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 Visit by CrimsonGrk

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PostSubject: Visit by CrimsonGrk   Visit by CrimsonGrk Icon_minitimeSat Mar 02, 2013 11:16 am

CrimsonGrk has joined the chat
TalinaofGor: well what is it you would like to know? just to let you know I do have a hard time tryin to explain things))
MagikalMoon: oooo ok.. smiles .. no worries..))
MagikalMoon: Tal Jarl ~she looks up seeing a familiar face entering~
TalinaofGor: ((you can always talk to one of the other Free as they can explain to you better))
MagikalMoon: ~she wrap's her tiny finger's around the cage bar's.. her green eye's glistening as she gazes upon Jarl~
CrimsonGrk: -Crimson not being in this part of the region slowly entered the halls noticing only a few people one he recognised quite well-
CrimsonGrk: Tal one and all
CrimsonGrk: and tal moon it has been a while
TalinaofGor: Tal-she says as she sits there as she smiles-
MagikalMoon: aye Jarl
MagikalMoon: ~a smile would cross her berry stained lips~
CrimsonGrk: -he taps his fingers on bars then takes a seat on a throne
CrimsonGrk: (you meant to be a kid Talina lol)
MagikalMoon: ~she watches as Jarl tap's the cage then walks into room~
TalinaofGor: ((yes i do rp as a kid.))
CrimsonGrk: (just checking trying to figure why you where short lol)
CrimsonGrk: -he bows politely to the little girl with a smile with respect - Tal and how do i address you little miss
TalinaofGor: -she would look as she says- you can call meh Talina-she says as she smiles-
CrimsonGrk: very well Talina, i am Crimson nice to meet you
TalinaofGor: -she nods as she smiles-
CrimsonGrk: (just visiting my friend moon but you got a nice place here)
TalinaofGor: ((ty))
TalinaofGor: ((i need to go brb as i have not gotten a chance to do anything seeing i passed out in here))
CrimsonGrk: (all good do your thing )
CrimsonGrk: -he walks over back to the cages and taps his hand against the bars looking at moon -
MagikalMoon: she looks back ~
MagikalMoon: ~looking down.. her face get's a little red~
CrimsonGrk: -leans his hand in and brushes her cheek -
MagikalMoon: Tal Jarl ~she bat's her glistening green eye's~
CrimsonGrk: Tal moon - he smiles -
MagikalMoon: ~feeling His touch.. she lean's into it.. turning her face.. she brushes her lips across His hand~
CrimsonGrk: so how did you end up here
CrimsonGrk: -as he bends down and looks at her pretty face-
MagikalMoon: i was hungry.. and came in to get something to eat.. and was looking for a home.. girl is tired of being in the woods alone
CrimsonGrk: heh but i thought you loved the woods
CrimsonGrk: it seemed to suit you quite well
MagikalMoon: i do.. but i was lonely
CrimsonGrk: that i understand
MagikalMoon: girl loves being part of a family
CrimsonGrk: aye this is true
MagikalMoon: girl know's she can be whatever she wants and excel .. but in her heart.. she loves a family
MagikalMoon: just a bond/kajira
CrimsonGrk: i know you will be fine hun
MagikalMoon: Jarl could always take this girl ~she winks at the Jarl.. as her hands trace over her curves~
MagikalMoon: settle down and have babies
CrimsonGrk: -raises an eyebrow at her-
CrimsonGrk: you know what my answer is
CrimsonGrk: i dont belong to any home
CrimsonGrk: nor shall i
MagikalMoon: one day Jarl
MagikalMoon: some one will grab hold of that heart and make you wanna have babies
CrimsonGrk: haha we shall see
CrimsonGrk: very hard to tame this lion
MagikalMoon: ~she giggles as she gives her shoulder's a shimmy wiggling her full boobies at Him~
MagikalMoon: aye girl knows to well
CrimsonGrk: aye this is true
MagikalMoon: ~she presses her breast agaist the bar's.. purring at Him.~
CrimsonGrk: glad to know you havent llost your lusty touch
MagikalMoon: girl thinks Jarl just came to tease her in her cage ~she giggles~
YingfaLee has joined the chat
CrimsonGrk: always a pleasure haha
YingfaLee: -moving into the main hall and sinking to her knees, bowing deeply kissing the cool stone floor- may this one enter should it so please the Free?
CrimsonGrk: Aye you may
Guest_DarkWings8 has joined the chat
TalinaofGor: back
YingfaLee: thank you Master
YingfaLee: -rising she moves to the Young Mistressand kneels before her bowing deeply kissing her small feet,- Tal Young Mistress girl hopes you are well today
YingfaLee: towerdown
TalinaofGor: -she smiles down at ying as i give her a hug as i say- Tal ying.meh am
MagikalMoon: tal brother.
MagikalMoon: tal sister
Guest_DarkWings8: -He bends Himself as his head faces the floor as he places a kiss on the floor were the free have Walked as he begs- May this one enter if it pleases the free?
