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A Gorean RP In The Tahari
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 Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara

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Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara Empty
PostSubject: Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara   Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara Icon_minitimeFri Jan 25, 2013 5:55 pm

RaynBlackstone: what is his caste Juicy?
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: Rayne how do i get it to you ?
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: hes Warrior
RaynBlackstone: kk
RaynBlackstone: what the draft?
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: yes
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: lol
RaynBlackstone: post it in my group easy
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ok one min let me do that now fast
RaynBlackstone: kk
RaynBlackstone: drafts first post
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: its posted
RaynBlackstone: kk
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: up here is for ceremony
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: where you need a FM or FW or Slave just ask any that are here ok ?
RaynBlackstone: ok i have a rough draft also
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: perfect thank you
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( slaves have pillows on sand )
RaynBlackstone: [ ok ]
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smiles~
RaynBlackstone: [ do you have one to serve the Ka la na ? ]
RaynBlackstone: http://pastebin.com/t7yW1Gsj
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( yes any girl can serve if you ask )
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: yes if you change angelina and wolf lol>
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( syn you watch for invites please and Flam is dressing fast)
SyndarzaSun: (of course Ubara)
RaynBlackstone: oo might have given an older version loll
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( ty my Dear)
SalenaRya: pillows for slaves?
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: giggles yes cause i see thier names)
RaynBlackstone: hahaha
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( yes rya on sand )
SyndarzaSun: (most welcome and you look stunning)
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smiles thanks to you ~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( you can leave main hall who ever is there )
jiniFourPalms: -feels the excitment and nerves all around her, as they wait for the Cermony to begin-
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( doves net went out )
SyndarzaSun: ( i will stay since i never have issues much to see who might arrive)
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( ok yes guide if any relog to us here seems imvu is being mean)
SyndarzaSun: ~bites her lower lip so hoping that Sun will be here and can stay~
SyndarzaSun: (yes such a bitch it is today)
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( mmhm figures lol)
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( is Nyx and Sun loading ?)
HyukiSun: standing here
SyndarzaSun: (i think so)
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( ok great )
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: we just need the FC man
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: oo here he is lol
SyndarzaSun: ~giggles~ afraid to move dear?
HyukiSun: ok I see seating slaves ?
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smiles~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( we are in water house)
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: Tal my Love
HyukiSun: no I see pillows and dirt
KingViktorDarkblade: Tal Love n tal everyone
SyndarzaSun: Tal Flaminous
KingViktorDarkblade: tal Syn
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smiles~
RaynBlackstone: ~she nods ~ Tal Sir
jiniFourPalms: tal Master 0she says softly from the sands-
KingViktorDarkblade: Tal Lady Rayn - smiles at her-
LordNyxMarfedelom: not sure where i should be, but figure i am good where i am
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( dont crash so stay put)
KingViktorDarkblade: ( welcome char to my FCship with my Love Jucy)
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: Tal charis and welcome
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( baby lets switch spots)
KingViktorDarkblade: ok baby
RaynBlackstone: ctrl + b will help with lag by removing bubbles
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( ok ty )
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: Tal shirin and welcome
HyukiSun: (i always do that ))
Charisjamila: Greetings ... ty for invite -smiles broadly- Tal All...
RaynBlackstone: Tal Charis ~smiles to her friend~
ShirinofTaz: Tal and Greetings all
RaynBlackstone: Shirin ~she nodds to her~
KingViktorDarkblade: ( i never knew that ctrl+B helps in removing bubbles)
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: (we learn daily )
ShirinofTaz: ~smiles softly as she turns her gaze to the Mistress her eyes lowered~
KingViktorDarkblade: Tal Bro
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((not the same shirin fron Schendi is it?))
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: Tal Daegon and welcome
Charisjamila: Tal my dear friend Rayn ... Tal Daegon (where would you like Free?)
SyndarzaSun: ~smiles as her own FC finally found his seat by her~ tal my love do you need some glue?
DaegonWulfsbane: Greetings Little Brother.
ShirinofTaz: ((no im not the same))
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( Free sit up here in this house slaves on sand on pillows please)
KingViktorDarkblade: ( char taz isnt coming online??)
DaegonWulfsbane: "Thank, ye Fer the invite." He makes his way to a seat
Charisjamila: I don't believe so ...if he does i will sure to invite Smile)
KingViktorDarkblade: switch
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: thank you love ~smiles~
KingViktorDarkblade: ( bro are u coming from any hunting ground??)
