction, forcing a small smile in respect, though she could feel her heartbeat in her head, she kneels, speaking softly behind her veil.* This girl welcomes you to the Oasis, Master.
melOasisScimitars: ~the slave mel owned by the Ubara moves with a small sway of her hips with a towel in hand as the Free enters mel falls before the Free as she takes the towel she whipes the feet free of sand as she feels the hot sun beaming down on her she kept her eyes low as a timid respectful tone was lifted " Tal "
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky stayed hideing in masters chest. she was just not the trusting type.
SyndarzaSun: ~Her blue eyes never left the leader of this group of men as her hand slide down to the dagger pressing against her hip, she was cautious but not stupid, she would use it in defend only. She was a huntress not a warrior and these men would seem to appear to overcome many in this room. But still she would do what she must to protect even though with child it was not her calling to just sit by. Her soft husky voice would calmly state ~ Tal and welcome to the Oasis of the Two Scimitars
KilikHalfEar: if the Ubara Wishes ill take over the NPC but it is my oppion ray you need to practice for coming events )
RaychelofGor: *She rises from her place now, lowering herself before the Master First Spear. Smiling towards him, her legs lightly parted for his view, she leans forward, pressing a soft kiss to his boot, before lifting her frame once more.* This girl greets you, Master.
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky took her finger calming down a little and poked masters nose for fun.
KilikHalfEar: ~ makes his entrance into the Hall noting the Outlaw being escorted as he passes by he moves quickly to a seat keeping his sword arm free and able to move quickly ~
KilikHalfEar: Note the girl ray at his feet as he sits ~ tal ray how are you this evening ?
MrRiddick: The darkl man had a reason for his travels this day , one of wonder for in his woods he had heard of a event he was not sure. Seems the trading trails had become slow for some odd reason, he was also hunting a beast he had heard of, his air that of a man who cares not, no fear eminateed form the man all you could feel is control, confidance, power, and a gerneral air of mess with me you will die or i will i could care less. His manner is one of who he is outlaw cautious, wary, alert ,aware, the blonde much like him stands beside him the other blonde remianed with the men making sure all was taken care of and all were alert, he did not want to see any die this day of theirs and knew trhis man will slice thier throats leave them laying there and ride away like nothing happened. - i thirst the heat is emense and my ride long -looks around- whom are to get it for me
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky stayed silant on masters chest and in his arms unless she was asked to do anything.
KilikHalfEar: kaylee fecth the outlaw some water
scarletwulf: *chuckles gentlyand pokes the girls nose back*
AnayaSinDeLaRose: she looks at him and lightly nips at his fingers in play.
RaychelofGor: *The guard watches Riddick enter, the man beside him following as well. Speaking to the other guard, slightly smaller in stature, but not weak by any means, as guards of the Oasis are not, he spoke quietly to him.* The First Spear is inside. If matter arises, we will aide him in battle. For now, be sure the men outside are watched, and I will keep another eye inside. *This done, he took his place inside.*
SyndarzaSun: Perhaps if you would come and sit we might see to your needs traveler
RaychelofGor: *She nods gently to the Master.* Decent Master...and yourself?
KilikHalfEar: i am well girl carry on
melOasisScimitars: *looking up at Master ssmiling*
RaychelofGor: *she nods to him.* Thank you, Master. *rising quietly, trying to keep her bells as silent as possible, to not interrupt the Free speaking, she kneels once more beside the Ubara's throne.*
SalenaRya: ~seeing the visitor and feeling tention in the air she moved quickly to the boots of First Spear ,kneeling before him she bends kissing upon his boot with a smile~Tal Master so wonderful to see you
KilikHalfEar: good to see you as well rya how are you tonight girl ?
