Oasis Of Two Scimitars

A Gorean RP In The Tahari
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 Visit by Bastain Caerleon of Brundisum

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Visit by Bastain Caerleon of Brundisum Empty
PostSubject: Visit by Bastain Caerleon of Brundisum   Visit by Bastain Caerleon of Brundisum Icon_minitimeFri Jan 18, 2013 12:45 am

This was a visit from Bastain Caerleon of Brundisum. and his girl, XxSummerStar: Who you will notice went from Panther to slave. Interesting indeed as well as curious and suspicious. As the chat was rather extensive some of the parts had to be edited to fit this forum. But those present can attest to the brunt of this chat is as it happened.

Caerleon: *walks in and nods to the Guards of Schendi.... then speaks briefly to them... as they allow me to enter*
Juleiyaa: -looks to Tenrik then to the entering free man-
Caerleon: Tal And Greetings.... I pray everyone is fair this eve?
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky smiled and put her small hands up makeing the signs for thank you. she then hears the sound of feet and words and looks around over her shoulder her bright blue eyes catching the light as then shimmer like gems in the room.
TenrikNiels: *His gaze goes to the doors as the guards take their position as the stranger attempts to enter. he would rise from the throne and move in his direction*
Caerleon: *walks by the homestone of Schendi... touching it in honor of it as I am a ally to Schendi*
Juleiyaa: Tal caerleon
TenrikNiels: Tal Caerleon
Caerleon: *looks to the Free Man... whom I do not know... as knowing He doesn't know who I am as well*
melOasisScimitars: ~the slave mel owned by the Ubara moves with a small sway of her hips with a towel in hand as the Free enters mel falls before the Free as she takes the towel she whipes the feet free of sand as she feels the hot sun beaming down on her she kept her eyes low as a timid respectful tone was lifted " Tal "
TenrikNiels: This is not Schendi
TenrikNiels: This is Oasis of Two Scimitars
TenrikNiels: and we do not know you
TenrikNiels: do*
TenrikNiels: (yes, I would suggest you do)
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky simply got up and walked to her pillow and ploped down on her pillow and looked around.
Caerleon: (applogies)
melOasisScimitars: *giggling*
AnayaSinDeLaRose: ((you can still stay ))
Caerleon: (LOL... I do believe I will....)
AnayaSinDeLaRose: ((we are nice and it is a fun rp :DD))
Caerleon: *TAL.... I am Bastain Caerleon of Brundisum.
erisOasisScimitars: *smiles*.. as she listens
TenrikNiels: ((even in OOC, please remain quiet as the free converse))
TenrikNiels: I am Tenrik, First Sword of the Oasis.
AnayaSinDeLaRose: ((-grumbles - i was being nice -shuts up - ))
Caerleon: *standing at the Entrance.... then takes my blade off and places it on the Homestone to ensure the Free of the Home that I come with no ill will*
Caerleon: nods to the Man called Tenrik.... Well Met
TenrikNiels: No touching the Home
TenrikNiels: Stone or laying your weapons on it..
Caerleon: nods
Caerleon: *then walks to a available seat.... *
TenrikNiels: *he motions to the guards to take the visitors weapons and place them securely so he may retrieve them upon his exit*
Caerleon: then nods to the Free Woman.... Tal
TenrikNiels: Well met.
Juleiyaa: Tal My name is Jules
TenrikNiels: Welcome and make yourself comfortable
TenrikNiels: tell me ...
Caerleon: yes?
TenrikNiels: Who is it you seek from Schendi?
Caerleon: no one actually.... I am seeking information.....
Caerleon: maybe you can help Me as well....
Caerleon: I am seeking the Man that Claims to be the Ubar / Admin of Brundisium
TenrikNiels: Possibly, if I can
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky looked up as she noted the free man and she got up and moved over to where she placed himself to sit down. the girls bright blue eyes like water as she looked into his own. she placed her hands to her sides and and then lowered her form to give his feet a velvet black kiss in greeting. she then lifts her body back up and looks at him.
TenrikNiels: what is it you seek to know Caerleon ?
Caerleon: Do you know this lad ?
Caerleon: I want to know who he is.....and why He feels He should take my title and the rights to my city.... after I have been the Ubar / Admin of Brundisum for over 7 moons.
erisOasisScimitars: *shakes her head*..
Caerleon: *smiles gently to the kajiras*
TenrikNiels: No, I have not seen nor heard of him.. Noe the name until just tonight.
Caerleon: nods...
TenrikNiels: eris!
Caerleon: Well... I have been away due to sickness.... (RL CANCER).... and recieved a scroll saying my city has been taken over by someone... and that I am no longer in Power in Brundisium.
TenrikNiels: "That is not a good thing"
erisOasisScimitars: Yes Master
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky noded her head as she had greeted and then got back up and moved without a song back to her pillow to sit as they talked.
TenrikNiels: "I can understand your frustration and wanting to find this man"
Caerleon: no it's not.... and there is HELL to Pay
Caerleon: I am a loyal Friend.... and a loyal Ally.... but one hell of a enemy
TenrikNiels: Has the girl not beene instructed on how to greet visiting free?
Caerleon: *looks to the kajira....*
Caerleon: You have a house full My Friend... but non in service I see?
TenrikNiels: I would have to agree with you there caerleon, and would expect no less if it were me"
TenrikNiels: Yes, indeed they are, mine, the First Girl is busy with slave business
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky looked back and her eyes men the free masters and she did not know if she would serve him when they was tlaking or after
TenrikNiels: the girl sky can serve you
Juleiyaa: - makes her way to the kitchen as her raven black hair flows freely to get herself a goblet of water as she is nervous-
melOasisScimitars: *smiling sweetly at the visiting Master*
TenrikNiels: move girl and offer our guest serve.
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky got up from her pillow and moves back to the masters feet looking up at him as she placed her hands to her chest then pushing them out her way of sayin from me to you, as in asking him what hs wished of her. her leds slightly parted showing him her flawless body if he so wished to take it in with his gaze.
TenrikNiels: Tell me Caerleon, how far have you travelled in your search for this usurper of your throne ?
Caerleon: (one sec )0
erisOasisScimitars: May girl return?
TenrikNiels: aye mine, you may.
TenrikNiels: (tyt)
erisOasisScimitars: Aiwa Maulan
Caerleon: returns
TenrikNiels: afuann me'shan
erisOasisScimitars: ((sky we do not splay our thighs to visitors unless we've been offered by the Free.. nor do we kiss their feet.. only Scimitars Free))
TenrikNiels: welcome back
Caerleon: as you were saying Tenrik?
melOasisScimitars: Welcome back Master
TenrikNiels: You have travelled far..
Caerleon: aye....
