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A Gorean RP In The Tahari
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 visit of LadyAnneFatal

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PostSubject: visit of LadyAnneFatal   visit of LadyAnneFatal Icon_minitimeSun Jan 13, 2013 4:46 pm

LadyAnneFatal: -the redheaded Scribe was left by the caravan with her guard and appraoched the homestone with her head high and her voice soft as she spoke to the guards outside- "I am Lady Anne. I come inquiring after any work for a Scribe..." -the guard nodded toher and entered the enclosure, to speak with someone to grant Her allowance of entry. she stood composed and silent, glanceing to Her guard who seemed to be on edge after the trek into the Tahari. It was hot and though used to the travel by now, He only wanted to rest and a drink. still he stood behind her, glancing about the lush oasis they had arrived at and thought that it did indeed look as impressive as they had been told at the Fairs-
SyndarzaSun: ~looks out to the opening to the hall as she notices the caravan but she was so hoping it was the one that was heading here from the Market Place. A little disappointed to find it was not she could not help but noticed the new scribe~
SyndarzaSun: Let her come guards
LordNyxMarfedelom: - he stands as he notices the FW enter . he hears her words and cant help but recognize her voice. he turns towards her to get a better look at her before speaking to her "Tal.....Anne"-
LadyAnneFatal: -The guard nods and emerges to lead the Scribe inside. Anne glances over her shoulder to the guard nodding to him that he may go do what he needs while she is inside. upon entering he glances abuot with curious sapphire eyes and upon hearing her name blinks at the familiar voice and turns, unbelieveing of seeing the man before her- "Nyx? no...but that's impossible..." -her jaw is dropped beneath her opaque veils and her eyes are widened in shock-
Michael211112: Tal Anne
LordNyxMarfedelom: Tis been awhile, Might I ask what brings you here?
LadyAnneFatal: -she turns to the other voice that greets her and speaks demurely- Tal. -she looks to the Man she once knew in another place, and quickly recovers from her shock- Indeed, it has...I have traveled from the Se'Var Fairs in search of work. It had been suggested to me I shoudl travel South to the Tahari, to hear, and see if I might be of use...either contract or...-she gives a light shrug- My city was abandoned by the Administrator and I have been travelling from place to place ever since to find a homestone or contract work in my Caste to survive...
LadyAnneFatal: And what are You doing here, Nyx? Do you not find it as impossible to see Me here as I do to see You?
SyndarzaSun: Tal Lady Anne, I am Syndarza, Merchant and FC to HyukiSun, main Physician to the Oasis of the Two Scimitars ~she would smile to her~
LadyAnneFatal: -she would nod to the Woman respectfully- Tal Syndarza. A pleasure to make Your acquaintence.
Michael211112: I'm Master Michael from Physicians Island
SyndarzaSun: Pleasure to meet you as well
LordNyxMarfedelom: It you wish for a place to call home, I am pretty sure we can always use your services..... If memory serves me right you are a scribe...." He hears her words and cant help but laugh a bit "Would you believe I traveled here from Corcyrus after the Tatrix left there, Joined as a warrior and have gained the ranks of Administrator and Captain here in the Oasis of the 2 Scimitars"-
LadyAnneFatal: -she would nod to the Man- You will forgive Me, I do not desire to call You Master, as I am Free, but I will adress You as Michael. A pleasure to meet You, Physician.
Michael211112: Anne was you a girl of mine?
