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 Visits of VenomousLeoMarbus and LordPhenix2002

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Visits of VenomousLeoMarbus and LordPhenix2002 Empty
PostSubject: Visits of VenomousLeoMarbus and LordPhenix2002   Visits of VenomousLeoMarbus and LordPhenix2002 Icon_minitimeSun Jan 13, 2013 7:05 pm

VenomousLeoMarbus has joined the chat
LordNyxMarfedelom: (9sorry was afk))
VenomousLeoMarbus: (am attempting to come up with a reason for being here , just a moment and i'll post ))
VenomousLeoMarbus: (tis ok )
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((ok, sounds like fun))
Michael211112: ah Nyx are you going to FC Me and Judisa
Michael211112: ?
LordNyxMarfedelom: I am not a scribe
VenomousLeoMarbus: (have never been to this place before so am not sure where it is or what exactly i have to expect from this place )
LordNyxMarfedelom: so not likely
Michael211112: I thought a admin has to do the ceremony?
LordNyxMarfedelom: (9we are in the Tahari desert located in the south, ))
VenomousLeoMarbus: ((so i have to have a veil * sighs * right ? something i don't have so i guess i'll take my chances ))
LordNyxMarfedelom: an admin can do them, but to make it official you still need a scribe present
Michael211112: I have
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((its alright, if you dont have one for now, though I would suggest getting one..... FW I assume?))
melOasisScimitars has joined the chat
LordNyxMarfedelom: then why not have the scribe perform it (ive never done a FC ceremony before so would be the wrong one to ask))
Michael211112: Casmila
Michael211112: scribe off Turia
VenomousLeoMarbus: *Leo had traveled rather far from her home and around the desert people she was very out of place. not many times would she travle this far south, her motives her own that she felt she need not to give freely without someone asking. with a steady step she entered just inside the dwelling only to stop there by the door not quite sure of where she was to go to speak with someone to seek a place to rest for the moment *
VenomousLeoMarbus: (mhmm, has been a long time since i was in Gor so am very very rusty)
melOasisScimitars: This beast slip iin . Dropping to her kneel Her arms strech out in from from of her. Her beautiful red wet ruby lips kiss the floor that the free walk on. She ask softly. May ths girl please have permissin to enter? If it please the free
Michael211112: well then I see no other option to delay
LordNyxMarfedelom: - he sees a FW enter the hall and gives her a welcoming smile as he calls out to her "Tal, please enter"-
melOasisScimitars: Waitting for permission
LordNyxMarfedelom: you may enter mel
Michael211112: be well and safe
LordNyxMarfedelom: I do apologize Michael, though wouldnt most get those things set up in advance of the ceremony
melOasisScimitars: Thank you Maulan
Michael211112 has left the chat
VenomousLeoMarbus: *the voice seemed welcoming enough , tho she wasn't one to just trust easily when someone spoke to her . the click of her boots against the hard marbled floor echoed as she would enter further , a small frame shroud in dark curls gathered in a loose braid as she fell into view. a piercing gaze swept along the room taking in the decor and intricate details about her she'd give a slight nod to the Men pressent as she spoke* Tal , i seek a place to rest for a time before i continue on in my journey * her eyes fell then against the girl who had entered before sweeping then back to the Man who had spoken * to whom would i speak with on such matters ?
VenomousLeoMarbus: (smirks)
melOasisScimitars: naduup
melOasisScimitars: Greeting MasterAdmin
LordNyxMarfedelom: - he glances towards her "I am one that you can speak to regarding that, I am Nyx, the Admin here at the Oasis , Tis a pleasure to meet you" he glances towards the slave in front of him and gives her a smiles towards her "Tal mel'-
melOasisScimitars has left the chat
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((poof))
VenomousLeoMarbus has been sent a friend request.
