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 New Assignment as of January 28th, 2013

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PostSubject: New Assignment as of January 28th, 2013   Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:26 am

All girls must read the news laws and make a 2-3 line comment on each of them and place it into your lesson threads. (do the laws that pertain to slaves only under each section)

The new laws are in the 'Laws' thread and then under 'Laws for all to sign'

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PostSubject: Re: New Assignment as of January 28th, 2013   Tue Jan 29, 2013 2:07 am

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PostSubject: Re: New Assignment as of January 28th, 2013   Tue Jan 29, 2013 2:51 am

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PostSubject: Re: New Assignment as of January 28th, 2013   Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:12 am

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PostSubject: Re: New Assignment as of January 28th, 2013   Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:32 am

This girl has read and understands
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PostSubject: Comments on the new Laws posted January 22nd, 2013   Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:53 am

New Assignment for comments on the new laws put into effect January 22nd, 2013
1. Girl understands this law and realizes the Ubar and Ubara are the rulers of the city and the Admin works with the High Council as the person in charge just under the Ubar and Ubara.
2. Girl thinks that having the Free within the city forming a High Council will help keep the misunderstandings to a minimum as well as the decisions fair because of the varied opinions and thoughts which in the end all want only the best for the city.
3. Girl understands the need for the High Council and respects that the Free will be in a separate room in order to keep the business of the city within the ears of those who help form and run the city.
4. Girl realizes that it is not the place of a slave to be in the room with the High Council as it is not their business to know, but only to be ready to serve if needed or wanted. She also understands the respect that is expected for the seriousness of the meeting and to not show oneself as any more than a silent kajira serving and exiting.
5. Girl will remember that if she is invited to the High Council room to serve she is to be quick, silent and as invisible as possible and not to expect any attention of any kind.
6. Girl realizes that even if not within the walls of the city she is a representative of the city and she will act as expected to show the exquisiteness of the training she has been given by the city.
7. Girl knows that she is there to serve and be pleasing to all and not to make any Free Women uncomfortable with her acts. She knows that new slaves will be caged and have 30 day probation and sees that as a way to know if the slaves are serious about their desire to serve.
8. Girl understands that the Free will not be in the same chair so that the Free Women are not seen similar to a slave in their affections. She also realizes that she is a servant and slave and will always be ready to serve the Free as they need her.
9. Girl realizes there are many rooms in the city and that each Free will have a room specific to their caste minimally as well as others if they choose.
10. Girl understands that the Free are allowed 3 personal slaves, with one that may be restricted and that no slave may be claimed till they are 20 days into their probation. She thinks giving new slaves to the Free that do not have one yet is good so the slaves are utilized well.
11. Girl understands there is no need for any other First Girl or Second Girl for each Master or Mistress and that there are only the two for the entire city.
12. Girl thinks this law is important to keep the order and incredible reputation that the Oasis has throughout the Gorean society. Visitors arriving she understands may well be future Free of the city and as with all Free deserve respect.
13. Girl thinks that keeping ooc to a minimum is important to the integrity and commitment to the role play. And will never use ooc to disrespect anyone.
14. Girl believes keeping personal separate is vital to the success of the city because when role play mixes with real life there often becomes a blurred line and hurt feelings. Also she understands full attention to the room is necessary for the flow of the role play to continue without long pauses do to lack of attention to the room.
15. Girl knows there is an order of hierarchy within the city and will keep the list handy in order to know and respect each position the Free hold in it. She has read and will remember to check back for any updates to the list. She will greet the Free in the order that has been shown and will wait to greet till it is her turn as shown by the list as well. She will keep the phrase handy to handle any non-goreans entering.
16. Girl thinks that this law is important so there is no confusion to what happens to children who are born, whether to the Free or a slave. And having the new ‘children’ have training and write an essay is good so they have the same rules as other Free or slaves.
17. Girl knows that the city is strong and understands this law is here to solidfy the city showing how they will defend it.
18. Girl believes this law to be important because spreading the gossip and business of the city to others undermines the city and weakens it, not only showing its flaws that may be there but also showing a disrespect by whomever it is that is spreading the information.
19. Girl thinks this law is important to show the commitment the Free have to the city and the respect they have for its laws. Taking part in the forum is important to show that they care about what is going on within the city and take pride in being a contributing member.
20. Girl understands and likes that the citizens of the city are expected to be in city rooms. It shows that they want to be a part of the city and that they are invested in its success. The number of postings is reasonable for any Free or slave to do and feels it further magnifies the commitment. Also while keeping them up to date with the city business.
21. Having ooc rooms is a good law that anyone can for when they may need to be away from the main room for some reason.
22. Girl understands that Assassins are allowed in the city and that they have their code they follow and will state their business and time to post.
23. Girl knows that the city is run by the Ubar and Ubara and that their word is final. She understands that the High Council is an extension of them to help keep the balance and fairness of the city.
24. Girl believes this law important so all the Free in the city are equally given the profits from the property of the city.
25. Girl believes that this law is important so the Free Woman who may be in the room are not disrespected if they do not like to see the furring between Masters/Mistress’s and or slaves.
26. Girl understands this law and that there are steps in place to keep the safety and security of the Free and slaves within the city walls. She also understands how to handle a situation if one comes up if she may be traveling.
27. Girl realizes that an unexplained absence is not tolerated if more than 10 days and thinks that voting one back in is important to give the Free the ability to voice their concerns as to why the person may not or may be allowed back.
28. Girl realizes the extended pieces of land the city/Home Stones outside of the city and they may appoint an Administrator to keep it in their holdings and sees this as only helping to strengthen the city.
29. Girl thinks that having all Free allowed to interview and collar a slave to the city is good and that their opinion on such slaves or even new Free is important so there is no unrest between the Free.
30. Girl believes this law important that the Ubar and Ubara approve any Free Companions because their joining effects the city directly since they will also be a part of the city and should go through the same steps as other Free entering.
31. Having a certain amount of time for the Free to get to know each other when courting girl believes is an important step to help make a strong Free Companionship once it happens.
32. The city is a family and having everyone keeping each other on their friends list helps ensure the strength.
33. Keeping the training of slaves to only Oasis slave girl believes is smart because of the time, commitment and energy needed to create a quality slave and should be saved for cities property. She understands that it is important to accept the assistance of any Free who may give their opinions even if not from the Oasis, and knows how to handle it respectfully.
34. Having the Free Men standing for the Free Women shows the respect the city has for their female citizens.
35. Girl believes this law important in keeping the peace between the Free and to keep the line of respect as well. Girl understands that a personal slave who is given back must wait 30 days to have the possibility of becoming a personal again.
36. Having rooms clearly labeled that they also follow the same laws even if not the main room is important to show to the community of Gor that their laws reach every bit of what is within the city.
37. Girl believes this important so that the Free appointed to run the city are all aware and agree to any changes that are implemented.
38. Having the steps and rules outlined for the new Candidate Free of the city is important so everyone knows what is expected in order to become a full Citizen and what laws are in place along the way.


