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 Format: Dissolution of Joining

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PostSubject: Format: Dissolution of Joining   Mon Dec 31, 2012 8:30 am

Dissolution of Joining

Let it be known that on this day of __________, ____________ (free person filing) has filed with the Gorean Courts a dissolution of Joining. Both parties have submitted the original Joining Contract to the Witness, these being verified as the same one sent to the Registry of Gor in the Hall of Records. ___________ (free person filing) is hereby requesting at this time legal dissolution from the Joining with ___________, on the grounds of (enter grounds)

Whereas, the parties are Companioned, having been lawfully Joined in the eyes of the citizens of (City) Gor and

(Whereas, there were children born of this Companionship, and)

Whereas, the parties are experiencing difficulty and have ended in separation on, and

Whereas, this instrument will be used to settle his/her respective rights and obligations to and to effect a distribution of all their jointly owned properties and interests of every kind and to resolve the matters of child custody, child and spousal support, equitable distributions and visitation, litagators fees, and costs.

Now, Therefore, for and in consideration of the mutual promises, premises, and covenants from the Joining Contract, herein after contained, and for other good and valuable considerations, (character's SN) requests to be granted as follows, to-wit;

1. Real Property: (character's SN) requests that both parties take what real property they came into the Companionship with and from this time forth shall be the exclusive property and each waives any claim to ownership of said property.

2. Personal Property: Both parties are to retain their personal property in their possession as of (Date). It shall be the exclusive property of that party and each waives any claim to ownership of property in the possession of the other.

3. Jointly Owned Property: Distribution of property garnered after the Companionship, will be divided equitably. In the event that mutual agreement is not reached, said property will be sold or auctioned off, with the proceeds being equally shared.

4. Child Custody: Legal custody of the children shall go to the Free Man. The Free Woman (SN) shall have visitation with all children as approved by the Free Man, only to be restricted if he feels harm could come to the children by such visits. The children shall be raised in the Caste of their father unless a change is approved by the High Council of the Free Man's Home Stone and with the approval of their father. Companionship and companion price shall be negotiated by the Free Man, though it is hoped the Free Woman will have some input in that decision.

5. Attorney's Fees and Court Costs: Both the Parties are responsible to take care of their own respected legal fees and court cost in the preparation and review of this agreement in ensuing this dissolvement.

6. Freedom From Restraint And Interference: The parties shall hereafter be free from the authority or control, direct or indirect of the other, as fully for he or she is no longer known as Companions. The parties will not molest or interfere with the other, nor shall either of them compel or attempt to compel the other to cohabitate with him or her by any means whatsoever.

Whereas; on (Date) this decree shall take full effect as a complete decree of dissolution, at that time all parties shall recognize that the Joining between them will be voided in the eyes of the citizens of Gor, and

Whereas; at which times all above actions will have taken effect and shall remain in effect as stated in the above terms.

Signed on this day (Free Man SN)

Signed on this day (Free Woman SN)

(Witness SN) (Date)

I certify that the document is the true copy of a record for the eyes of Gor as is my right as a neutral party to both parties in said action by the Laws of Gor.
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PostSubject: Re: Format: Dissolution of Joining   Mon Jan 07, 2013 5:08 am

read and acknowledge
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Format: Dissolution of Joining
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