HyukiSun: very funny
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( Rayn you can start whenever and we ill pull any that arrive online )
SyndarzaSun: ~she could not help herself but was very glad to see him as her blue eyes would look to him~
DaegonWulfsbane: (( I am coming from, sitting in my room alone Very Happy ))
RaynBlackstone: ========================== IC =============================
RaynBlackstone: [ If you Take Pics durring the Ceremony please Share the links ty ]
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: ~Walking in to the ceremonial hall she looks to those that have gathered nodding in greeting proud so many have come to watch the days events~
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smiles~
RaynBlackstone: [ rp if you wish ]
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
KingViktorDarkblade: -smiles at his loveas he looks at Lady Scribe walk into the ceremonial hall -
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
Malak2alRahma: (thank you, where shall I sit? and I would like to take screenshots for you if I may )
SyndarzaSun: ~looking around the lovely setting she then moves her eyes to glance at the Ubara and her soon to be FC~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( up here please with the Free)
RaynBlackstone: I am Lady Rayn of Nykotos, The Ubara Jucy and Sir Flaminious, have chosen Me to perform the Free Ceremony between them. I am asked to welcome all of you and to Thank You for Traveling the distances to stand witness as Flaminious and UbaraJucy exchange vows before you. As I have known The Ubara .and Hold her as a Dear friend, I am honored to stand before both of them today and join in their celebration.
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smiles as I whisper " thank you to her "~
HyukiSun: turning to his woman he would smile holding her hand loosely as he would daze back to thier own ceremony-
jiniFourPalms: -listesn to the Ceremony begin a smile sitting on her face as she pays attnetion-
KingViktorDarkblade: " Thank You so much Lady Rayn" -smiles -
SyndarzaSun: ~entwining her fingers in his remembering their own ceremony she watches our beloved Ubara~
RaynBlackstone: ~she nods to him knowing he can not see he smile beneath her veils~
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
Zandua: *quietly walks along the sands towards the voices of the Free, she glances towards her sisters sitting on the pillows and smiles towards them, not wanting to interupt the ceremonies, she settles on a nearby pillow and looks towards where the Free are*
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: (glad ur here zan)
RaynBlackstone: The Brides Price has been met. And the dowry been given to the Man seeking her companionship.... so it has been agreed upon and the obligations fulfilled. The completed the documents have been prepared they will be signed at the end of the ceremony.
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
Zandua: ( Smile )
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~nods softly ~
RaynBlackstone: ~she looks upon the crowd and finds the one know as SUn and asks him to come forward~
KingViktorDarkblade: - looking at his love he smiles as the Lady Rayn proceeds with the ceremony-
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smiles with my eyes in a sparkel beaming to his ~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( maybe ask Nyx i think Sun is in to bad of lag)
RaynBlackstone: [ Sun if you would please rp coming forward ]
RaynBlackstone: [ lady Sun ]
RaynBlackstone: [ nyx for HS ]
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( Syn)
RaynBlackstone: [ ty bubbles gone going by Memory ]
SyndarzaSun: ~moves to come forward~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~looks to Syn as she moved in small steps toward us ~
SyndarzaSun: ~smiling with pride she steps up to the couple and stands straight and proud~
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((sorry was trying to catch up in forum))
RaynBlackstone: ~she looks upon her and nods as she makes her way standing beside the Ubara ~ As an honored guest you are asked to remove the first og the Ubaras Veils please
SyndarzaSun: (wrong place to be Nyx ~giggles~)
RaynBlackstone: [ pokes Nyx loll you have a role here shortly ...]
SyndarzaSun: ~she nods silently and lifts her fingers to gently unhook the Ubara's first veil~
Malak2alRahma: ~smiles as the first of the veils is removed~
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((lol, thought i would have a few minutes, guess not))
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~feels the first veil softly slide off I smile with bright eyes to Syn~
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: At this time I will ask for 2 witness to sign the Documents and Agree to the ceremony being performed today.
Malak2alRahma: ~notices the rising sun and thinks it a good omen, the sun rising on a new era of the Oasis of the Two Scimitars~
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
KingViktorDarkblade: - smiles as the first veil being removed by Lady Syn-
RaynBlackstone: May I have the 2 witness agree and speak their names as witness.
SyndarzaSun: I shall if so desired
LordNyxMarfedelom: I shall as needed
LordNyxMarfedelom: - he smiles towards them-
RaynBlackstone: Charis please Malak too maybe
DaegonWulfsbane: -Looks to his brother..- "I will as well."