SalenaRya: well Master girl is well
RaychelofGor: *The tension thick, she waits anxiously for her Ubara's return, her eyes warily holding on the visiting Masters boots, discreetly behind her hair.*
KilikHalfEar: good to hear carry on
SalenaRya: yes Master
KilikHalfEar: brb )
SyndarzaSun: (tyt)
SyndarzaSun: rya?
kayleeofLordMaximus: *she hears her Masters voice and rises to her feet* yes Master *she pads swiftly from the room and into the kitchen, making sure she scrubs her hands clean then rinses them and wipes them dry with a rep cloth as she moves to the shelves. her head tilts up and immediately her gaze falls upon a large deep footed bowl, knowing of the Masters thirst she reache dup and pulled the bowl down to her and tilted it a bit as she turned it around the inside of her wrist making sure it has no imperfections. she uses a clean rep cloth and wipes the inside and outside of the footed bowl making sure it was spotless*
SalenaRya: yes Mistress
SyndarzaSun: rya see to the visitors thirst
melOasisScimitars: *giggling at Mistress*
SalenaRya: yes Mistress
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky moved her foot and touched it to the ground it still hurt a little but she wanted to walk on it, she wanted to try. lifting it back up she did not want o be a burded to anyone and did not want to be carryed or cradled. she was a fighter she was stubberen. watching the other male the one she had never seen before her bright vast blue eyes shimmered devilishly in the light. Sky moved a little siting on the edge of master knees and trying to get a footing to place her curled foot down. it had gotin bad from the days walking arounf and her toes had almost curled right under. this was not new and it would go back to normal by mornings but then alass at night it would be like it is now a burden and a great pain to Sky.
kayleeofLordMaximus: *she carries the large footed bowl across the room to the cold storage, wrapping her tiny hand around the handle she leans back and slowly pulls it open, she shivers as the cool air rushes past her and she rises to her tip toes and crossed over to where the pitchers of water were stored to keep them cool. lifting one she tilts it over the bowl quickly filling it making sure nothing spills. she sets the pitcher back to its place and turns to return to the main room in order to serve the visiting Master the water*
scarletwulf: *pulls sky back to his lap gently but firmly* not yet girl
SyndarzaSun: (rya void post it seems kaylee is doing so)
SalenaRya: yes Mistress}
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky made a frustrated squeak and got pulled back as she looked at him her eyes squinting as a king of half glear.
AnayaSinDeLaRose: kind*
AnayaSinDeLaRose: she made the hand signs for, you , no hold me all night. she did not want to be a burden to him
RaychelofGor: *Quietly, she watches her sisters serve, remaining quiet, but noticing the way the guard moved from his outside post, to inside. Wise, she thought to herself, and she raised her gaze slightly, eyes narrowed beneath her lashes, in both scrutiny and attempt at understanding what was going on. Though she thought she knew. Glancing about to the Free, she noticed they were all tense, as if they were in preparation for something, though of that, she was most assuredly unaware. She sits beside the throne of her Ubara, quietly unnerved, but slight relief settles as her sister serves him his water. Perhaps he only came for a sated thirst, she thought quietly.*
scarletwulf: *looks firmly in her eyes* the willow bark has numbed the pain but not helped you recover
AnayaSinDeLaRose: she looked back and crossed her arms as if to say, then what do i do now.
MrRiddick: _the man walks in noting the thrones and smirks not one to sit in such things. he takes a seat crossleged just a bit from the floor covering he sees, the huge blonde stands behind him a shadow of sorts keps a wary eye upon all. Outside the men wander about the tarns doing this and that, never losing the fact that something could happen at the drop of a coin. Jacob watches the men with a intent eye and also the gaurds, not one to trust as a rule and one to fight first ask questions later. The dark man again speaks- i am hunting this day a beast i have heard has been through here i plan to catch this beast slay him and set his head upon a pike outside my woods, as a example to all when i travel from my woods i do so at the call of others whom are willng to pay dearly for it - the coment cold and harsh flat and emotionless-
AnayaSinDeLaRose: She was a wild little thing.