TenrikNiels: .. in your search for the one that took your throne?
erisOasisScimitars: ((welcome back Master))
AnayaSinDeLaRose: ((well it is nice to know that now. a little to late for that dont you think. i will keep it in mind for next time ))
Caerleon: nods.
TenrikNiels: (grrrr)
erisOasisScimitars: ((not to late consider it a lesson learned))
Juleiyaa: ( Girls behave loves we have a guest_
TenrikNiels: ((You have been told of the excessive OOC, keep to the rp))
AnayaSinDeLaRose: ((i did one ooc post for -cusses under real breath - -shuts up and goes back to rp - ))
Caerleon: *looks to the girl knelt before me...... yes girl?*
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky looked up at him shuting her legs as she gave a li9ght smile and put her hands to her chest and then held and pushed them out to him. asking if she could get him anything.
Juleiyaa: - fetches a simple goblet and pours herself some water returning to her throne-
Caerleon: aye girl.... a tankard of meade and some fresh berries if you so have them
Caerleon: Aye Tenrik... seems no one has seen of this man since the Council of Homestones approved his "Claim"
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky noded her head and got up from her feet as she turned around on the balls of them and started makeing her way to the serving area.
Caerleon: but I will tell you this my new friend..... IF that be the case.... There will be a War on anyone who so approved that. Caerleon will come them and I'm bringing Hell With Me!
TenrikNiels: I understand
Juleiyaa: -Smiles at Caerleons boldness-
Caerleon: so... IF you do see anyone that CLAIMS to be the Ruler of Brundisum.... Tell them .... DADDY'S HOME
TenrikNiels: You have consulted with the Rep then, and got no answer or resolution ?
Caerleon: and it's time to pay the piper
TenrikNiels: I will indeed
TenrikNiels: lol
Juleiyaa: -chokes on her water-
Caerleon: No answer.... they know that The Ole Ubar is pissed
Caerleon: *winks over to the Free Woman*
erisOasisScimitars: *her lips curl into a smile.. keeping her eyes lower*
TenrikNiels: and he expects payment in full, aye?
TenrikNiels: hahaha
Juleiyaa: ( sorry was drinking water rl and literally choked on it)
Caerleon: (LOL)
erisOasisScimitars: hehehehe
Juleiyaa: -slips ic-
Caerleon: as I stated .... seems Gor has changed for the Worse in my absence.... and either people are going to live like the Goreans that we claim to be.... or their head will be a new Ornament for my Fireplace!
Caerleon: I have had it with these posers
TenrikNiels: I agree
Caerleon: They wouldn't know Gor if It came and sucked their Cock.
TenrikNiels: It is good to hear your way of thinking
Juleiyaa: Oh my
erisOasisScimitars: *goes to Mistress and pats her on her back*.. then moves to the feet of the Free Man to greet.. .
TenrikNiels: and changes are on the horizon
TenrikNiels: there are many who feel as we do
Caerleon: *smiles to the free woman.... forgetting I was in the presence of a Free Woman*
Caerleon: I led the Rise of Gor one time.... Then I got siick.... I did it one time.... I'll do it again
TenrikNiels: Indeed.
Juleiyaa: Caerleon you are fine hun... I just uh am well rendered speechless.
Caerleon: Well My Dear Woman.... The Feeling is Mutual * smiles gently to her*
Juleiyaa: -blinks-
TenrikNiels: Then may I ask, you perhaps know of our Ubara?
Caerleon: looks to the other girl now knelt before me
Juleiyaa: I think someone is feeling frisky
Caerleon: aye.... whom is that?
TenrikNiels: UbaraJucyOfScimitars?
Caerleon: twirks my brow
Caerleon: J--Juicy?
TenrikNiels: formerly UbaraJuicyofSchendi..
TenrikNiels: Yes.
Caerleon: then I wasn't tottaly mistaking... thats why I read upon the Heading
TenrikNiels: No, Schendi had split into two factions
Caerleon: MY My MY .... Her and Ulafi parted ways?
Caerleon: See Brundisum is Neighbors with Schendi
TenrikNiels: To end bickering and hassles we moved, renamed and took up this new Home Stone.
erisOasisScimitars: she lowers herself gracefully before the visiting Ubar, with kissing thighs and resting her hips on her heels.. she speaks in a soft tone".. Greetings Master..
Caerleon: nods...
Caerleon: and Ulafi?
TenrikNiels: Yes, some time ago
TenrikNiels: He is with the Schendi that remained.
Caerleon: nods
Caerleon: Aye... Your Ubara knows this ole Ubar very well
TenrikNiels: Then this is a good thing.
erisOasisScimitars: *she rises.. and returns to her Masters side.. as she backs away. then turns with swaying hips.. returning to His side..*
Caerleon: smiles down to the little girl.....greetings girl*
Caerleon: Do ask Your Ubara about my concerns....
melOasisScimitars: Permission to go eat girl dinner?
TenrikNiels: I will be sure to let her know of your visit and concerns
TenrikNiels: aye girl, you may
Caerleon: *looks to the free Woman..... Julei?*
melOasisScimitars: Thank you Master
Juleiyaa: Yes?
TenrikNiels: Oh excuse my lack of manners
AnayaSinDeLaRose: the girl in the camisk with shining blue eyes, and salt white hair departed from her keeled spot to serve the Master his mead . Her little feet took little steps to the serving station where she fetched her favorite rep cloth this time –golden brown with little fray from use- and held it in her right dainty hand. With the freeness of her left she grasped the tankared engraved with the Oasis Of Two Scimitars emblem on it and wiped away any unseen dust or dirt, inspecting it for imperfections. she smiled as she finished inspecting the Tankared gently taking her rap cloth and placing it on her belly in a fun filled gesture rolling the rim on her belly to clean the outside in an odd but fun way.
TenrikNiels: Caerleon, this is Lady Jules, one of the Ubara's daughters.
Caerleon: you wouldn't be her daughter?
Juleiyaa: you dont say ?
TenrikNiels: -smiles-
Juleiyaa: -snorts-
Caerleon: *twirks a brow....*
Juleiyaa: Yes
Juleiyaa: Yes i am
Caerleon: My My My.... How have you grown up
Juleiyaa: The youngest and most feistiest... adn Tenrik
Caerleon: not a little girl no more...
Juleiyaa: ask*
TenrikNiels: Indeed Jules
TenrikNiels: How could I forget.
Caerleon: I do remember you when you were a little one .....