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~nods hearing them as I bat my lashes to my love ~
Malak2alRahma: ~nods in agreement~
HyukiSun: I will
KingViktorDarkblade: - hearing his brothers voice he smiles looking at him '
SyndarzaSun: ~laughs at all who would be honored to sign the agreed and witness~
Charisjamila: ....sorry lagg, your good right?
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~winks to Syns small giggle~
Malak2alRahma: ~joins in the laughter, softly~
RaynBlackstone: Malak and Sun have agreed to witness and as a witness Malak would you please come forward and remove the Ubara
Charisjamila: ((lagg...all good Wink)
SyndarzaSun: ~winks back to the Ubara~
RaynBlackstone: second Veil*
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( hold on noone crash lol)
RaynBlackstone: yes
DaegonWulfsbane: ((LOL))
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( syn pull zan please)
SyndarzaSun: (yes already done)
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: Tal Daughter Welcome
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( kk)
megan1981: Tal Mother
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((im trying she isnt getting invites))
Malak2alRahma: ~lifts her head up and smiles as is surprised to have such an honor, quickly rises and approaches the couple, stands in front of her friend, the Ubara, smiles warmly at her, and slowly and gently removes the veil~
RaynBlackstone: oh great my fictional daughter shows up
KingViktorDarkblade: Tal Megan, my daughter... weclome
Malak2alRahma: ~gives her the slightest affectionate squeeze of the arm and retreats back to her seat~
megan1981: Tal Father ~she smiles and makes her way across the boadwalk~
Charisjamila: ...gotta love it (lol) -breath-
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~softly a smile formed under my viels as I felt the lift delicate as Malak a long time friend removes it ~
RaynBlackstone: it is him i believe but oh well loll
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( rayn do they each rmove a veil they wish to no )
RaynBlackstone: ~she nods to her as she returns to he seat ~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: Tal Night welcome
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: It is often said that it is love that makes the world go round. However, without doubt, it is friendship which keeps our spinning existence on an even keel. True friendship provides so many of the essentials for a happy life -- it is the foundation on which to build an enduring relationship, it is the mortar which bonds us together in harmony, and it is the calm, warm protection we sometimes need when the world outside seems cold and chaotic. True friendship holds a mirror to our foibles and failings, without destroying our sense of worthiness. True friendship nurtures our hopes, supports us in our disappointments, and encourages us to grow to our best potential. Ubara Jucy and Flaminious came together as friends. Today, they pledge to each other not only their love, but also the strength, warmth and, most importantly, the fun of true friendship.
SyndarzaSun: ~as she slips back down beside Sun she looks to him with bright eyes and turn to get uncomfortable again~
Malak2alRahma: ~smiles at each person who has just entered, then settles down to witness the rest of the ceremony~
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~feels my heart racing as I sqeeze my loves hand ~
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: ~she walks to the podium and collects a cord no more than her arms length and returns to the couple.~
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: This cord represents the ties that bind one heart to the other......
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~watches intensly the moves of the Scribe ~
Malak2alRahma: ~as listens to Rayn's very profound and wise words a tear forms and falls~
RaynBlackstone: ~Starting with Flaminious she begins the wrap the cord from his right wrist , wrapping over his palm, she sees The Ubaras hand secure in his and smiles, she continues wrapping around until she reaches her wrist. she places her hand over the couples joined hand beneath the cord and Raising her head she looks to them both~
KingViktorDarkblade: - feels her hands squezing his, he holds them tight in his n wishoers softly- ur safe with me Love.. u just gonna stuck with me frever.. thats all to worry (Razz)
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
LordNyxMarfedelom: - listens and watches them-
RaynBlackstone: .
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~feels the cord as I kept my gaze to my loves as he speaks I nod to him with pleasure love ~
RaynBlackstone: Sir Nyx you also represent the Home Stone. Would you please com forward and remove the Ubara's third Veil.
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
SyndarzaSun: ~Flaminous tenders word melts her heart as she watches, knowing that our Ubara is in safe hands~
KingViktorDarkblade: - he contineus to keep his gaze over his love as the Lady continues with the ceremony-
RaynBlackstone: [ pushes Nyx out of Forums pssst ]
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( lol i see a bubble )
LordNyxMarfedelom: - he moves forward and goes to remove the third viel from her face as he smiles towards her-
SyndarzaSun: (~laughs~)
RaynBlackstone: .