VenomousLeoMarbus: *she gave a slight nod of her head to his words * Tal and well met Nyx, my name is Leo , i don't require more than perhaps a night of rest if that . * she stepped quietly along the floor the hems of her dress lifted just enough to not trip over * perhaps some revisions to restock what i've used thus far if you should feel generous
LordNyxMarfedelom: - he nods towards her - "that is understandable, I am sure we can find a place to rest for you, and the Merchant should be able to assist you with those needs " He waits to hear her response-
KilikHalfEar has joined the chat
KilikHalfEar has left the chat
VenomousLeoMarbus: wonderful * she spoke while taking a few steps closer and with a sweeping motion of her hand towards one of the seats available * might i * she assumed he would know what she was reffering to and hoped to settle well just out of the way *
LordNyxMarfedelom: "please where I mine manners, take a seat and rest" he would motion towards the chair -
VenomousLeoMarbus: thank you Nyx * she moved to a chair and settled quietly while tucking her skirts in around her * lovely home here , tis hard to believe such splendor could arise from the grains of a dessert
LordNyxMarfedelom: "We have some great builders here, though thank you, I will be sure to pass those compliment to the Ubara..... So if I may ask what brings you here?"-
VenomousLeoMarbus: just a place to stop for a rest in my travels . * she was quite sure not to give too much information about her situation as she wished to avoid any trouble that seems to come her way so often * i'm searching for a home so have been journeying about till i find a place that seems like a good fit * she spoke while running her hands along the wrinkles in her skirts as she tried to smooth them down*
LordNyxMarfedelom: - he nods towards her "please as I said before take all the time that you need, Might I ask what caste you belong to though...if any?"-
VenomousLeoMarbus: none * her answer was quick as those piercing blue hues shot in his direction * there aren't any castes in the north which is where i was born and raised
LordNyxMarfedelom: "ah, understandable, Then you have traveled far in that regard, I must say you must be daring to travel without as much as a companion for protection purposes"-
VenomousLeoMarbus has left the chat
VenomousLeoMarbus has joined the chat
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((wb))
VenomousLeoMarbus: ((ty, ellectricity went out))
melOasisScimitars has joined the chat
VenomousLeoMarbus: *she had lowered her gaze again to her skirs where she would attempt in vain to rid them of the wrinkles that seemed to laden so heavily upon them* aye, am a stubborn one and perhaps too stubborn for any one Man to wish to put up with * her gaze lifted to meet his while a hint of a smile was etched along her lips*
melOasisScimitars: May girl return?
LordNyxMarfedelom: - he catches her gaze, and responds back to her "I am sure that isnt the case, though take this as a warning, tread carfully while you travel as there have been kurri seen within the desert lately"
LordNyxMarfedelom: you may mel
melOasisScimitars: Thank you Master
VenomousLeoMarbus: Kurri * the small form of her brows furrowed to his words * they do not travel this far south usually * her words paused in a thought before she would continue * have any been hurt as of late ? ....why would they be this far south ?
LordNyxMarfedelom: "tis a conflict coming, can feel it in the air, they have been more daring as of late and have been seen a few times "
melOasisScimitars: Master Do you mind if girl invite a friend of her in here?
VenomousLeoMarbus: *slender shoulders would lift with the deep drawn in breath she took * it seems that there is no relief from their annoying presence , i thought perhaps by traveling southward that it would be safer
LordNyxMarfedelom: you may, ((they are of gor right?))
melOasisScimitars: Yes Master he is
LordNyxMarfedelom: if you wish and are seeking a place to call home, I could suggest a place here if you wanted
LordNyxMarfedelom: (9then invite him in mel))
LordPhenix2002 has joined the chat
melOasisScimitars: *beaming and wiggling*
VenomousLeoMarbus: her gaze shifted to him once more as he spoke * i hate veils dreadful things they are , tho i will consider the offer, thank you Nyx * it was true , she was not used to being as concealed as most of the southern Women were and twas something she was not sure she could endure *
LordPhenix2002: *Lands my tarn within the tarn roost, hobbles it & hands the keeper of the roost a silver tarsk to watch over my beast while I handle business within this location. Leaves the roost & approaches those that I find within.* Tal
melOasisScimitars: ~the slave mel owned by the Ubara moves with a small sway of her hips with a towel in hand as the Free enters mel falls before the Free as she takes the towel she whipes the feet free of sand as she feels the hot sun beaming down on her she kept her eyes low as a timid respectful tone was lifted " Tal "
LordNyxMarfedelom: Tal
LordNyxMarfedelom: - he nods towards Leo "its the least i can do is to offer"-
VenomousLeoMarbus: the voice offered up had caught her attention as she shifted her gaze to look at the one entering . a soft nod was given before the voice lifted * Tal * she wasn't of this home but just a guest and there would be little more than a few words exchanged as she would just enjoy the moment of rest alloted from her journey . turning to look to Nyx she'd nod * it is appreciated , thank you
LordNyxMarfedelom: brb
LordNyxMarfedelom: ))
VenomousLeoMarbus: tyt
melOasisScimitars: lagging badly
LordPhenix2002: *slowly makes my way towards the voices until I enter the room.* I am Phenix, current Admin of Anango Isle & visitor to these lands. I have heard that there is a storm of sorts coming & have chosen to offer what help myself & my city may provide to assist with what is to come.