Caerleon: smiles
AnayaSinDeLaRose: When the girl was sure that nothing could be wrong with the Tankared she set it on the counter and leaned forward to pour the mead from metal pitcher into the perfect vessel. Carefully she did so, filling it to close to the rim. Perfect she thought to herself as she turns. on her tiny toes tracing the lines in between the tiles with her feet as she playfully pranced back to the Master guests side kneeling before him–this great man seemed from far away she wondered if she would ever get to see places like that. The smell of other lands lingered on his garments of leather and fur. She gave a soft smile as she had a little spark of dream in her bright blue vast eyes. her little legs locked as she presented the the master with his drink of mead made fresh that day. she held it to her heart to pray only this time she prayed with silant thought that master would find the things she hears him talk about. The things back home on who has lay clame to what was his. And that he remained the Ubar of his Homestone. She held her hands out and over her head holding the tankard up and presented it to the Master, the silent slave girl’s mouth open.
melOasisScimitars: Walking to the block kneeling down watching as the guard lock her in*
Juleiyaa: im not that bad Tenrik
Juleiyaa: I am a little bit innocent
erisOasisScimitars: *smiles*
Juleiyaa: - makes her fingers into an innocent motion-
Juleiyaa: ok ok gee dont get so quiet
TenrikNiels: of (coughs) (coughs) course you are
Juleiyaa: Dont make me throw some whipped verr cream on you tenrik
Juleiyaa: -smiles lightly-
Caerleon: you may approach girl
TenrikNiels: and you're "innocent""
TenrikNiels: mhmm
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky looked up from her hands over her head as she was already at his knees holding up his mead for him. her bright blue eyes looking up into his as her white hair fell in her face .
Caerleon: nods... thank you dear girl..... *takes the tankard from her*
Juleiyaa: -closes her green eyes and shakes her head-
Caerleon: *and about the berries...... I won't be needing them..... *smiles* whispers to her...."make sure to always listen closly girl*
Caerleon: I would like to propose a toast If I may.....
Caerleon: *raises my Tankard.....* " To New Friendships!!! "
TenrikNiels: *Raises his tankard, look in the direction of Caerleon and toasts...* Indeed, to new friendships!
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky gave it to him with a smile as she moved her hand to move her hair from her face. she hoped up and then hears his words and it was like a brick to the face. she had forgotin them. her eyes went wide and she she was almost as stone. she was so stupid to forget. without any words she turned around and walked back to the serving area to get what he wished. as walking her face hit her face and she shakes her head to her own stupidaty.
Caerleon: *looks to the door as I hear someone enter*
Juleiyaa: - smiles to to the Ubar and nods to him " To new Friendships."-
Caerleon: MY GOOD NESS... THAT PERSON IS HOT!!!! They are on Fire!!
Caerleon: Someone call the Brigade!!
Guest_ChrisXLo: Be still
Caerleon: (btw... awesome effect!! )
Caerleon: What in the world was that
TenrikNiels: This is a Gorean RP room, we ask that A/all who enter rp and act accordingly.
TenrikNiels: Indeed
Juleiyaa: - smiles lightly keeping to herself-
TenrikNiels: I did like that effect tho.
Caerleon: nothing ceases to amaze me anymore
Caerleon: I would have hated to stain the carpet tonight
Caerleon: smirks
TenrikNiels: He was what the earthlings call a "christian"
erisOasisScimitars: *grins*
TenrikNiels: Hahahaha
Juleiyaa: - perks up as she sees her friend and fellow free woman Syn enter-
TenrikNiels: *Stands as the Lady Merchant enters*
Caerleon: Arises
Caerleon: I am a good person.... but I'm better with my Sword!!! smiles
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky looked around the serving area seeing all the foods and dishes she moved to the chillia and geting on her tippy toes she grabed a silver try and takeing her rap cloth once more she cleaned it to a flawless luster. she took it to the window to see in the light how it was to shimmer. being pleased with her cleaning she took it back to the table to place an asortment of barrys and on the side a perfictly browned and still warm toast. she let out a small sigh she could not belive herself on how she forget this in the first place. wow she must really be sliping this day. her mind was far from in the right place. with small steps she makes her way back to master just before placeing her rap cloth on the counter top. she made her way to him and droped to her knees before him slowly her eyes to the floor for she was sorry she missed his meal in her earlyer brining him of his drink, she holds the meal up over her head as she did the same with the drink earlyer. offering it to him as in her mind she was beging for his forgiveness.
Juleiyaa: - Brings her lips to her goblet of water once more-
Caerleon: so tell me Jueli... how have you been .... it has been ages
Juleiyaa: Ive been well and yourself ubar?
Caerleon: *so forgiven child......takes the berries from her. Take this as a lesson*.... you are dismissed
Caerleon: oh... Sickness... getting older. One of the oldest Goreans left I suppose.
erisOasisScimitars: *girl rises to her feet, making her way to the entrance... *
Caerleon: recovering the loss of my Ubara. tis been only ages... but still... tis lonely at times
Juleiyaa: Im sorry about your sickness... I do hope you feel better soon
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky got up and diped her head in a make shift bow like manor and she moved back to her pillow to nicely sit. she new if she was found out to have another mess up she may have gotin more then one day in the cage and a lashing. she moed her eyes to the floor and stayed silant.
Caerleon: oh I am a spy ole Ubar
Caerleon: smiles
SyndarzaSun: ~entering the Oasis she slides down from the Tharlarion, her small body almost hitting the shifting sand on her behind before one of the guards caught her elbow, straightening she pulls from him and hand him the reins. Her cheeks blushing as she straightens her skirt as if nothing happened then turns to walk through the sands to the stone tile. Her heels clicking upon the stone tiles she glides into the hall. Hearing the voices of the Free she would smile standing in the doorway for a minute before waltz in her seat...
Caerleon: takes a couple berries tossing them in my mouth.... then offers some to Juile*
Juleiyaa: - looks to him as a smile spreads across her face-
Juleiyaa: Im good thank you for offering
Caerleon: Nod to the entering Free woman....
Caerleon: nods.
Juleiyaa: Syn!
SyndarzaSun: ~her babe blue eyes first falls to her friend and fellow FW giving her a smile from under her veil before looking to the stranger and nods~
SyndarzaSun: Jules!
SyndarzaSun: ~giggles and rises to hug her~
kayleeofLordMaximus: *returning from her chores she scurries across the hot sands and steps up onto the warm stone path, she wipes the sand free from her feet and kneels, her arms stretch out in front of her as her forehead and breasts press down onto the hard walkway. her voice is soft yet carries as she begs for entrance~ may girl enter if it pleases the Free within?
erisOasisScimitars: *meeting Mistress at the entrance.. she would lower herself before her with a clean rep cloth in her hands, she would lean forward and wipe the grains of sand from her feet.. *
TenrikNiels: aye, you may
Juleiyaa: - Hugs Syn tightly-
Juleiyaa: syn i shall have you know i have declared myself the most innocent FW here
SyndarzaSun: ~smiles as she looks to eris so glad to have her boots shiney now~
Juleiyaa: -smiles lightly-
SyndarzaSun: ~giggles~ that would be right after me Jules ~winks~
TenrikNiels: -rolls eyes-
Juleiyaa: lol
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky looked up from her pillow and waited her tern to greet the free woman.