LadyAnneFatal: -she smirked beneath her veils at Nyx- The blue robes did not give away my caste? You had to think about it? -she chuckles, sapphire eyes sparkling with mirth- Inpressive that you have risen so high in the ranks, Captain... -she looked to the Physician, her eyes cold- I have never had the misfortune of bearing steel upon my neck, Physician, nor do I ever endeavor to. So no, I never was a girl of Yours. -her tone was acidic in nature at the siggestion that she had ever been a slave. she turned her attention back to Nyx, her eyes no longer ired, but a cool neutral-
LordNyxMarfedelom: I dont see any reason why the Ubara would object to you joining here if you wish though I should warn you we have many requirements for our members
SyndarzaSun: ~listens quietly to them talking~
LadyAnneFatal: -she spoke with humility to Nyx- I appreciate Your offer of a possible Homestone, here, Captain...perhaps we can see how it goes for a bit, while I consider the offer. I do not wish to make a decision in haste. I am sure you understand my position in that aspect.
Michael211112: ~listens to and not want to innter rupe the confos~
LordNyxMarfedelom: understandable, I suggest the same, one of those requirements that i spoke of is a 30 day period of candidancy to see if you fit in before becoming member here
LadyAnneFatal: -she nods-
LadyAnneFatal: Might I sit, Captain? I grow weary after my travels
LordNyxMarfedelom: So tell me what have you been up to since the last time we seen each other, and please by all means take a seat, make yourself comfortable
Michael211112: well I hope I have told every thing what is need see you all at the ceremony
SyndarzaSun: well wishes Michael and may you always have water
LordNyxMarfedelom: tc Michael
kayleeofLordMaximus: *she stepped across the hot sands quickly and made her way to the Throne Room of the city as she stepped up onto the first stone she wiped her feet free of any sand. she lowers to kneel, her forehead and breasts pressing down onto the hard stone as her hands stretch out in front of her. her voice is soft yet carries as she begs for entrance* may girl please enter if it pleases the Free within?
LadyAnneFatal: -she nods and moves to a seat sittign primply for a momnet before realxing a bit- Well I was in Piedmont for quite a while....I was the Head Scribe there for some time....when the Administrator abandoned it, and no one wished to take the reins, I too left....I then went to Calthoria where I stayed for a while, but...I was not happy there, so I pretty much travels from city to city on the Vosk looking for short term contract work within places to survive. I then went to the Fairs, made some contacts, and am wanderign about once more to find a place to perhaps make my Homestone.
SyndarzaSun: Yes kaylee
kayleeofLordMaximus: *she lifts her head and smiles* thank you Mistress *rolling back onto her heels she rises to stand then pads quickly into the room and to the feet of the Master Admin. gracefully she falls to her knees, pressing them apart as she lowers her head with her lips parted and places a small kiss onto his feet. her head lifts up and she smiles up to him as she speaks* Tal Master, girl hopes your day is going well
LordNyxMarfedelom: - He smiles back towards her before speaking to her "Tal kaylee, tis always a pleasure to see you , the day has been good so far, how has yours been"-
kayleeofLordMaximus: *her eyes shine as she speaks* girl is happy your day has been well Master, girls has also, thank you for asking
LordNyxMarfedelom: that is good to hear
LordNyxMarfedelom: you may greet the others kaylee
kayleeofLordMaximus: thank you Master *she rises to her feet and slips to kneel before the Mistress Merchant, her knees press together and her body folds with her lips parted and she places a small kiss onto her feet before she lifts her head up and smiles* Tal Mistress, girl hopes you are feeling well today
SyndarzaSun: Greetings little one ~she smiles~ i am doing rather well thank you
SyndarzaSun: you may continue
LadyAnneFatal: -she glances to the Man, still a bit surprised in seeing him- You look...well....Nyx. It has been a very long time. I though perhaps you had been sent to the Priest-Kings as I'd heard no word of You since we saw eachother last
kayleeofLordMaximus: *she nodded and smiled* thank you Mistress *she moved before the visting Mistress to tower, she smiles up to her as she speaks* Tal Mistress
SyndarzaSun: if you will excuse me I need to discuss some things with Sun before I leave for the Market place
SyndarzaSun: well wishes and see you all later
LadyAnneFatal: I wish You well, Merchant
LordNyxMarfedelom: Not a chance on that, still have much to do
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((poof before I could respond to her))
LadyAnneFatal: -she looks down to the girl with a nod- greetings girl.
kayleeofLordMaximus: *she smiles warmly then slips to kneel before the Master Admin* Master, may girl get you anything to drink or eat?