LadyGingerTalton has joined the chat
LadyGingerTalton: -Making her way across the sands to the Halls. The young Bakers dusts flour and sand of her skirts before she strides in noding to the the others - Tal
LordPhenix2002: *Smiles as I look towards the beautiful baker as she enters the room as well as to the beauty from another land much like myself.* Tal
LordNyxMarfedelom: - he stands as he notices the FW Gin enter the Hall "tal Gin"...he then turns towards the Admin of Anago Ilse and looks at him confused "Hmmm, When did you become the admin of Anango Isle?"
VenomousLeoMarbus: not a word she would offer up as she listened to the Man speak , her gaze simply fading off to the entrance behind him where another Woman was entering. a nod was given to the Greetings as she would take in the sand and flour shook from the womans dress. * Tal * she spoke softly almost as if in thought of wether she should remain to visit and rest or seek her way out while the time allowed her to without trouble . those piercing blue eyes shot to the Man across from her as he spoke *
melOasisScimitars: ~the slave mel owned by the Ubara moves with a small sway of her hips with a towel in hand as the Free enters mel falls before the Free as she takes the towel she whipes the feet free of sand as she feels the hot sun beaming down on her she kept her eyes low as a timid respectful tone was lifted " Tal "
LadyGingerTalton: -smiles softly to Nyx as she settles in a throne then looks down to mel with a nods - tal girl
melOasisScimitars: *looking very confiused at Mistress*
LadyGingerTalton: - sees mels look then shrugs not bothering - '' How goes it here today Nyx"
LordPhenix2002: *looks towards Nyx & smiles* I was promoted by the council of merchants to the office of Admin of Anango Isle nearly a year ago. Am I to understand that another has been going around here claiming to hold my office instead of me as well? If so, this is the 4th city that I have encountered in which case that has been while working on building trade & military relations for my people.
LordNyxMarfedelom: its been good so far Gin, many new faces
LordNyxMarfedelom: Strange I havent heard of this as to my knowlege another owns the position
LadyGingerTalton: As i can see - she smiles softly then remains silent as she listens to the man and Nyx speak her jaden eyes looking towards the visitor then to her lap-
LordNyxMarfedelom: - glanced towards Phenix as he says that-
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((Gin, isnt the Enclave the Admin of Anango Isle?))
LadyGingerTalton: (ummm i think he left imvu? that be a syn or sun question that guy annoyed the hell out of me so i kept my distants
LordPhenix2002: *a look of displeasure crosses my face briefly* It would appear that while I have been working towards the betterment of my people, that another has dared to claim my place. This does not please me & I see that I shall have to deal with them appropriately.
VenomousLeoMarbus: Leo would wait till there was a break in conversation till she felt it polite enough to seek information about replenishing her revisions to head out on her way once more *
LordNyxMarfedelom: Phenix, Might I ask you to name some of the slaves there, something seems off to me?
LordPhenix2002: *looks towards Nyx* Reguardless of the appearent confusion, I hear that there is a storm of sorts coming your way in which you may need assistance.