Juleiyaa: -snorts-
TenrikNiels: ~wishes he had on boots~
SyndarzaSun: ~seeing the expression of the First Sword and how they all know she likes to go barefoot she thought of tossing her's at him~
TenrikNiels: Thinks... ~mine does not have enough rep cloths for this~
Juleiyaa: - burtst out laughin-
TenrikNiels: ~Sees the look on the aldy Merchants face, he burst out in laughter~
TenrikNiels: HAHAHA!
Caerleon: takes a heaping sip of the meade....
SyndarzaSun: ~her lips would curve into a sweet smile before she too starts laughing~
Juleiyaa: ( and i cant spell holy crapola)
Caerleon: looks to the Woman they call Syn.... do you travel to Brundisum? I have been needing some items
TenrikNiels: hehehe
SyndarzaSun: ~be coming a little more serious...just a little mind you~ I have not yet but would be honored to Sir.
kayleeofLordMaximus: *her head peeks up and she smiles bright* Thank you Master *she rolls back onto her heels and rises to stand, her fingers slip through her hair for a moment before she moves across the stones and into the room, gliding across the room she moves to the Master First Sword with her knees pressed apart. she lowers her head with her lips parted and places a small kiss onto his feet before she looks up to him and smiles* Tal Master, girl hopes your day has been a good one
Juleiyaa: -pokes sky lightly to make sure shes awake-
TenrikNiels: *smiles as he looks upon the beauty as she kneels at his feet*
TenrikNiels: tal girl, my day has been well, ty
erisOasisScimitars: *heeling behind her she'd wait for her to finish her hugs and take her seat in the throne... with her legs folded underneath her and tiny hands holding back the flow of her raven as she leaned with part lips, pressing against her dainty feet..holding a kiss to each foot before rising.. Marhabe Maulanam how re You this evening?
TenrikNiels: Good to see you as well..
TenrikNiels: You may continue.
Caerleon: nods to her....
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky looks at her and smiles lightly she was there just silent as ever. leting others greet and keeping to herself unless needed. as a good slave girl is to do.
SyndarzaSun: I am Syndarza, Merchant of the Oasis and Free Companion to HukyiSun, First Physician of the Oasis of the Two Scimitars, may I ask who you are?
Caerleon: Bastain Caerleon.... Ubar of Brundisium
kayleeofLordMaximus: *her eyes sparkle as she speaks* yes Master, thank you *she rises to her feet and moves to kneel before the Mistress Physician, her knees press together as her head tilts down. her lips part a bit as she places a small kiss onto her feet then she lifts her head up to her and smiles bright* Tal Mistress, girl hopes you are doing well today
Juleiyaa: -pokes skys nose then snorts-
SyndarzaSun: Then welcome to the Oasis, Bastain Caerleon, Ubar of Brundisium
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky pokes her back.
AnayaSinDeLaRose: poke
SyndarzaSun: ~smiles to eris~ greetings sweet eris, my evening is getting better. you may continue sweetie
Juleiyaa: hmm
Caerleon: nods
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky rubes her nose with a bunched up lips face.
SyndarzaSun: Ubar if you would allow me free passage to your city I will be sure to come bringing goods. ~she smiles slightly to him her trained blue eyes studying the man~
TenrikNiels: *Looks to the two FW, smirks before he asks*
erisOasisScimitars: Aiwa Maulana.. *girl rises turning quickly on the smalls of her feet..her hips swaying as she moves across the room returning to her Maulans side*
Juleiyaa: - her stomach grumbles-
TenrikNiels: hmmmm...
Juleiyaa: hmmm
Juleiyaa: whats on that mind of your tenrik
TenrikNiels: "How do the two of you feel about .... "snakes"
Juleiyaa: huh
Caerleon: nods... You are always welcomed
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky looked up she hears the wonderfull name od the scaled reptile her intorest getign a little stronger then before .
kayleeofLordMaximus: *quietly rises and moves to kneel before the Mistress Merchant, her knees pressed together she lowers her head with her lips parted and places a small kiss onto her feet bofore she lifts her head up and smiles* Tal Mistress, girl hopes you are feeling well today
SyndarzaSun: Love them Tenrik, you forget I am from the Jungle
TenrikNiels: Snakes... how do you feel about them, like in capturing them??
TenrikNiels: -smirks-
Juleiyaa: - gets a cold chill... as she is scared shitless of them-
SyndarzaSun: Thank you Ubar that is most kind of you. I will be sure to visit
Caerleon: nods
SyndarzaSun: ~laughs at Jules expression~ I will keep you safe Jules
Juleiyaa: I dont think you understand syn
Juleiyaa: lol
Juleiyaa: lets hope no one brings one in right now
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky was almost falling to sleep on the spot.
TenrikNiels: we need bunches...
SyndarzaSun: Oh and that would depend on what kind of snakes, the crawling one or the two legged ones
TenrikNiels: ~smiles at Juleiyaa...
TenrikNiels: Crawling, of course..
Caerleon: listening to the conversations
Juleiyaa: - narrows her eyes to Tenrik-
SyndarzaSun: well either way I do not fear them
SyndarzaSun: So why do you need bunches?
kayleeofLordMaximus: *sighs softly then rises to her feet and slips to kneel before the visiting Master, her knees pressed together as she speaks* Tal Master, girl hopes you are having a good day
SyndarzaSun: ~looks at kaylee and gives her a small Wink~ greetings Kaylee i am well thank you
AnayaSinDeLaRose: ((this one will brb -moves to the blocks - need to get some crap done and really sick ))
erisOasisScimitars: ((Master girl is lagging very badly.. may she be excused))
kayleeofLordMaximus: *looks back to where the MIstress sits and sees her wink, returning with a small smile*
Caerleon: smiles down to the girl...... Tal girl.... I am most well little kaylee... I pray you are well as well girl*
Caerleon: *smiles softly*
erisOasisScimitars: ((sky))
kayleeofLordMaximus: *her eyes shine and she nods* yes Master, girl is doing well, thank you for asking
SyndarzaSun: ( we tell that we will be right back slave?)
AnayaSinDeLaRose: ((am i a slave in real? ))
kayleeofLordMaximus: *she rolls back onto her heels and slips to kneel onto a pillow*
AnayaSinDeLaRose: ((i am sick and grumpy. and my granmother needs me no time to ask brb))
TenrikNiels: aye mine, you may
SyndarzaSun: (does not matter...laws state..real first sky it is fine)
TenrikNiels: Be and rest well mine
TenrikNiels: Ana bahebek mine
SyndarzaSun: (well wishes eris)
TenrikNiels: <.<
erisOasisScimitars: kaylee.. will you offer Mistress Merchant a serve
TenrikNiels: >,>
TenrikNiels: smh..
