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 ying's Salve Wine and Exam File -1-28-13

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PostSubject: ying's Salve Wine and Exam File -1-28-13   Mon Jan 28, 2013 6:08 pm

HyukiSun: as the girl enters he finishing washing his hands - taking up a soft cloth he sweeps it over his hands and smiles -we ready girl?
YingfaLee: yes Master
HyukiSun: welcome girl come inside
YingfaLee: nadudown
HyukiSun: he lays a fur across the stone exam table and summons her to come get up and sit-
YingfaLee: yes Master
HyukiSun: setting the tools of his trade out he checks all and places them as he'd need -he slips on a pair of gloves -snapping them tight about his wrists-
YingfaLee: Master should she pin her hair up out of the way?
HyukiSun: yes do so
HyukiSun: first i wish some history -he states as he does already look her over -holding his scroll and charcoal stick -
YingfaLee: yes Master, -moving with quickness she pins up her hair-
HyukiSun: have you any ails now that need addressed ?
YingfaLee: none that she can think of Master
HyukiSun: he writes as she responds - listening to her words
HyukiSun: very good
YingfaLee: -smiles softly-
HyukiSun: now open your mouth I want to see your teeth
YingfaLee: -opening her mouth as wide as she can tiling her head up for the Master-
HyukiSun: taking a small lit instrument he shines it to her teeth and throat as he notes all he sees- very good , close
YingfaLee: *tilting
HyukiSun: now......have you had any injuries ? broken bones -surgeries?
YingfaLee: -closing her mouth and thinks- no Master, a few scrapes and bruises from jumping from tree to tree but no breaks or surgeries
HyukiSun: have you been bred ? if so how many times and were they healthy?
HyukiSun: nods warmly - seems normal to have some
YingfaLee: she has not Master
HyukiSun: noted
HyukiSun: noting the say he writes all of this down , very well and we will examine for your purity as well this day
HyukiSun: now I will be listening to your lung function - he states as he lifts the stethascope placing the buds to his ears - leaning forward a step closer he places it to her front and listens - breathe deeply for me girl in then out -do this twice for me
YingfaLee: -taking two slow deep breaths for the Master-
HyukiSun: he slips it upward once -
HyukiSun: then doward the second time - then moves it to her back -
HyukiSun: again
YingfaLee: -watching with great intrest having never been through this before-
YingfaLee: -continues taking deep breaths-
HyukiSun: nodding he is pleased her lungs are very healthy and clear - well done , he states as he notes all
YingfaLee: thank you Master
HyukiSun: now lay back
HyukiSun: his arm aids her as she lays back-
YingfaLee: -laying back with the Master's aid she smiles softly keeping her hands at her sides out of the way-
HyukiSun: he readys his hands as e palpates about her neck -any pain?
YingfaLee: no Master
HyukiSun: hen going lower to her womb and ovaries feeling them , he smiles and nods any here?
YingfaLee: -begins giggling- no Master, sorry that tickles
HyukiSun: noting all findings once more he gives her a quick wink - sit up
HyukiSun: hehe ok ok
YingfaLee: -sitting up gently-
HyukiSun: he turns and removes a syringe - placing it close he takes up a cleansing bottle filling a small bowl carefully -then takes a guaze and dips it -he swipes her upper lower back -then pressing her back slightly to lean forward , he lifts the syringe filled with stabilization syrum - and pokes it deep to her back-injecting quickly then removing the needle he places a soft dry gauze over it , holding it tight for a minute
HyukiSun: understood?
YingfaLee: -gasping looking about softly- what was that for Master?
HyukiSun: he writes the dates down as they must be kept in order - he lifts a cup filled with slave wine and hands it to her ~ now this ... not only do I keep the record - you to must post on your ovulation thread so there be NO discrepencies
HyukiSun: that is your stabilization shot one of three
YingfaLee: -looks at the wine- she had her wine today Master
HyukiSun: ah yes -
HyukiSun: hahah I will keep it for my next victim
YingfaLee: she doesnt know her ovulation Master
HyukiSun: sets it aside -just part of my form)
HyukiSun: is the first and last day of you cycle girl
HyukiSun: and your to wear the green fertility band those day
HyukiSun: days*
YingfaLee: -turning bright red and looking down- every girl has this Master?
HyukiSun: yes ying
HyukiSun: all do so
HyukiSun: come sit here now
YingfaLee: girl is broken then hers is maybe twice a year
YingfaLee: -sliding off the table and moves to the seat-
HyukiSun: I see
HyukiSun: the slave wine may help that
YingfaLee: is she bad Master? girl doesnt want to be broken
HyukiSun: urning he takes up another syringe placing it close with a vile - he takes a leather turniquete as he tugs her arm tight to his side-
HyukiSun: nay some are different in that way
HyukiSun: maybe your just lucky - hehehe
YingfaLee: -blushing as she lets Master do his work, giggling softly at his comment-
HyukiSun: he watches her as he also dips a gauze and swipes it to her arm as he tightens the tie and taps her vein as it bulges -
HyukiSun: reading the syringe he slips it to her vein - loosing the tie he places the stoppered vile inside pushing it slight till the crimson blood flushes quickly within filling it -his finger take a small guaze placing pressure over the needle as he removes it swiftly-
YingfaLee: -watching her blood in awe-
HyukiSun: there we go now this day i will run tests on your blood for any issues with the serum
YingfaLee: yes Master
HyukiSun: he would bend her arm upward from the elbow -hold like this for a few moments
HyukiSun: stepping back he writes all samples collected and to be screened - waiting a good moment - turn back to the tray taking a glass cup and producing it before her ,for her take- pee and leave on the tray in the other exam room then get into the exam chair so we may finish
YingfaLee: -holding her arm up smiling softly-
HyukiSun: he smiles warmly and goes to wash and change his gloves to ready for her pelvic exam -\
HyukiSun: when done you may come here and climb up -
HyukiSun: almost done
YingfaLee: -blushing deeply as she fills the cup as instructed, taking it up she looks about setting it on the tray and follows the Masters voice-
YingfaLee: -climbing up onto the table blushing as she is spread open-
HyukiSun: lipping to the other room he places the greased tube , some soft cloths ,he tugs down the power bulb by its thin cord -he lowers to the small stool before her -his hands press her thighs wide to expose her heat - he notes all he sees before beginning
HyukiSun: your fine I dont bite...
YingfaLee: -giggling softly as she whispers hard-
HyukiSun: his will be fast girl he states as he slips the tube upward and deep into her canal - he leans in and shines his light deep as he notes the slave is opned - he removes the tube and tosses it to the bucket of warm soapy water - and leans back as he tugs off his gloves - and smiles -- all is well and will noted , results posted to my vault -
HyukiSun: this)
HyukiSun: smiles
YingfaLee: -gasping and smiles at the Masters quickness seeing He is very skilled at His job-
HyukiSun: he tosses her a soft cloth to wipe her self - and you may wash then return
HyukiSun: all done
YingfaLee: thank you Master
HyukiSun: you've done very well girl
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ying's Salve Wine and Exam File -1-28-13
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