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((was typing, sheesh))
KingViktorDarkblade: ( take a gun n shoots Ctrl+B bullets at Nyz bubble)
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~feeling his gentle way of removing the third veil I smile to him with my eyes ~
Malak2alRahma: (lol)
DaegonWulfsbane: (( HAHA. -grabs a bullet.- mine ))
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((wonders who Nyz is))
RaynBlackstone: as she speaks she begins to unwind the cord with a simple pull of the string she speaks watching the Warrior remove her friends veil she speaks softly ~ The two have now become one. One beat one beat and one soul to share and never a thought with out the other.
KingViktorDarkblade: ( u )
Malak2alRahma: (watches and listens to all the bubbles pop)
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((me.... I m Nyx))
RaynBlackstone: [ haha stuttering to popping bubbles ]
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~feels amount of excitement as I listen to the words of the Scribe already knowing we are one I look to my love deep into his gaze with pure love ~
RaynBlackstone: I hold in my hands 2 bottles of salt. Representing each of you in body and soul it is needed for our survival it is released in our hard work a the sweat from our brow and it is released in joy and sorrow through our tears. In the Tahari it represents Brotherhood and a trusted bond between two never to be taken lightly. ~
Malak2alRahma: ~grins as enjoyes this wonderful joining, filled with warm camaradarie of those in attendance, watchng the most joyous occassion~
KingViktorDarkblade: - he nods in agreement at the word said bu the Lady Ryan" Yes we beat as one" - he whsipers softly
Malak2alRahma: ~watches with interest what they do with the salt~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~feels her carmel eyes with water as she listens to the Scribe feeling her words deeper then spoken ~
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: ~as she uncorks each bottle she asks each to hold out their right wrist~
RaynBlackstone: .
KingViktorDarkblade: ( Lady Ryn u made me emotional in rl with ur words)
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~reaches our her right arm in a small extend to the Scribe as I pull the glove down exposing my wrist to her ~
RaynBlackstone: [ aww ty ]
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
Malak2alRahma: (me too, she finds the most profound and wise things about true love )
KingViktorDarkblade: - he holds the bottle as hsi arms reaches out to hold it -
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( all nos im emotional already in tears)
SyndarzaSun: ~softly squeezes Sun's hand as the words were felt deep in her own heart and how much she knew this meant to the Ubara~
RaynBlackstone: ~she sprinkles the salt onto her wrist and looks to the Warrior before her ~ Please take your offering of salt and repeat these words to the Ubara... Let there be salt between us, I am one who shares salt with you
HyukiSun: rolls his hand to her touch and smiles over to her -
Malak2alRahma: (awww) ~she thinks how beautiful this is, and happy for her dear friend that she has found true love and how this Love is in the air, and how it is more precious than the water in this desert~
RaynBlackstone: .
SyndarzaSun: ~she turns her eyes filled with tears of joy to Sun's as he smiles to her afraid to blink for a tear may fall she looks back to the ceremony~
KingViktorDarkblade: ( what do i have to do lady Rayn.. im lost i think ... pls help me)
RaynBlackstone: you lick the salt from her wrist ...and take the oath
RaynBlackstone: [ Tahari Tradition she winks to them ]
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( loves it )
Malak2alRahma: ~smiles at the look on Flaminious face, who seems a bit overwhelmed, as so many experience. thinks about weddings where someone faints, or furniture breaks,, that this one is going pretty smoothly,, knocks the wood of her seat~
KingViktorDarkblade: - he leans down towards the wrist of his love n licks the salt n he looking up at her into ehr eyes her take a oath " Let there be salt between us, I am one who shares salt with you
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~bites her lip hiding under her veil as she felt his tounge ~
RaynBlackstone: ~smiles beneath her veils to him nodding knows his eyes are locked on the woman before him ~
Malak2alRahma: ~snaps a picture~
KingViktorDarkblade: ( sorry my mouse sometime get artificial intelligence)
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( hehe)
SyndarzaSun: (~giggles may run out of flim~)
RaynBlackstone: ~she takes the second bottle of salt this one red in color and sprinkles it on his right wrist, she turns to the Ubara and speaks softly~ Ubara you may take your offering of Salt and repeat the oath ... Let there be salt between us, I am one who shares salt with you
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
KingViktorDarkblade: - feels the water containign salt on his wrist -
RaynBlackstone: .
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~leans her body in a small fold as she takes the tip of her tounge sliding it across his wrist tasting the salt as I hid my actions with the tilt of my head I then faced him as I spoke softly in my tone "Let there be salt between us, I am one who shares salt with you "~
RaynBlackstone: .