TenrikNiels: thirty days is a looong time..
kayleeofLordMaximus: yes First Girl (well wishes First Girl)
erisOasisScimitars: thank you sister..
erisOasisScimitars: Yes Master
kayleeofLordMaximus: *girl rises and slips to kneel before the Mistress Merchant* Mistress, may girl get you something to drink or eat?
erisOasisScimitars: Well Wishes A/all
SyndarzaSun: 30 days? ~looks confused~
Caerleon: *smiles to see a girl not of this house offering a serve*
SyndarzaSun: some sweet ramberry juice would be nice
erisOasisScimitars: *girl rises to her feet.. making her way to her Maulans home.. *
TenrikNiels: yes, candidacy is thirty days..
SyndarzaSun: umm yes but who are you referring to?
TenrikNiels: *Wayches his move, smiles and holds her in his gaze until she is out of sight*
Caerleon: *you know Tenrik.... Gor needs more kajirae like this one...*..
TenrikNiels: Indeed, and we intend to keep the tradition going here in the Oasis.
SyndarzaSun: We have many like that one Sir
TenrikNiels: many will say they have the best, but we pride ourselve on actually having them.
TenrikNiels: Indeed we do
Caerleon: is this one yours?
AnayaSinDeLaRose: ((back but still slow today ))
SyndarzaSun: (wb sky)
TenrikNiels: (wb sky)
kayleeofLordMaximus: yes Mistress, ramberry juice *she rolls back onto her heels and rises to her feet, pivoting on the balls of her feet she crosses the room and moves into the kitchen. she crosses to the basin and begins to scrub her hands well, making sure they are spotless before she rinses them. she pulls a folded rep cloth down and flicks her wrist to open it, drying her hands as she moves to stand before the shelves to choose a goblet for the Mistress Merchants juice*
TenrikNiels: no the girl eris is mine
Caerleon: oh Juiles... you will have to show me around this Wonderful City one day
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky looks to the guards and points to her block and gets uncliped and walks with grace and flawless movments back to her pillow and sits down on it. she moves her hand to her snow white hair and moves it from her surreal blue eyes.
Juleiyaa: I would have too yes
Juleiyaa: and a fine girl she is tenrik
Juleiyaa: very attentive i would say
TenrikNiels: Thank you ALady Jules, she brings honor not only to the city, but to me as well
TenrikNiels: I am very proud and pleased wit hher.
Caerleon: *keeping my eyes locked in upon the Free Woman.... still can't believe it's her*
SyndarzaSun: ~Places her hands upon her lap as she quietly listens~
TenrikNiels: *smiles as caerleon looks the lady over*
Caerleon: takes another sip of the meade..... Wonderful Meade you have here Ten
TenrikNiels: ~Innocent, next you will say you are shy too~
Juleiyaa: - hits her elbow on the edge of the throne... rubbing it she snorts trying not to laugh-
TenrikNiels: Thank you Caerleon, we pride ourselves on our meade..
TenrikNiels: It is a tribute to our merchants and their deligence and pursuits of nothing but the best for our city.
kayleeofLordMaximus: *as she stands before the shelves her hips rock from side to side and her head tilts up, scanning the shelves till they fall upon a tall delicate goblet that is the color of the setting sun. she stretches her arm up and her tiny fingers wrap around the stem, gripping it gently as she carefully pulls it down to her. she tilts the goblet a bit and runs the lip of the goblet around the inside of her wrist to make sure it has no imperfections, then wipes both the inside and out with a clean rep cloth*
Caerleon: nods
Juleiyaa: Syn how are you feeling this day? Hows the baby moving around?
Caerleon: the ramberries were a little too ripe
TenrikNiels: Ahhh, I will make note and have the girls see to it, thank you.
Caerleon: nods
Caerleon: they are really ready for wine making
TenrikNiels: sounds like it
TenrikNiels: brb ... (coffee)
Juleiyaa: - rubs her elbow once more...-
Juleiyaa: That is NOT the funny bone
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky notes that free lady metchant is without slave before her and she smiles for she cvan greet in tern now. she gets up from her pillow her eyes falling to the floor as she moves her hand to clean the sand and dust from her knees. her arm and neck city girl collar and band click as she moves. she walks to her and kneels down before her her legs shut in a flawless formed towr her back always upright and formed. she moved her hands to her lap in greeting and smiles softly looking at her Skys bright blue eyes as vast as the waters of the deepest ocans.
SyndarzaSun: I am feeling quite good today, had an head ache earlier but doing fine now. The little one is moving more and more ~she smiles as she could not help rubbing her small belly~
kayleeofLordMaximus: *carrying the goblet across the room she moves to the cold storage, her hand grips the handle and she leans back to pull the door open. she shivers as the cool air rushes past her and she scurries across to where the pitchers of freshly made juice are kept. she finds the ramberry juice pitcher, lifts it and pulls it over the goblet, tilting it slowly she lets the juice flow freely watching it swirl in the cup as it rises to the rim. once almost filled she pulls back on the pitcher and sets it back in its place then turns to step back into the main kitchen, a quick swing of her hip and the door shuts*
Juleiyaa: I hope tis not twins my dear syn
Juleiyaa: Aunty Jules may have to spoil them
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky placed her head down upon her lap and belly and smiles as she can feel the little one just a bit turning and moving. she looks up lifting her head and makes the sign for beautiful.
kayleeofLordMaximus: *she moves across the kitchen and glides into the main room, she pauses for a moment as she sees her sister greeting the Mistress and steps to the side to wait to serve*
melOasisScimitars: May girl return?
SyndarzaSun: ~her blue eyes would fall to the beauty at her feet while her soft peach lips would curve into a smile taking the silent ones hands into her own~ greetings sky ~she would say softly before giving her small hands a gently squeeze~ I hope you are doing fine. ~smiling at the girl's sweet jesture~ thank you
SyndarzaSun: pfft no not twins ~laughs~
Caerleon: returns
AnayaSinDeLaRose: She nodes her head she was doing alright it was a slow day for her and her mind seemd to be elsewere but things where doing alright. she nmoves her hands that she was holding and nuzzled her hands to her cheek with great care to every movemtn skys heart as pure and bright as hert eyes and hair. soft and cute movments whas what she was known for.
kayleeofLordMaximus: (welcome back Master)
Juleiyaa: lol
SyndarzaSun: ~gently caresses sky's soft hair ~ you may go sky
SyndarzaSun: (welcome returns Ubar)
melOasisScimitars: Waitting for permission
SyndarzaSun: yes mel come
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky noded her head as she got up from her knees giveing a softl coo into her hands showing she cared and she hoped over to her pillow and went back to her knees siting silently.
melOasisScimitars: Thank you Mistress
Caerleon: (ty)
Juleiyaa: brb
SyndarzaSun: tyt
SyndarzaSun: ~the glint of mischief in her eyes as Jules goes brb~
Caerleon: (someone has revoked my damn rooms)
SyndarzaSun: (oh)
AnayaSinDeLaRose: ((that is crapy i had that happin once))
melOasisScimitars: towerup
kayleeofLordMaximus: *she sees her sister slipping from in front of the Mistress and steps to kneel before her, her knees press together as she lifts the goblet to her belly to show her fire to serve, then to her heart for the blessing of the Priest Kings before she lowers her head and lifts her hands up, her feather voice soft yet clear as she speaks* Mistress, your ramberry juice, girl hopes you find it pleasing
Juleiyaa: (back)
TenrikNiels: ((back))
TenrikNiels: Not good..