LadyAnneFatal: -she chuckled softly- clearly, Nyx. You seem to be very busy here with responsibilities-
LadyAnneFatal: ((FYI I've gotta go run to the store in about an hour and do the family thing til about 5:30 ish, but I will be back tonight...but yeah, just letting you know))
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((its fine, not sure how long I have but probably will be the same))
LordNyxMarfedelom: Busy is definately the right word here
LadyAnneFatal: -she nods-
LordNyxMarfedelom: definately was a position that I never expected to gain
LadyAnneFatal: well, to be honest, it does not surprise me. You always had my respect and I thought you had a head for a high position
LordNyxMarfedelom: - he nods towards her "to be honest cant say it surprises me either, though as in most places that i had been in I gained high titles, this is probably the first one that i can say I am glad to be"-
kayleeofLordMaximus: *she silently slips to kneel before the visiting Mistress* Mistress, may girl get you anything to drink or eat?
LadyAnneFatal: -she chuckles- I am pleased for You, Nyx
LadyAnneFatal: -she glances to the girl- larma juice, chilled, girl
kayleeofLordMaximus: *she smiles and nods* yes Mistress, chilled larma juice *she rolls back onto her heels and rises to her feet, slipping out of the main area she quickly moves into the kitchen and to the basin. once before the basin she scrubs her hands well, making sure they are perfectly clean before she rinses them and grabs for a clean rep cloth. she wipes her hands dry and crosses to the shelves where the drinking vessels are stored to pick out a goblet for the Misteress's juice*
LadyAnneFatal: -her gaze follows the girl until she is no longer in her view and she looks back to Nyx-
LadyAnneFatal: I hate to be ...forward ....but will it be possible to have a space for me to stay while here arranged shortly?
LadyAnneFatal: I feel myself growing weary from the heat...I am unaccostomed to it, and think I may go for a light rest in a bit
LadyAnneFatal: and I am sure my hired guard will need to know of the whereabouts of it also...
kayleeofLordMaximus: *she stands before the shelves and her head tilts up and they immediately fall upon a tall slender goblet, the cup a deep cobalt blue with tiny white flowers adorning the stem. she reaches her hand out and her tiny fingers wrap around the stem and she carefully pulls the goblet to her, tilting it a bit she turns the rim around the inside of her wrist. finding no flaws she wipes the inside and out with a clean dry rep cloth then carries it towards the cold storage*
LordNyxMarfedelom: "That would be no problem, If needed until you get a place of your own you may use my place as needed
LordNyxMarfedelom: Its the least I can do for you"
kayleeofLordMaximus: *her small hand grips the handle of the door to the storage room and she leans back a bit to pull it open, as she cold air rushes past she shivers and rises up to her tip toes. swiftly she steps across to where the freshly made pitchers of juice sit and she finds the larma juice, lifting it up she tilts it over the goblet and pours until it reaches almost the rim. she sets the pitcher down and pivots on the balls of her feet and scurries out back into the kitchen. she holds the goblet carefully as she glides back into the main room where she towers before the visiting Mistress, lowers her head and lifts her hands up* Mistress, your chilled larma juice, girl hopes you find it refreshing
LadyAnneFatal: -she blinks in surprise- Thank you Nyx. I hope that will not cause concern for those in Your hosehold? Your FC or slaves will nto be put out?