LordNyxMarfedelom: "sorry but please answer the question Phenix"-
LordPhenix2002: (Presently, the city is in a state of rebuilding as everybody that was there left long ago. So it's been myself, my kajira Kaguya & my RP brother Zen that are putting the pieces back together. Since it was left to me a year ago by the last Admin, all others have left long ago & until a month ago I hadn't heard of any others claiming to be from my home.)
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((that isnt true as far as I am concerned...... to my knowledge Aries is the Admin there and has been for the past 3 years, so please dont come in here and lie like that))
VenomousLeoMarbus: quietly she remained there watching and listening as the Men discussed among themselves the conditions of things that did not consern her . her gaze would be drawn towards the door , searching the time of day as she was sure it was growing almost too late for her to head out *
LordPhenix2002: (I am telling you of what I was informed over a year ago. So if I was lied to then, I am only now finding out. So it isn't a lie on my behest, but a mistake in that I was deceived wrongly. I have searched for others of my city & haven't found any others yet.)
LordPhenix2002: (If you know of others, then I will seek them out so taht we can get everybody on the same page either way.)
LordNyxMarfedelom: - he glances towards the FW Leo "Have you thought of taking any caste if you were to relocate to the south?"-
melOasisScimitars: *stay queit and listen*
VenomousLeoMarbus: *her name mentioned had captured her attention as her gaze shifted towards Nyx now , drawing her from her thoughts * no , not really , i was unsure of what positions i would be suitable for in the south as i'm not very familiar with the lands or traditions down here
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((TheMerchantAries is the Admin and his slave is PetalofAries, 2 of the well known rp-ers in gor, i would doubt he would be the one to just give you his claim like you stated))
melOasisScimitars: Permission to be right back?
LordPhenix2002: (Those names do not seem familiar to me & I can't recall who it was that informed me of the transfer of title over a year ago as their accounts have vanished soon after. So it would appear that I was indeed deceived & that I should contact him so that things may be set right 1 way or another.)
VenomousLeoMarbus: (i'll be taking my leave i think , thank you for the rp and well wishes to those within ))
LadyGingerTalton: g mel
VenomousLeoMarbus: (take care )
melOasisScimitars: Thank you Mistress
LordPhenix2002: I have come all this way to offer my help, 1 Master to another in your pending storm. Do you wish to accept it or decline it? If you accept, then you shall receive it. If you decline then I wish you all well in your endeavours & I shall take my leave.
VenomousLeoMarbus has left the chat
LadyGingerTalton: Ginger glances over to Nyx then the other man -
LordPhenix2002: *Looks towrds Ginger as I notice her look towards me*
LordNyxMarfedelom: (hes had it for 3 years and is the one that Gor recognizes as Admin))
LadyGingerTalton: (ok if the enclave left and he was admin of that city then how is Aris admin of the city im confused)
LordNyxMarfedelom: Can you please give me some insight of this storm that is pending?
LordPhenix2002: (Fine, whatever, then I will seek him out, set all of this straight so that all are on the same page & all can go from there.)
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((encliave was admin of some land in the anango Isle, just checked the gp and spoe with petal, Areies owns the rest of the Isle))
LordPhenix2002: I had heard through the winds that the Kurii are heading this way.
LordNyxMarfedelom: PetalofAries: Anango - B - Southern Region CLAIMED Home Stone held from 15th August 2010 - TheMerchantAries
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((how would you know that the kurri are comming IC, as its only been spoken ooc and hasnt happened yet, its metagaming in a way))
LordPhenix2002: (I see. Fair enough. All of this is news to me dispite my searches over the past year.)
RaychelofGor has joined the chat
LadyGingerTalton: (well this is a great place to learn about gor
LordPhenix2002: (I'd learned of it through others that have heard of it from people of your city. Either way, the choice is now yours as to if you will accept my aide or not. I came in peace with friendly intentions in mind. I can just as easily leave in peace & wish you all well.)
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((brb))
RaychelofGor: *Entering swiftly, the girl lowers her frame to the ground, brushing her silk over her bent and closed knees. Bending further still, she passes soft flesh over the stone, crossing wrist over delicate wrist, before pressing her lips to the floor of the Free. Leaning her frame up once more, she smiles behind her golden veil, eyes hooded by soft lashes.* This girl, owned by Ubara, asks to be permitted entry, if it so please the Free.