SyndarzaSun: ~leaning forward slightly she places her small delicate fingers around the stem of the goblet bring it under her veil to take a small sip~ mmmm very good kaylee, thank you little one and it is very pleasing just like you ~smiling as she leans back~ please continue sweetie
SyndarzaSun: (wb both of you)
kayleeofLordMaximus: *she smiles bright and nods* thank you Mistress *she slips back to a pillow to kneel*
TenrikNiels: Thank you Lady Syn
kayleeofLordMaximus: (welcome back Master and Mistress)
SyndarzaSun: What is not good?'
TenrikNiels: his rooms were revoked.
TenrikNiels: thank you kaylee
SyndarzaSun: ahh
SyndarzaSun: ~takes another sip of the sweet juice enjoying the coolness of it trickling down her soft throat ~
Juleiyaa: -listens-
TenrikNiels: *Casts a glance over at Lady "Innocent"
SyndarzaSun: Jules I told you time and time again that you can not do that to people, it is not nice
TenrikNiels: hehe
SyndarzaSun: ~grins~
Juleiyaa: do what
SyndarzaSun: revoke rooms
Juleiyaa: Huh
TenrikNiels: hahaha
Juleiyaa: -scratches her head-
SyndarzaSun: oh geesh I am the pregnant one and i can follow along better than you ~laughs~
TenrikNiels: selective hearing perhaps?...
SyndarzaSun: mmhmmmm so it seems
SyndarzaSun: ( caerleon had his rooms revoked)
SyndarzaSun: ~she so loved teasing Jules~
Juleiyaa: Ohhh
TenrikNiels: (yes but... remember, she is innocent)
Juleiyaa: didnt you know tenrik?
Juleiyaa: ( far from it Tenrik)
Juleiyaa: (Thats a trait of us women we use very well)
SyndarzaSun: ~leans forward fast as she almost chokes on her ramberry juice and starts coughing~
TenrikNiels: lol
kayleeofLordMaximus: *giggles*
SyndarzaSun: ~placing her hand ot her lips coughing then is finally able to take a small sip to clear it~
Juleiyaa: Well Syn im not sun but im glad i could make you choke
TenrikNiels: Are you alright Lady Syn?
Caerleon: *keeps my gaze upon Jule....*
Juleiyaa: -smiles to syn-
TenrikNiels: oh Priest Kings!
kayleeofLordMaximus: *blinks and lowers gaze*
Juleiyaa: ( relax all)
Caerleon: You know Tenrik... The women are equally beautiful here in this City as your girls
SyndarzaSun: ~laughs~ JULES
AnayaSinDeLaRose: ((crashed ))
TenrikNiels: yes, I must agree. and thank you for the compliment to our city, our girls and our FW.
kayleeofLordMaximus: (welcome back)
Caerleon: (WB)
Caerleon: nods.
TenrikNiels: (wb)
SyndarzaSun: (wb)
AnayaSinDeLaRose: ((ty ty ty ))
Caerleon: Yes Jule... You will have to visit My City. I will have my servants prepare a feast in your Honor
TenrikNiels: Again, and I hate to repeat myself, but we pride ourselves on having the best of everything here.
Juleiyaa: -blinks-
Juleiyaa: A feast?
TenrikNiels: ((yw)
Juleiyaa: In my honor?
TenrikNiels: -smiles-
melOasisScimitars: Is MasterTavenBlack still with is?
SyndarzaSun: pfft no you dont Tenrik you repeat yourself often ~smiles~
TenrikNiels: no, he is not
TenrikNiels: Not sure if that is a good thing or not Lady Syn.
SyndarzaSun: it depends
Caerleon: smiles
TenrikNiels: Indeed
Caerleon: aye
TenrikNiels: ~smiles~
Juleiyaa: - writes a small scroll-
melOasisScimitars: good. girl with delete. He is Assassin camp
SyndarzaSun: ~wonders what Jules is writing~
Juleiyaa: -holds the scroll to her chest as she sees syn trying to peak-
TenrikNiels: yes, wil have to see if post was made but I believe it was to remove him
TenrikNiels: -smirks at the two of them-
Juleiyaa: - looks to tenrik narrowing her eyes-
SyndarzaSun: ~raises a brow and being a hunteress she knew she would find out sooner or later and grins innocently~
TenrikNiels: whaaa?
melOasisScimitars: Girl didn't see it
TenrikNiels: ok, thank you
melOasisScimitars: *beaming you welcome*
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Sky rested on her pillow and went back to aimlessly playing with her hair.
TenrikNiels: ~wicked Grin~
Juleiyaa: ill get you
Juleiyaa: sleep with one eye open
Juleiyaa: lol
TenrikNiels: ~Looks around~
Caerleon: smiles
TenrikNiels: get who ?
SyndarzaSun: ~laughs~
SyndarzaSun: better watch out Tenrik
kayleeofLordMaximus: *laughs softly as she listens*
TenrikNiels: I will Syn, with one eye open no doubt
KilikHalfEar: ( no obdy make any sudden moves this is really skecthy and i dont know if it wil hold )
SyndarzaSun: well be sure it is your good eye
SyndarzaSun: ~freezes~
Juleiyaa: lol
kayleeofLordMaximus: *she stops moving and smiles bright seeing her Master stepping near*
TenrikNiels: I will..
KilikHalfEar: ( i swear to you there is duct tape on my computer right now )
kayleeofLordMaximus: (oooo...hopes it holds)
TenrikNiels: ( hope it holds)
SyndarzaSun: (carefully looks around for bosk glue)
melOasisScimitars: *giggling*
melOasisScimitars: ~the slave mel owned by the Ubara moves with a small sway of her hips with a towel in hand as the Free enters mel falls before the Free as she takes the towel she whipes the feet free of sand as she feels the hot sun beaming down on her she kept her eyes low as a timid respectful tone was lifted " Tal "
Juleiyaa: - shakes her head-
SyndarzaSun: (wonders if bosk glue is the same as bosk shi.....)
kayleeofLordMaximus: (*wrinkles nose*)
TenrikNiels: (heyyyy!)