1. Girl understands this law and believes the protection of the Free Women is very important knowing they as Free deserve the respect due to them. She also understands the Free Woman are expected to wear certain things to show they are Free Woman and not slave to be.
2. Girl understands the Free Women are expected to wear a veil at all times.
3. Girl realizes that the Free Women are not forced to have sexual relations and will not be looked at badly for refusing a Master of the Oasis.
4. Girl thinks the safety of the Free Women important and this law helps to aid in their safety
5. Girl understands a Free Woman may contract herself to be a slave, and during that time has no power, but is free to return to being a Free Women once the time is finished.
6. Girl realizes that a Free Women who ‘couches’ shows herself to be nothing more than a slave and then becomes owned by whomever owns the slave she was trying to ‘couch’.
7. Girl believes this is a good law so the Free Women are safe but also are able to do business as needed.
8. Having Free Women able to hold a position on the High Council is good because they have different perspectives to Master sometimes.
9. Having the law of no force collaring of Free Women unless it is absolute she is showing herself to be a slave is good and being threatened with one for simple things that may occur as a Free Women with an opinion not allowed is important for the Free Women to feel safe.
1. Girl understands the need for this law so the slaver is able to perform their duty in retaining slaves for the city and its Free.
2. Girl understands it is the duty of the slaver to give the girls the mark that shows that they are property of the Oasis and will file paperwork on all.
3. Girl understands the need for the slave market to be manned and that any slave may be asked to man the market when needed.
4. Girl understands the Slaver will adhere to the rules in order for the market and her ability to perform their job within the parameters of imvu and the city.
5. Girl believes this law to be important so any girl sold by the Slaver from the city has the quality that the Oasis is known for.
6. Girl knows that this is vital for the quality of the slaves that are kept in the city to be the best and that this shows which slaves a serious about wanting to join the city.
7. Having the Slaver also remain in the main room girl believes is important to show support for the city as well as if need arises to act upon slaves that enter.
8. Having the Ubar and Ubara included in all the Slaver laws is important so the steps taken are the same for each slave that is collared by the city.
Girl understands that it is her duty to be pleasing at all times and to represent the city well and that when no Free are around she is to follow the orders of the First and Second Girl. She also understands the 30 day rule and believes this also helps to show the seriousness of the candidate.