Malak2alRahma: ~notices the sun full up in the sky now, shining brightly upon this couple, as if in favor. smiles as feels its warmth upon her also~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: Tal Daughter
Juleiyaa: tal
KingViktorDarkblade: - feeling her tung on his wrist he listesn to the word she spoke softly , he nods n smiles-
RaynBlackstone: now binding you both in friendship and companionship may the desert sands provide a safe home for you both...May you bags always be full, May you always have water.
megan1981: ~turns as she spots Jules coming and mouths quietly~ Tal sister
LordNyxMarfedelom: tal
Juleiyaa: -listens-
Juleiyaa: tal nyx tal meg
RaynBlackstone: .
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smiles hearing the words of the Scribe being so true spoken of my Companion and myself ~
RaynBlackstone: You have had the blessings of Guardians, and of those within your home. I have spoken as your Friend. And now I shall give you the blessing from My Caste. We are from a variety of Castes one of a Ruler one of a Physician and one of the Scribes. We have pledged to the Codes as such. We live and write and enforce the laws of cities and of Gor. We negotiate contracts for those of Alliance and Trades. You Sir Protect and Care for those in need between all of us one have one common goal to help and protect the citizens of Gor, And we even give blessings. My Blessing to the both of you is to hold firm in your Home Stone. Never let those take advantage of it or it's laws. And hold firm to the contracts today. Companionship is not entered into lightly among the free it is a contract binding til we return to The City of Dust. It is an Oath honor it and keep it to heart. I shall have you both agree this Oath to one another:
RaynBlackstone: Warrior strike Physician**
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( one min please i think hes crashing )
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((brb phone))
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( hes in lag he needs a moment to catch up please)
Malak2alRahma: (Sun is a physician, as am I )
HyukiSun: (im here)
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~nods hearing the Rayn as I would be most honored to take the Oath ~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: (yes Sun)
KingViktorDarkblade: - he nods in agreement witht he words spokes by Lady Rayn - Thank you for ur blessing Lady
RaynBlackstone: yes he is a warrior not a physician i corrected apologies ]
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( nods ty)
Malak2alRahma: (strike, as in slap? warrior strike the phuysician? ~ducks~ )
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( haha)
Malak2alRahma: (hehe Razz )
RaynBlackstone: please repeat after me ]
Malak2alRahma: ~listens intently~
KingViktorDarkblade: ... he further adds to it after a pause - I would be honred to take the oath'
RaynBlackstone: I Flaminious, take, the UbaraJucy, to be your Companion, loving what you know of her, and trusting what You do not yet know. Do you eagerly anticipate the chance to grow together, getting to know the other will become, and falling in love a little more every day. Do You promise to love and cherish her through whatever life may bring?
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
Malak2alRahma: ~sighs at how romantic this is~
RaynBlackstone: .
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~feesl her heart melt as she looks to him ~
Malak2alRahma: ~thinks that this is the highest and best of the world of Gor, that, yes, Love and nobiblity exist and raise it about the dark depths ~
Malak2alRahma: *raise it above
KingViktorDarkblade: " I Flaminious, take, the UbaraJucy, to be my Companion.. and yea i do promise that i will cherish her thought my life and will trust in her before anyone."
SyndarzaSun: ~takes in a breath and softly lets it out sighing, just how much more romantic can anything be ~
RaynBlackstone: ~she giggles ~ A man of few words I see
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
Malak2alRahma: ~smiles, as those few words yet mean so much~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~winks to my love ~
DaegonWulfsbane: "Aye, that be me brother." wipes his eyes some more. damned sand..
RaynBlackstone: Ubara it is you oath that comes now please repeat after me
RaynBlackstone: .
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~nods~
RaynBlackstone: I Ubara Jucy, take, Flaminious, to be your Companion, loving what you know of him, and trusting what You do not yet know. Do you eagerly anticipate the chance to grow together, getting to know the other will become, and falling in love a little more every day. Do You promise to love and cherish him through whatever life may bring?
Malak2alRahma: ~smiles at Daegon, who has just shown that he, too, has a heart that yet is not so hardened that it cannot feel, notes the preciious tear as a diamond, but pretends to not see~
RaynBlackstone: .
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~ I Ubara Jucy, take, Flaminious, to be your Companion, trusts him with my very life , my heart, my family as if he were me, I promis to love him more then possible and cherrish him in each passing day of us ~
RaynBlackstone: .