TenrikNiels: Hahahaha
SyndarzaSun: ~binks most innocent as she looks to the First Sword ~
melOasisScimitars: poof
kayleeofLordMaximus: (booooooo)
TenrikNiels: Yeees??
TenrikNiels: hehehe
SyndarzaSun: (see what you did kaylee...you wrinkled your nose and he poofed)
melOasisScimitars: *giggling*
kayleeofLordMaximus: (ooooo.....*keeps nose completely still*)
Juleiyaa: lmfao
SyndarzaSun: ~sips some more on her delicious juice and wonders what else she can get herself into
kayleeofLordMaximus: (may girl step away for a moment please?)
TenrikNiels: aye, you may
melOasisScimitars: Good ideal *giggling*
SyndarzaSun: ..thinks Sun needs to get here soon or there may be hell to pay)
TenrikNiels: smh .... -chuckles-
Juleiyaa: - looks to syn with an evil grin upon her face-
kayleeofLordMaximus: thank you Master *she rises and slips to the blocks, tilting her head up so the guards can clip her in*
TenrikNiels: afuann me'shan
Caerleon: *smiles over to her again.... leaning over whispering to her*
TenrikNiels: *walks around the thrones and sneaks a peek at the scroll*
TenrikNiels: hmmmmm?
TenrikNiels: hehehe
SyndarzaSun: ~her blue eyes catch sight of Jules out of the corner of her own blue eyes wondering what this minx is up too~
SyndarzaSun: ~laughs~ peeking tom!
Juleiyaa: So syn... -she coughs- how do I taste?
Juleiyaa: - hides the scroll-
TenrikNiels: ~Knows it's not a menu of her favorite foods.... favs maybe, but food... no~
TenrikNiels: ~Looks innocent~
TenrikNiels: hehehe
SyndarzaSun: ~she would place a finger to her chin as she thinks upon this for a few minutes~
SyndarzaSun: Welllllllll
TenrikNiels: mhmmm
Juleiyaa: hopefully like whipped verr cream
Juleiyaa: lol
TenrikNiels: smh ... Priest Kings help us all...
KilikHalfEar: wow what did i walk back into ?
Caerleon: oh well.... smiles
TenrikNiels: hahahaha
SyndarzaSun: lol
Caerleon: a all out orgie
TenrikNiels: Welcome back bro.
Juleiyaa: LOL
KilikHalfEar: sweet
kayleeofLordMaximus: *giggles at the Free*
Juleiyaa: Kilik you better batten down the hatches
SyndarzaSun: yeah Jules is on the loose
TenrikNiels: wait, what??
KilikHalfEar: ~ smirks~
KilikHalfEar: im trying Jules
SyndarzaSun: pfft if i was trying i would success
TenrikNiels: Jules, loose???
Caerleon: hell it's been a while I might would let ya.....
Caerleon: lol
TenrikNiels: hahaha
Caerleon: damn we got totally out of character havenlt we
TenrikNiels: happens with all that time on the floor
TenrikNiels: lmao
Juleiyaa: hunny
TenrikNiels: yes, it appears we have
Juleiyaa: you best be quioet before i make you eat your words
Caerleon: smiles
TenrikNiels: ~_^
Caerleon: well yes em Miss Daisy
TenrikNiels: hehehe
SyndarzaSun: well this is what happens when i get bored
SyndarzaSun: lol
KilikHalfEar: hey i can actually see people now woot were making strides over here
TenrikNiels: Excellent
SyndarzaSun: that is good Kilik
SyndarzaSun: brb
TenrikNiels: Didn't gett osay it before Kilik..
kayleeofLordMaximus: *rises to her feet tucking the sweet stick away to save for later and moves to kneel before her Master with her knees pressed apart....she takes a small rep cloth and gently wipes the sand from his feet before she lowers her head with her lips parted and places a soft kiss onto his feet. she lifts her head, her eyes shining bright as she speaks* Tal my Master, girl has missed you and hopes you are doing well
TenrikNiels: Loved your post in the war thread.
kayleeofLordMaximus: (yay)
TenrikNiels: good stuff
KilikHalfEar: this is only a tyemporay fix by the way online time is going be used sparringly until new parts arrive
TenrikNiels: Understood.
Caerleon: (Puts my Caerleon face back on)
kayleeofLordMaximus: (yes Mistress)
KilikHalfEar: thank you Tenrik your are muchbtter i think
Juleiyaa: _thinks if only there were stirpper poles in gor-
TenrikNiels: you're welcome but I always think mine could use work
KilikHalfEar: ~ smiles down to his girl ~ i am doing much better now how are you ?
Caerleon: hmmm
KilikHalfEar: same here brother
TenrikNiels: -Looks at Jules-
Caerleon: dont tempt me to put one in Brundi
Juleiyaa: - coughs-
Juleiyaa: -becomes serious-
TenrikNiels: Fw, turned stripper, turned me'shan.... hmmmm
kayleeofLordMaximus: *her mouth curved into a huge smile as she speaks* girl is doing well Master, may she get you anything to drink or eat?
Caerleon: So Tenrik.... How is the State of the Oasis?
TenrikNiels: The Oasis is good, we grow and prosper
TenrikNiels: We look ahead for a bright future here.
KilikHalfEar: tonights dinner and black wine will do nicely
Caerleon: nods... nae enemies?
Caerleon: sufficient guards at all ports of entry?
TenrikNiels: Yes, but we keep them at bay, we have excellent and skilled warriors and soldiers in our defense.
TenrikNiels: Yes, and being here the desert is also a big ally..
TenrikNiels: We are indeed secure in our status here.
XxSummerStar: ~the panther enters the premises, slipping in silently as the guards are telling dirty jokes, not paying mind to the tiny blonde, green eyed girl, going around the side, she grabs her quiva, inching up the steps, she hears voices within and ducks down listening~
Caerleon: nods.... aye yes... the Desert is a advantage. Brundisum has multiple advantages..... The Forrests that border Brundisum and Schendi...... The Thassa..... and the Mountains that surround us
Caerleon: once they enter... theres no turning back
Caerleon: smiles
Caerleon: so... they best enter with good intentions
TenrikNiels: *He takes in the scent as it drifts on the air, he motions to the guardsas they lose track of their duties. he moves quickly in the direction. Small amd petite he spies the figure, his stride long and sure he moves with a quickness and stand over the crouching figure!
