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 Collaraing of kajirus jo

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PostSubject: Collaraing of kajirus jo   Collaraing of kajirus jo Icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2013 7:05 pm

JoSevdaVal: ( Yes )
KilikHalfEar: and youve been in teh cage for how many days now 3 or 4?
JoSevdaVal: 4 Master
KilikHalfEar: well we shall have to do something about that
LilSuzanneRodriguez: (think suppose get out today)
JoSevdaVal: -He tilts his head just a little in confusion-
KilikHalfEar: ( agreed just need to finds something really quick )
LilSuzanneRodriguez: (if juicy lets guess can wear that after you out)
JoSevdaVal: (This one Is gracefull He will Wear it Proudly)
KilikHalfEar: slipingthe key from his pocket he unlocks the cage door and opens it realsing the male contained within and move back towards his seat ~ follow me
LilSuzanneRodriguez: (yw not sure theres a probation clothes yet for males so)
faridaOasisScimitars: she watches as the male is released from the cage~
KilikHalfEar: ( aye just wear it until the Ubara tells you differnt )
JoSevdaVal: Yes Master -He gets out of the cage as he briefly streaches his arms and back and qwickly follows-
faridaOasisScimitars: she crawls to another pillow to get a closer view but is cautious of her movements as well she offers a warm smile to the male slave~
JoSevdaVal: -He ties his hair back-
KilikHalfEar: ~ watching as teh boy kneels he stands before him slipping a peice of the Oasis steel he carried with him from its place and holds it in his hand looking down at him ~ you are a trend setter to my kowledge there hasnt been a kajiru in teh Oasis before so welcome to you
JoSevdaVal: -He Bows His Head Honoring his words as he comfortingly smiles in content- Thank You Master
KilikHalfEar: over the next 30 days you will be on probation you will have assignments to complete including chores and lessons to learn
KilikHalfEar: girls is there an essay for slaves as well ?)
faridaOasisScimitars: yes Master
JoSevdaVal: Yes Master
KilikHalfEar: ( 300 or 500 words ?)
faridaOasisScimitars: it is a 500 word essay
KilikHalfEar: thaky you farida
faridaOasisScimitars: your very welcome Master
KilikHalfEar: we will get you set up in teh forum and get you registed there you will not beable to do much until Ubara approves your being there
KilikHalfEar: one of your sisters will get you the link when were finshed
JoSevdaVal: Yes Master
KilikHalfEar: the same rules apply to you as would the girls you go to no ones furs until youve been here 13 days
faridaOasisScimitars: http://oasisoftwoscimitars.forumotion.com/login
JoSevdaVal: Yes Master
KilikHalfEar: he takes hold of the collar and looks to the slave kneeling before him ~ this is your last chance to change your mind ?
KilikHalfEar: ( am i missing anything girls ?)
LilSuzanneRodriguez: -listens-
faridaOasisScimitars: reads up~
JoSevdaVal: -He leans his head up exposing his neck-
faridaOasisScimitars: so far so good Master
KilikHalfEar: leans in and snaps the steel shut around the boys neck with a smile he would welcome him to the Oasis ~
erisOasisScimitars: *draws her attention to the room*
KilikHalfEar: ( when the Ubara has your finshed she will send it to you im sure )
LilSuzanneRodriguez: welcome boy
erisOasisScimitars: would you like for this one to post it Master
LilSuzanneRodriguez: (yes she will i looked not in the shop so not done yet i guess)
KilikHalfEar: please do eris
KilikHalfEar: ah i know what i missed
LilSuzanneRodriguez: what
KilikHalfEar: jo while in teh forum you will be expected to make a minimum of 5 posts per day
LilSuzanneRodriguez: 30 day probation
KilikHalfEar: eris will you also set up his personal thread if it hasnt already been done ?
JoSevdaVal: -He feels the steel close shut beneath his chin as he pays close attention to Him-
KilikHalfEar: no i coverd that Suzi
LilSuzanneRodriguez: ok
erisOasisScimitars: the laws, essay, 30 days probation and bio will be the main things to concentrate on
erisOasisScimitars: No travel
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Collaraing of kajirus jo Empty
PostSubject: Re: Collaraing of kajirus jo   Collaraing of kajirus jo Icon_minitimeWed Feb 27, 2013 12:17 pm

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Collaraing of kajirus jo
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