HyukiSun: my)
RaynBlackstone: ~she nods and smiles to her friend~
RaynBlackstone: ~she moves before her and places her hand upon her Veil, The pride she takes the honor of removing her last veil of her witnesses. She leans in to her placing her veiled cheek against hers and whispers to her ~ I Wish You Well and Happiness Always, May the blessing be forth coming in your Companionship and Always my Friend Stand Strong.
HyukiSun: heh)
KingViktorDarkblade: - finding his bro wiping his tears he smiles to himself knwoing that in desert even stone heart melts-
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~feeling the viel slide from her soft touch I heard her humble tone I whispered " Thank you my Friend"~
Malak2alRahma: ~leans in to take a pic of the unveiled face of the ubara~
RaynBlackstone: ~with a tear in her eye she raise her voice once more~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smiles~
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: We have removed 4 of your 8 veils Ubara, The last is up to you. Do you willingly enter this contract of Companionship? To honor him as your Companion. To hold him above All and Never placing him second. If so Please Remove you last veil.
Malak2alRahma: (do you wanat a pic of your face unveiled? )
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: I do without hesitation Dear Scribe
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( no it is ok Malak )
Malak2alRahma: (as you wish)
KingViktorDarkblade: - listens to the words of his loves carefully as she takes the oath to be with him fr always n accepting him as her FC-
RaynBlackstone: ~she nods and looks to Flaminious ~ with that there are 3 remaining veils of those it is your choice sir as to how they are removed she has come to you willingly do not take that for an advantage Sir it is a high honor among the free cherish it.
RaynBlackstone: ~her scolding done she giggles a bit and looks for the wine~
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
Malak2alRahma: (brb door)
RaynBlackstone: Ka-la-na, the wine made of the fruit of trees by the same name and said to be the symbol of romantic love, is shared by the couple and indeed, the free companionship ritual is often referred to as 'the sharing of the wine of companionship'. In the few cases where the reader witnesses such rituals, the drinking of ka-la-na is always present.
KingViktorDarkblade: - he looks at the Lady Rayn in a confusion if he should take of ehr veils or not as this is his FC, n then looking arounf the in the hall he find his friends n family memebrs . he then moves his hand to her cheeks n removes her veil to let the family n frnds to see how beautfull she is n how lucky he is to have her-
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~she has her eyes fall as he reached up removing her veil as he would see the smile upon my lips my eyes would open as my long lashes batted to him as he read her thru her gaze of her eyes to his ~
SyndarzaSun: ~smiles brightly as she watches Flaminous place his hand to the Ubara's soft cheek~
SweetShaylaStark: tower
Zandua: (down here sister on the pillows)
RaynBlackstone: have I crashed?
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( no)
RaynBlackstone: hewww
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( giggles)
RaynBlackstone: [ nothing was entering on the screen i typed a dozen time ugh ]
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( lag maybe)
RaynBlackstone: [ rp the wine here? ]
KingViktorDarkblade: - after he has removed her veil he slids his ahnds over her should n turns her so that her beautifull face could be seens by everyone-
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( slaves to pillows on sand )
Juleiyaa: ( need to brb.. gotta get liittle one))
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( yes have zan do it)
NeoTraditional: ((Yes Mistress)
RaynBlackstone: [ Zan please serve the wine ]
SweetShaylaStark: (this one apologizes, she didn't see them ~smiles sweetly)
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~she looks to him and her lips move with no words in sound I love you~
RaynBlackstone: [ one gobblett is fine a blush color wine ]
Zandua: (never served a ceremonail wine before)
Malak2alRahma: (bk)
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( Ka La Na)
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( in one goblet)
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( if you want let dove do it )
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( but dont think i wont ride you on this later girl )
KingViktorDarkblade: -since her can read her lips as well as her lips he replies her in whsiper- I love u too so my love
KingViktorDarkblade: * he
Zandua: (yes please, I'll watch and learn)
KingViktorDarkblade: * her though
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smiles to my heart ~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( dove get the wine girl in rp wise)
Malak2alRahma: ~as Flaminious removes the last veil and the countenance of the Ubara is shown, she thinks the Ubara's face is as bright as the sun in the sky, and a little sound "oooo" escapes her lips~
KingViktorDarkblade: ( thoughts i mean )
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smiles as I heard the sound from Malak ~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: (zan you no what you will be posting in your chore thread huh lol )
RaynBlackstone: ~as the serve is prepared she looks to the couple before her and speaks to them ~ It is the words the we speak to one another that we hold dear. As you take your serve I would like for you both to speak your own Oath of Companionship. Sir Flaminious if you would please start and Ubara you follow.
