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 Phoenyxbliss papers

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PostSubject: Phoenyxbliss papers   Phoenyxbliss papers Icon_minitimeMon Dec 24, 2012 12:20 pm

slave's Name: phoenyxbliss
Sex: Female
Age (Earth years): 30
Current status: Owned
Pedigree: classification – Passion Slave, love slave
Stabilized: physical, inoculations and gynecological exam completed by Master Physician 9/6/2012
Homestone of Birth: Corcyrus
Current Owner's Name: Ubar/ Ubara of Schendi
Date and age Purchased by Current Owner (Earth Date):
Date & Age Originally Collared: Earth date: 8/28/2012
Previous Owners (in order of oldest to most recent): Jarl Gunny, Jarl GreyRaven, Master Nyx
Previous Names(in order of oldest to most recent):none in Gor
Current Station: personal love slave Master Nyx Captain of the Gurads
Previous slave Stations: personal slave of Master Nyx (after rescue)
Bills of Sale: none
Children: none Date Born: Sex: Fathered by:
Height: Gorean Feet; -5 ' 6" by Earth standards (A Gorean foot is 12.5 Earth inches)
Weight: stone; 120 pounds by Earth standards ( A Gorean Stone is 4 Earth pounds)
Body Type: slender, fit, with ample perky breast, voluptuous hips, full firm rounded bottom, dainty hands and feet, athletic
Eye Color: Blue grey or soft green at times
Vision: excellent
Hair Color/Length: long, Black satin with chestnut and auburn highlights
Complexion: dark brown tanned,
Teeth: excellent
Hearing: excellent
Hand Print: on file
Feet Print: on file
Neck Ring/Collar Size: #6
Wrist Ring Size: #5 horts;
Ankle Ring Size: #6 horts;
Breast /Cup Size: 47.5horts; 38“ inches by Earth standards (An hort is 1 ¼ Earth inches)
Waist Size: 36.25 horts;29 ” inches by Earth standards
Hip Size: 45 horts;36 ” inches by Earth standards
Identifying Marks: cross shaped birth mark, under right breast, scar on right knee v shaped.
Brands: Kef; Schendi city brand, BBC brand, Master Nyx on upper back
Piercings: belly and ear lobes and ear cuff.
Skills: singing, dancing, t-1 fighting, cooking,sports,
Books read: reading book 1

Special Notes:
Signed by_____Captain of the Guards____________(Owner)
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PostSubject: Re: Phoenyxbliss papers   Phoenyxbliss papers Icon_minitimeMon Jan 07, 2013 5:12 am

Thank you for posting bliss though I rather your Master post it this will do fine
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Phoenyxbliss papers
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