Juleiyaa: -listens-
XxSummerStar: ~smirks and enters the home, going behind the chairs, crawling on her hands and knees to the Ubar's tall throne, she snickers at the high backed chairs not used in the Northern homes or any homes really . . . most sat on pillows . . .
kayleeofLordMaximus: *thrilled she is able to serve her Master she nods happily* yes my Master, tonights meal and black wine *she rolls back onto her heels and makes her way to the kitchen, stepping before the basin she washes and rinses her hands well then grabs for a rep cloth to wipe them dry before she grabs for a large tray that leans to the side of the shelves. she peeks up to the shelves and finds a large footed bowl, the color a deep crimson. she smiles and reaches up for it, pulling it down she runs the rim around the inside of her wrist to check for nicks then finding none she wipes the inside and out with a rep cloth*
KilikHalfEar: ( getting skechy again if i go i will return )
Caerleon: smiles down to little summer....
Caerleon: my my my ... what do we have here
Caerleon: *looking to see if it is the same girl from before*
kayleeofLordMaximus: (yes Master)
XxSummerStar: HA!!!!!!! ~She plops down in his lap and bites the side of his throat, sinking her teeth in slightly~
Caerleon: smiles....
Caerleon: how have you been dear one
XxSummerStar: "Been better and been worse Ubar, and yourself?"
TenrikNiels: ~Thinkinh she is safe, as he does notice it to be a panther, he watches standing silent as she moves behind the thrones, he moves with stealth, inching closer as she peeks around the thrones. he would reach out, his intent to seize the creature by her hair and lift her to her feet with the attempt to loose the quiva from her grasp and move with her harshly towards the cages as the guards open the doors as they watch*
Caerleon: I am most wonderfull.... I didn't see you on my list
Caerleon: opp... there you are
XxSummerStar: "still here Ubar"
Caerleon: smiles... so where are you residing now girl?
XxSummerStar: ((don't godmod, so unbecoming))
XxSummerStar: "Well, in the forests mostly, and I have been sneaking into Brundi to get supplies and since you freed me, no one questions me as I dress as a Free Woman, in the clothes you gave me, I hitched a ride with a caravan on the way up here"
TenrikNiels: (9payattention to the post, I did not godmod, I made attempts and had intent no direct hits or moves))
XxSummerStar: ((ok))
kayleeofLordMaximus: *she sets the bowl onto the tray, then reaches down to retrieve a large plate, wipes it with the cloth then sets it down onto the tray, slipping a knife and fork to the side she lifts the tray and carries it to the hearth*
Caerleon: seeing the concern of Tenrik.... This one is ok Brother..... She was one of Mine before I released her
TenrikNiels: *Looks to the one named Caerleon, his intent to hold the panther suspended before him as he speaks*
XxSummerStar: ~looks up and smirks at Tenrik~
TenrikNiels: "This one is with you?"
XxSummerStar: ~growls low~
Juleiyaa: brb
Caerleon: nae... not anymore.... but I will tell you ... that IF she gets out of line.... I will place her back in the chains
Caerleon: isnt that right summer?
TenrikNiels: *hearing the words og Caerleon he looks at the panther, loosing his grip he lets her fall into the lap of the visitor before moving to the throne. he would toss the quiva out the open window into the sand*
XxSummerStar: ~bares her teeth, and nips him on the lower lip~ "aye ubar"
XxSummerStar: (ah ah ahhhhh, no taking the quiva, its locked onto my inner thigh . . . godmodder))
TenrikNiels: "Chains would not be good enough , she needs to learn manners and not sneak around into the house of strangers"
Juleiyaa: - looks around the room a bit nervous-
Caerleon: nods...
XxSummerStar: "hummphh, Male, I dare you to try and chain me"
TenrikNiels: XxSummerStar: ~the panther enters the premises, slipping in silently as the guards are telling dirty jokes, not paying mind to the tiny blonde, green eyed girl, going around the side, she grabs her quiva, inching up the steps, she hears voices within and ducks down listening~
TenrikNiels: You grabbed the quiva, making the assumption it was in your hand. remember what you post)
Juleiyaa: - looks to the slave sitting with Caerleon as she narrows her eyes to her-
TenrikNiels: (don't jump into the rp if you can't play the role)
TenrikNiels: (and don't be so quick to use the word godmod.. Most will not be as polite as I am)
Caerleon: I then place the girl to the position of kneeling
XxSummerStar: (I am not a slave, I am a Free Woman turned panther and have papers to prove it from the Ubar, I can play mean too Razz)
TenrikNiels: (I can play meaner)
Caerleon: (ok ok... we got off track alittle bit.... lets get back on it)
TenrikNiels: Indeed
Caerleon: so summer.... you are brave coming into the City.... espically not knowing if it was safe
Juleiyaa: ( i would suggest you watch your tone miss... pissing off the daughter of Ubara isnt the wisest decision)
Juleiyaa: ( he may be first sword... but you wont disrespect me him period)
XxSummerStar: "safe?, I wasn't safe when I nearly starved to death last winter, I was not safe when a snow larl attacked me or . . . when I was nearly raped, safe? What is safe?"
Caerleon: smiles... exactly... Nothing ... This is GOR
XxSummerStar: ~ignores the other Free as she is one herself~
Juleiyaa: - looks to Caerleon-
TenrikNiels: -Listens-
Juleiyaa: If you dont watch your mouth
TenrikNiels: ~Settles back in the throne, looks and listens to lady Jules~
Caerleon: I then arise from my Throne..........
XxSummerStar: ~arches a brow at the woman, "I am a Free as you are Lady, I may not be dressed as you but I have my papers in my pouch"
TenrikNiels: Rises as well and moves to Jules side"
Juleiyaa: I dont give a shit if you are Free
Juleiyaa: you are being a disrespectful twat
Juleiyaa: and if you dont watch your mouth
Caerleon: then standing and towering over the pantther like a Oak
TenrikNiels: *Motions to the guards*
Juleiyaa: you will find yourself at that whipping post
Caerleon: *Ithen take my hand to her....
Juleiyaa: with my whip at your back
Caerleon: *Tenrik.... with all due respect.... I will handle this..... *
XxSummerStar: ~growls hotly and goes for the quiva down her back furs~
TenrikNiels: Then, please do so.
Caerleon: *You have come in here..... disrespecting the Free and now you have disrespected my Name *
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This was a great read, but when it was just about to get to the good stuff it ends -throws rocks at the movie screen, starts to shout- boo boo we want the film back on lol
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PostSubject: Re: Visit by Bastain Caerleon of Brundisum   Visit by Bastain Caerleon of Brundisum Icon_minitimeFri Jan 18, 2013 4:26 pm

so confused between this chat and the reading of the other chat, but alrighty, just would say something seems strange to me
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Visit by Bastain Caerleon of Brundisum
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» CROWN: Article Kevin Thomas Takes Official Visit To Texas

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