Zandua: (will do *smiles* and will explain my distractions as well)
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smiles as I listen to my love ~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( lol kidding brat do your milking )
Zandua: (o.o, shh not suppose to tell that lol)
doveOasisScimitars: *rises to her feet and moves to the small table where the bottle of ka-la-na wine sits, gently she pulls the cork free and tilts it over the ceremonial goblet, letting the wine flow slowly she watches as it swirls around the cup and rises. once almost filled she recorks the wine and sets it back down onto the table. using a white linen cloth she wraps the goblet and carefully lifts it and makes sure her skin doesn't touch and pads silently across the room she kneels to the side of the Ubara and Ubar, her knees pressed tight together she lowers her head and lifts her hands up to, keeping completely silent as she offers the goblet of wine*
SyndarzaSun: ~her eyes filled more with tears at the Ubara's bright happy face, the face she has loved since she had the honor of being part of her life and part of her city, a face that was cherished by all in the Oasis and now cherished by one whose heart the Ubara now held~
RaynBlackstone: [ he takes it first ]
RaynBlackstone: .
RaynBlackstone: .
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( just edit post hunni he first)
RaynBlackstone: [ he takes it speaks his vow drinks and turns the glass so your lips touch where his left ]
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( ok ty)
RaynBlackstone: [ smiles np ]
Malak2alRahma: (awww sweet)
KingViktorDarkblade: " Thank you for ur beautifull words lady Ryan - he says as he turns at her to offer his thanks as he bows a lil to her , n then again facing the guest and holding his FC in his arms " Tody is the day of my FC, first time and i would say its the last time also... as i want and have decideds to be my Love jucy forever... whateva come even if the stringst of the desert storn i will never stop loveing her m n leave her.. as long as the salt will be in my blood and blood i will be with her -
doveOasisScimitars: *she silently slips away and returns to a pillow to kneel*
LordNyxMarfedelom: ((back, hate bosses who cant even remember the schedule they make))
RaynBlackstone: [ wb Nyx ]
KingViktorDarkblade: ( im sorry im lagging so much so bare with me lol)
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( its ok love )
SyndarzaSun: ~now a soft tear did fall from her babe blue eyes, the ceremony was so unbelievably beautiful and with the touch of the wine she thinks of what she had shared with Sun knowing that the Ubara and Ubar's life will be a matched made well~
RaynBlackstone: ~she nods to him hearing his words ~
RaynBlackstone: .
KingViktorDarkblade: - after grabing the goblet of wine from the girl he moves it to his lips n take a sip , he then moves the same goblet on the lips fo his love for ehr to take the sip form it as a symbols that whateve he has is also hers-
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~taking the small sip as I press my lips to the rim of where his lips touched I look to him as my voice is soft " my love you became my Best Friend then to be more so my love and since the day we had fell so hard for eachother I can say with such truth of my heart in no other way to explain the depths of how much you mean to me but the way you no mostly of us " Without you there is no air"~
RaynBlackstone: [ almost done btw ]
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: (kk ty )
KingViktorDarkblade: ( ty, rayn)
RaynBlackstone: [ i will post rapid to read ]
RaynBlackstone: ~As the couple comes before her she picks up the mantle and the laurel wreath as she recites the blessing she wraps them in the mantle together and places the crowns upon them.~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: (kk ty)
RaynBlackstone: May The Priest Kings pour out the abundance of your blessings upon this man and this woman. Defend them from every enemy. Lead them into all peace. Let their love for each other be a seal upon their hearts, a mantel about their shoulders, and a crown upon their foreheads. Bless them in their work and in their joys and in their sorrows.
RaynBlackstone: The fountains mingle with the river, And the rivers with the ocean; The winds of heaven mix forever, With a sweet emotion; Nothing in the world is single; All things by a law divine In one another's being mingle:- Why not I with thine? See! the mountains kiss high heaven, And the waves clasp one another; Now sister flower would be forgiven If it disdained its brother; And the sunlight clasps the earth, And the moonsbeams kiss the sea:- What are all these kissings worth, If thou kiss not me?