scarletwulf: *strokes her hair looking in her eyes* you stay and rest as much as possible girl no arguement
kayleeofLordMaximus: *she lifts the bowl and rests it against her breasts as she moved back into the main room and glides to the side of the visiting Master, her eyes are lowered as she hears him speaking then she lowers herself to kneel to his side. as she kneels she lifts the bowl to her belly first to show her fire to serve, then to her heart for the blessings of the Priest Kings, then to her mouth where she places a small kiss onto the side of the bowl. her head then lowers and her hands rise up, her voice is soft yet clear as she speaks* Master, here is water, girl hopes you find it refreshing
RaychelofGor: *She shivered at his words, feeling the coldness within them, terror for the man he hunted, but remained silent still, listening to the Free as they respond.*
SyndarzaSun: ~Bringing the cool ramberry juice up under her veil she would take another drink, the juice was so freshing and the coolness of it was welcoming to her throat and belly. Closing her eyes for just a second as she relished in the sweet favorful drink then she places the goblet down by her side as she opens her blue eyes to look to the visitor~ Riddick is it not? What may we do for you?
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky looked at him her eyes still falling to the man acrose the way, she was untrusting and did not like the mans look or his guards look.she moved her hand and itched at the large black bone wing scar on her back and turned her back to everyone looking to master with a bunch of her lips as she was frusterated. she turned her head with a humph and a smile came over her face she was being a little playfull to try to not be so anger filled.
KilikHalfEar: listens to the Man speak and looks to him and hears teh LAdy Syns words ~ yes we would be eagfer to help hunt down this Beast the best we are able to
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~Ubara shuffled thre the sand feeling it not as hot as it was in the day hours the wheather feeling a little more less then overwealming I noticed the guards at attention as I glanced around I noticed the outlaw I could only assume he had brought others with him then I glanced up and seen the tarns and shook my head , as I made my way thru the door I heard the voices of the citizens inside, I stamped my feet to release some sand as I would then make my way to my seat I smiled to the First Sword as he stood entering just about same time as I spoke "Tal Free"~
scarletwulf: Tal Ubara
SyndarzaSun: Tal Ubara
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky sees Ubara come in and right away stays on masters lap.
AnayaSinDeLaRose: She keeps her eyes lowered.
KilikHalfEar: ~ seeing teh Ubara enter he rises to his feet ~
RaychelofGor: *Rising from her position, she moves to her Ubara as she too enters, with excellent timing she thinks quietly. Lowering herself before her, she takes a cloth from the side of the throne, and wipes the sand from her feet, below the slipper, and over. Nodding to her, she smiles, kneeling carefully, legs tight together. Leaning forward, she presses a kiss to her now sand free feet, and raises her frame up.* Massa al kair, my Ubara.
TenrikNiels: ::Dismounting the Kaiila, he hands the reins to the handlesr, he moves to stand beside the Ubara as she too arrives and makes her way to the throne room. He walks tall and proud beside her as they make their way across the sands. Stopping at the doors as the guards part and allow her to make her way to the doors, he pushes them open, holding them as she enters, he walks with her, his eyes scanning the room as he hears the voices of the free and the jingle of slave bells within. she would make her way to her throne, he would take his place at her side as he would look around and take in the faces of the family and guest::
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~looks down to mine as she pleases me with such a greet as always ~ Tal mine
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: Tal First Sword
TenrikNiels: Tal Ubara
KilikHalfEar: Tal Ubara
KilikHalfEar: Tal First Sword
TenrikNiels: Tal Kilik
TenrikNiels: Tal lady Merchant
scarletwulf: *pinche the girls nose softly wrapping his strong arms forged in the fires of his profession and keep her to his lap*
TenrikNiels: Tal Wulf
scarletwulf: Tal ten
TenrikNiels: *His eyes would fall upon the one called Riddick, he would nod lightly*
TenrikNiels: Tal Riddick
SyndarzaSun: Tal Tenrik
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky wiggles her nose and moves her body struggleing a little in his arms she knwos she cant get free but she can still try. she makes hissing and fainted squeak sounds as she trys to free herself from his grasp.