LadyAnneFatal: -she reaches out and looks down to the girl- thank you girl. well done. you are dismissed from me.
kayleeofLordMaximus: thank you Mistress *she rises to her feet and slips to a pillow to kneel*
LadyAnneFatal: -she brings the goblet under her veils and takes a small sip, smiling beneath those heavy layers with satisfaction of the cool sweet taste on her tongue-
LordNyxMarfedelom: No it should be no issue, There is no FC to worry about and it shouldnt be an issue to my slave, if it does my slave will be dealt with accordingly
LadyAnneFatal: -she nods- I understand. I will be honoered to be Your guest, Captain
kayleeofLordMaximus: (may girl be excused please, she will return later)
LadyAnneFatal: -she takes another sip of the larma juice, refreshed by the coolness in the heat that she is unaccustomed to-
LadyAnneFatal: ((I'm going to let Nyx reply, I am merely a guest girl))
kayleeofLordMaximus: (yes Mistress, girl understands)
LadyAnneFatal: ((or, if he doesn't respond in 5 minutes, I will))
kayleeofLordMaximus: (thank you Mistress)
LordNyxMarfedelom: you may
LordNyxMarfedelom: (())*
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((sorry was putting a post in the forum))
kayleeofLordMaximus: thank you Master (girl will return later)
kayleeofLordMaximus: *she rises from her pillow and smiles before turning on her heels and stepping back out to finish her chores*
LadyAnneFatal: -she sets her goblet down for the moment- I must admit, Nyx, I am still in awe to find You here. I find myself marveling at the noton. It is very good to have a fmailar face about me
LadyAnneFatal: So often I am a stranger in places....I am fortuante to have turned up here, I think
LordNyxMarfedelom: "you are more then welcome Anne, and I must say I am kind of shocked to see you here as well"
LadyAnneFatal: -she chuckles-
LadyAnneFatal: I hope pleasantly?
LadyAnneFatal: Will you tell me of this place? And of the Ubara? what can I expect from Oasis of two Scimitars?
LordNyxMarfedelom: It is a great place to be that is if you can deal with the heat and sand
LadyAnneFatal: -she chuckles- yes, the heat is...overhwleming. I admit I am not quite accustomed to it
LordNyxMarfedelom: and the Ubara is a great leader, you might know her from Schendi as that is where she was before her
LadyAnneFatal: -she thinks-
LadyAnneFatal: I think I may know here
LadyAnneFatal: may have met her long ago
LadyAnneFatal: her*
LordNyxMarfedelom: You will get used to it, though I recommend wearing light colors
LadyAnneFatal: -she chuckles-
LadyAnneFatal: I will look into that.
LadyAnneFatal: you will have to point me to the best place to find light blue robes
LordNyxMarfedelom: For that you would have to ask the Merchants or the Seamstress as that isnt one of my strong suits
LadyAnneFatal: -chuckles-
LadyAnneFatal: I will do that
LadyAnneFatal: -she takes another sip of her juice and looks to him, her eyes soft, as she occupies herself drinking. removing the goblet from beneath her veils again, she fals to silence, unable to keep her eyes off him, but keeping the gaze soft and neutral-
LordNyxMarfedelom: Something on your mind Anne? - he gives her a smile-
LadyAnneFatal: -she blinks- hm? No...just...takign it all in, I think. The traveing was long. this place is beautiful, and I am adjusting. It has been quite the day already
LadyAnneFatal: -she smiles beneath her veils, sapphire eyes crinkling at the sides and she looks down- I am pleased to have found you after all this time. It is wonderful to find an old friend, Nyx
LordNyxMarfedelom: That it is, it has been a pleasant surprise
LadyAnneFatal: -she nods-
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((brb))
LadyAnneFatal: ((actually I have to go for now...I will be back this evening, alright?))
LadyAnneFatal: -she stands- I think I will take that rest now, Nyx. I hope to see you later? And thank you again for allowing me to be Your guest
LadyAnneFatal: -she walks out behind a slave that has risen to show her the way to His Quarters and upon bing shown to her room, lays down for a rest-
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PostSubject: Re: visit of LadyAnneFatal   visit of LadyAnneFatal Icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2013 12:04 pm

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visit of LadyAnneFatal
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