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: awww
KingViktorDarkblade: - he replies back to ehr words after she takes the sip of wine- i will always be with u like air, ill be the air that u would need to fly-
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~beams to his words spoken ~
RaynBlackstone: You may now take your pleasures in your first kiss as companions. [ rp ]
RaynBlackstone: [ very nice ]
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smiles yay loves his kisses anyways ~
RaynBlackstone: ~smiles watching~
SyndarzaSun: ~she chokes at the sweetness of those words, then breathes...then giggles thinking finally Ubara can breath~
KingViktorDarkblade: - moving his face towards her, he presses his lips softly on hers n kisses her-
megan1981: ~smiling she watches as her Mother and Father, crunkling her nose slightly as they kiss~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~she leans in to him as thier lips would touch she kisses him with deep passion ~
Malak2alRahma: ~hearing Rayn invite them to kiss, turns to watch a true kiss of Love, and not lust,, a kiss that is the uniting of two beyond pleasure and pain but becoming as one so that if one feels pain it is also the other's pain , a sealing of unity through the ups and downs of the journey of life,, of the couple but also of the city. she witnesses this above all~
EmpTatumNyxBloodclaw: (I'VE GOT TO GO)
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: (OK)
KingViktorDarkblade: ( ok tatum)
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: guess what love ?
KingViktorDarkblade: what love?
SyndarzaSun: ~smiles as she knows what is coming~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: you are so stuckwith me now
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: hehe
SyndarzaSun: ~laughs softly~
megan1981: ~giggles as she shakes her head~
LordNyxMarfedelom: - watches them and cant help but think that soon could be him in time-
KingViktorDarkblade: aww yes love i am ... but u know what?
HyukiSun: grins-
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: Rayn amazingly beautiful I thank you kindly
DaegonWulfsbane: -Wishes he had a Companion, but would wait till he was too old to carry a blade..-
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: what love ?
Zandua: (love you both, but this one needs to depart)
RaynBlackstone: ~she nods to them both ~ My Honor Ubara
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ( love you zan be good hunni )
KingViktorDarkblade: we are not just stuck fr now but for the entire lofe
KingViktorDarkblade: * life
melOasisScimitars: Girl slip throught the door quietly kneeling down gracefully Her beautful long arms is strech is in from of her. Wristes cross She ask in a low softly voice may this beast have permission to enter? If it please the free?
doveOasisScimitars: (safe travels sister)
SweetShaylaStark: (misss you sister zan)
KingViktorDarkblade: ( thanks zan for being here )
Malak2alRahma: ~wishes she had a Companion but her medical practice has to come first~
UbaraJucyOfScimitars: ~smiles ~ thats so not a threat but a commitment i agree to baby
HyukiSun: ~rolls an arm about his woman nuzzling her close - is a wonderful way to be "stuck"
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PostSubject: Re: Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara   Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara Icon_minitimeFri Jan 25, 2013 7:39 pm

beautyful girl is at a lost for words
congrats Ubar and Ubara
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PostSubject: Re: Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara   Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara Icon_minitimeFri Jan 25, 2013 8:32 pm

beautiful ceremony Ubar, Ubara, Congratulations!!
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PostSubject: Re: Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara   Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara Icon_minitimeFri Jan 25, 2013 8:35 pm

Wonderful, beautiful ceremony. Congratulations to you both. Best wishes in all you do.
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PostSubject: Re: Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara   Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara Icon_minitimeFri Jan 25, 2013 8:44 pm

Thank you It was ver special
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PostSubject: Re: Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara   Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara Icon_minitimeFri Jan 25, 2013 8:46 pm

This was the loveliest ceremony I have ever been to. Congratulations to you both and may you both be as happy as Sun and I are. I love you I love you flower flower
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PostSubject: Re: Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara   Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara Icon_minitimeFri Jan 25, 2013 9:49 pm

Congratulations Ubar and Ubara, this one is very excited for You Both and is glad that she could at least make it there for the last little bit of the ceremony. What a joyous day, a day for celebration and love!!
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PostSubject: Re: Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara   Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara Icon_minitimeFri Jan 25, 2013 11:07 pm

It was Indeed a wonderful ceremony
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PostSubject: Re: Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara   Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara Icon_minitimeFri Jan 25, 2013 11:41 pm

was an honor to be there, a beautiful ceremony none the less
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PostSubject: Re: Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara   Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara Icon_minitimeSat Jan 26, 2013 2:48 am

congrats wonderful ceremony Ubar and Ubara many happy years to you both
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PostSubject: Re: Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara   Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara Icon_minitimeSat Jan 26, 2013 11:10 am

Congratulations Ubar and Ubara
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PostSubject: Re: Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara   Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara Icon_minitimeWed Feb 27, 2013 12:14 pm

Just beautiful to read I wish I was there to attend
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PostSubject: Re: Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara   Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara Icon_minitime

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Free Companion Ceremony for Ubar and Ubara
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