TenrikNiels: >.>
scarletwulf: shh girl it is for your own good her struggling futile with his strength as he holds her gently but firmly*
MrRiddick: -takes the offewred drink waves the beast off with a simple nod ,looks to the entrance seeing the Ubara entering not one to notice castes or offices of the citys he merely nods,also seeing ther male enter a brief greeting is said- Tal- A male that sees all female belong at his feet he takes not a single intention of showing more then is needed to her, as was his rule he remianed sitting crosslegged on the floor, he cared not if any took it as a insult ,if they did hew would handle it as he always does with steel. Hearting the comment he looks up past the bowl as he drinks taking a huge drink some of the contents spilling past lets out a mighty bletch wipes his face with the back of his hand then turns to respond- yes there is a beast roaming gor i seek the head of
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky was geting weak from all the fighting and she was starting not to care. her foot hurt and her body sleepy from the days events she stoped fighting it and layed her head on his shoulder with a grunt of defeat.
scarletwulf: *smiles kissing her forehead softly*
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky pokes his nose a little harder then the time beofre and then kissed his cheek back.
AnayaSinDeLaRose: before*
kayleeofLordMaximus: *she lowers her hands and slips from the Master, seeing her sisters have greeted her Master she slips to kneel before him, knowing she will be greeting the Ubara and Master First Sword after they have greeting them. she kneels before him with her knees pressed apart and lowers her head with her lips parted to place a soft kiss onto his feet before she lifts her head up and smiles, keeping her voice soft* Tal Master, girl hopes you are doing well today
RaychelofGor: *She rises then from the seat of her Ubara, to kneel quietly before the tall Master First Sword. Leaning forward, though he stood, she wiped his feet as well, before nodding in his direction. Lowering her face between her discreetly parted thighs, her head open, she presses a soft quick kiss to his sandals.* Massa Al Kair, Maulan.
SyndarzaSun: ~Deciding that she was no longer interested in the sweet she places it on the floor beside her, figuring the slaves could enjoy it instead. Then lifting her side up she leans againt the chair being a little tired as she entwines her fingers upon her belly~
KilikHalfEar: i am well kaylee how does the day find you ?
TenrikNiels: ~stands by close and silent, he would take in those in the room, watching, listening as he held his place at his Ubara's side~
kayleeofLordMaximus: *she smiles up to him, her eyes shining* Master, girls day is well, thank you
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky shuts her eyes and rests in masters arms silantly makeing soft cooing sounds as she was happy they came at every soft breath.
TenrikNiels: Masa Alkhair me'shan
scarletwulf: *strokes the girls hair letting her rest safely*
TenrikNiels: Afuann me'shan.. Glad to hear
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky wiggled a little into his chest trying to get in the right spot her body showing under her hair. she new this and he could look if he pleases she was there for his plessuer.
RaychelofGor: *She retuns to her Ubara's side, watching the Free quietly.*
KilikHalfEar: thank is good to hear girl move to a pillow for now
scarletwulf: *smiles seeing what the girl is doing but holds her softly*
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: kaylee you can wear it now girl you passed test
kayleeofLordMaximus: *nods and rises* yes Master thank you *she rises to her feet to move to a pillow to wait to greet the Ubara and First Sword*
RaychelofGor: *She smiles softly.*
kayleeofLordMaximus: *smiles bright* thank you so much Ubara
MrRiddick: (well hell i gtg pressing business elsewhere be well all btw the prelude to the rp ahs begun hope all enjoy it as it unfolds)
kayleeofLordMaximus: *peeks at her arm band and slips her fingers over the words, her face beaming a bright smile*
MrRiddick: (has
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: Tal Riddick so dont no if i said so sorry
scarletwulf: (sticks tongue back i get in a funny mood around this time)
AnayaSinDeLaRose: ((take care riddick safe trip and keep up the posting ))
TenrikNiels: Be well Riddick
TenrikNiels: Safe travels.
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: Be Well Riddick
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: mine post your posts please so i can view them

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pretty good ray for the first time you have the ability to enhance easily with a few pointers to add into your posts just always be sure to think as you are a guard in rl and a wild beast was apraoching look in your mind and think of you and the actions and paint the picture.

also when posting npc do this <Guard> infront of your post

also keep in mind we have hundreds of guards

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well fine job ineed
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Encounter of NPC Guards with Master Riddick
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