LadyGingerTalton: - The young baker looks to her lap then up once more a soft sigh slips from her lips as she knows its time to head once more to the bakery. - Enter Ray
RaychelofGor: *She nods her head.* Shoo kran, Maulana.
LadyGingerTalton: (its fine just stay and enjoy your time we havent done the rp of the jurri in rp so its not ic yet but occ.. we may need the help but who knows till that time . ))
melOasisScimitars: May girl return?
LadyGingerTalton: yes
melOasisScimitars: Thank you Mistress\
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((back))
LadyGingerTalton: - As the young baker raises her skirts billow softly about her ankles as she moves- Well I must take my leave be well All and hope to see all again soon
RaychelofGor: *Rising, she moves across the rug, her bells tinkling across the room. Lowering again, before the Master Administrator, and Captain, she parts her knees discreetly for his view. Passing a hand over her shoulder, she tosses a bit of her curl back, before leaning forward to his feet, rolling her eyes in exhasperation as her hair falls again, unhindered by her desire for it to be away from her face. Lifting hands, she holds it back as she presses a soft kiss to his boot, before raising her frame up once more.* Marhabe, Maulan. Keef halek al youm?
LadyGingerTalton: -smiling softly to the vistor - Be well SIr and hope your travels are safe
melOasisScimitars: Welcome back Master
RaychelofGor: ((Welcome back. ^.^))
LordPhenix2002: (I was under the impression that the time of it was nearly here, so I have taken this time out of my schedual to help you all prepair. I have learned that when dealing with the kurii that they are extremely organized & fierce in their attacks.)
LordPhenix2002: (WB)
LadyGingerTalton: -Nodding to the slaves as she goes she stops giving mel a sweet stick before heading out to the warm sun to the bakery to finish the daily orders -
RaychelofGor: Well wishes, Mistress
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((until you get your rp straight, i wouldnt except your help as after what happened back in Schendi, i would not wish to go through that kind of conflict again, especially seeing as how you literally have no claim to it, now if you want to reenter with something more logical as far as who you are then fine, but to offer an allaince to a land that you dont have would be foolish for me to even consider))
melOasisScimitars: Thank you Mistress
LadyGingerTalton has left the chat
LordNyxMarfedelom: tal Ray, as always a pleasure to see you again
RaychelofGor: *She smiles softly.* To you as well, Master.
RaychelofGor: This one was never able to personally congratulate you on your promotion. *She smiles further, eyes bright.* my Ubara could not have chosen a more suitable Master...if it is not too bold to say so.
LordNyxMarfedelom: "thank you ray, Its still sinking in that I am the Admin at times, but seems most all say the same thing
LordPhenix2002: Very well, I accept your decision & I choose to leave you all in peace with my best wishes towards your coming storm. *I stand & head back to the tarn roost, reclaim my mighty beast, unhobble it & then mount up. I jerk on my control strap to command it into the skies & then leave for home the way that I came here.*
LordPhenix2002 has left the chat
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Visits of VenomousLeoMarbus and LordPhenix2002 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Visits of VenomousLeoMarbus and LordPhenix2002   Visits of VenomousLeoMarbus and LordPhenix2002 Icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2013 12:05 pm

read and acknowledge
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Visits of VenomousLeoMarbus and LordPhenix2002 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Visits of VenomousLeoMarbus and LordPhenix2002   Visits of VenomousLeoMarbus and LordPhenix2002 Icon_minitimeFri Jan 18, 2013 6:24 am

The girl called Leo invited me to PC before a day she visited to our city n she said she dont any gor at all but the way she has presented herself says that she knows much... so i suppose she is spy sent to our city... good care should be taken of her. beware of her !
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Visits of VenomousLeoMarbus and LordPhenix2002 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Visits of VenomousLeoMarbus and LordPhenix2002   Visits of VenomousLeoMarbus and LordPhenix2002 Icon_minitime

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Visits of VenomousLeoMarbus and LordPhenix2002
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