1. Girl understands that she is the property of the Oasis and that she is to be pleasing and follow orders that are given to her and will be punished if found not offensive or unpleasing.
2. Girl understands the process of collaring a slave and what that slave is required to wear and do.
3. Girl believes the comments on the laws as well as the 500 word essay is important to show others the commitment she has for the city.
4. Having the assignments and exam done prior to the ceremony is important so the slave is completely aware of what is expected of her as a slave of the city. she understands they are expected to change their name, be whipped and branded before becoming true slaves of the Oasis.
5. Having the laws read by the 14th day is important so the slave is aware of what is expected of her.
6. Girl understands she is required to be in an Oasis room within 10 minutes of being online and to be available whenever online to be of service. She believes this is important because the city should be the priority and its success a direct reflection of its citizens and their commitment to it.
7. Girl understand what is expected when she needs to leave and the proper steps to take for it to be known. She believes this shows the respect the slave has for their position
8. Girl realizes that if needed for furring it is not to be more than an hour as a slave should be available to do other duties as well.
9. Girl understands if crashed and returns she only needs to ask permission to return and if crashed for longer to get a message to a Free if able to.
10. Girl understands the armbands show status and that the Free will look to it to know the status of the slave and that city slaves are for the use of all the Free of the city and may also be given to Free from other cities after approval from Oasis Free.
11. Girl understands that she is to follow an command by an Free as long as it doesn’t break the laws of the city.
12. Girl understands she owns nothing, not even her name and that if found displeasing what little she is allowed may be taken away
13. Girl realizes that she may be used by any Free with permission of her owner and may be used for any purpose by the Ubar and Ubara regardless of restriction.
14. Girl is aware that she is not allowed to travel for the first 90 days unless given specific permission by her Master or the Ubar or Ubara. She understands if she does travel and is captured she will not be sought after as they are trained on how to escape dangerous situtations.
15. Girl understands she is allowed to go to her kennel if given a timeout by the Free or if other Free are not on to serve. She also understands all rooms must have the city name and be acceptable by the Free.
16. Girl believes this law to be important so the city business is kept within the business and the name of the city is not looked poorly upon.
17. Girl understand to never use a Free’s name and to address them as their title deems necessary. She promised to serve all Free with the passion and pride that is expected of an Oasis slave.
18. Girl realizes that she needs to speak in 3rd person to further show her place in the city as property.
19. Girl understands that she may be used for breeding.
20. Girl believes this law is important to keep any unwanted or wanted pregnancies from happening and so the Free are aware of their properties health and fertile times.
21. Girl understands she is only property and will not be jealous of anything and only grateful for whatever kindness she is shown and realizes when found displeasing she may be punished so she learns.
22. Girl understands that slaves may wear silks that are pleasing once their 30 day probation is done and also should wear a gold band bearing what they are with a white armband for as long as it is needed.
23. Girl understands slaves are not allowed to carry weapons or touch money and how money is to be carried if given any.
24. Girl knows that the slaves will be branded and collared within a reasonable time and that they will be bathed before the ceremony so when their new owner claims them they are ready and will be pleasing to the eye.
25. Girl understands the Greeting that is used and expected for Free Citizens and Candidates and that it is only for the Oasis Free. She also understands the order the Free are greeted as well as the order in which the slaves must greet them.
26. Girl believes this law important so that all slaves are up to the quality that the Oasis strives for.
27. Girl realizes there are times when long greetings are not needed and that she will be instructed to do ‘low protocol’ when it is needed.
28. Girl knows she is to greet visiting Free with her knees pressed together and not to kiss their feet but only to greet verbally.
29. Girl understands that she is never to charge for services unless a Free has assigned her to do so while working like in a tavern.
30. Girl believes this law is important to keep the slaves involved in the city and to show that they are keeping an eye on what is happening in the city through the forum and it keeps all up to date with any changes.
31. Girl understands that being an Oasis slave is a right and a privilege and that she is expected to conduct herself in a way fitting to the city in everything she does from the minor chore to an elaborate serve. She knows she is always learning and will adapt as new things are brought up or when corrections are made.
32. Girl understands that she does not need to ask permission to enter a room where there are no Free from the city present but must ask to leave.
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PostSubject: Re: New Assignment as of January 28th, 2013   

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New Assignment as of January 28th, 2013
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