YingfaLee: -returns the hug softly- that is good to hear Young Mistress
CrimsonGrk: Aye please enter
Guest_DarkWings8: Thank You Master
MagikalMoon: ~she clear's her throat~ it's Jarl brother
TalinaofGor: -she smiles as she nods-
MagikalMoon: ~her eye's glisten as she smiles at the Jarl~
Guest_DarkWings8: (oops, Did Not KNow)
Guest_DarkWings8: Thank You Jarl
MagikalMoon: ~she smiles over at her handsome brother~
YingfaLee: -rising and moving to the visiting Master kneeling down and bowing her head- Tal Jarl girl hopes you are well and welcomes you to the Oasis
CrimsonGrk: Aye thank you
TalinaofGor: ((jo. always look at there cloths. if it in robes it a Master. if there in fur then they are a Jarl))
CrimsonGrk: but please go back to your mistress i am fine for the moment
MagikalMoon: ((mmhmm ))
YingfaLee: yes Jarl
YingfaLee: -rising she quickly moves to kneel beside the Young Mistress-
YingfaLee: Tal brother
YingfaLee: -peaks to the cages at the new sister- Tal sister
Guest_DarkWings8: -He Bend Over uppong The Young Mistress as he places a kiss before her Gentle Feets as he greets her- Tal Young Mistress, Have You Slept well
TalinaofGor: -she smiles down at jo as she says- Tal boy. -she would nod as she smiles-
MagikalMoon: tal sister
Guest_DarkWings8: -He Smiles-
Guest_DarkWings8: -He bends himself Before the Jarl as he PLaces a kiss before his Feet as he greets him- Tal Jarl
YingfaLee: -looks up at the Young Mistress- may this one get you anything?
TalinaofGor: -she looks down at ying as i say- some bosk milk pleaseee
CrimsonGrk: Tal and please no need for such courtesy please return to your young mistress
Guest_DarkWings8: Yes Jarl
YingfaLee: chilled or warmed Young Mistress?
TalinaofGor: chilled
Guest_DarkWings8: Young Mistress This one Has To study May He excused?
MagikalMoon: ~she watches as the Jarl walk's away.. pressing her face against the bar's.. counting on her finger's .. knowing she has one day after today~
YingfaLee: yes Young Mistress
Guest_DarkWings8: (Thank YOu For the Heads Up )
TalinaofGor: you may
YingfaLee: -rising she moves off to the kitchen almost dancing more then walking, her bare feet padding upon the cool floor, once in the kitchen she washes her hands throughly-
Guest_DarkWings8: Thank You Young Mistress
Guest_DarkWings8: This one will be Back Later
Guest_DarkWings8: Enjoy Your Day Yougn Mistress, You aswell Jarl
Guest_DarkWings8 has left the chat
TalinaofGor: -she nods as she smiles-
CrimsonGrk: so tell me Tali how many reside in this establishment
TalinaofGor: -she trys to thinks as she dont know as she says- alot
CrimsonGrk: -he laughs - good to have alot
YingfaLee: -humming softly to herself as she drys her hands and grabs a clean cloth and moves to the shelves, finding a small pretty floral goblet the perfect size for the Young Mistress, reaching up she takes it down and slowly begins to clean it and feels for any snags of the cloth. smiling having found no imperfections she sets the cloth aside and moves to the cold room door, grunting softly as she pulls open the heavy door propping it open she walks inside with the goblet, gasping as the cold air snakes about her sunkissed flesh, looking about she finds the bosk milk. pouring the thick milk into the goblet slowly making sure not to spill. setting the pitcher back down she carries the goblet out of the cold room, moving the door prop and closing it fully with her hip. moving out of the kitchen her emerald eyes flick about to see if any more have come to the main hall and seeing no change in numbers she moves kneeling before the Young Mistress with closed thighs holding the goblet to her heart for 5 beats offering her love and care into the drink. lifting it above her head she bows and speaks,- Your bosk milk Young Mistress, may it refresh you and keep you strong and healthy.
YingfaLee: towerserve
TalinaofGor: -she would smile down at ying as i reach down for it as i take it as i say- Thank you ying-she smiles as she takes a sip from it -
YingfaLee: -smiling she moves around to the side of the Young Mistress's throne so as not to be in the way-
YingfaLee: towerdown
MagikalMoon: ~she watches as sister sway's past her with such grace.. she smiles. waving her finger's her.. envous of her free movement .. sucking on her bottom lip.. she lay's back in the cage. running her finger's through her dark red silky hair~
CrimsonGrk: that was a very nice serve
YingfaLee: -keeping an eye on the Young Mistress for a moment and sees she is happy with the drink. moving gently to kneel before the visiting Jarl she speaks softly- may this one get you anything Jarl?
YingfaLee: thank you Jarl
TalinaofGor: -she sips more from the goblet as she smiles as she watches ying-
CrimsonGrk: Nay i am fine little one - he says with a smile -
YingfaLee: yes Jarl -with a bow of her head she backs away and kneels beside the Young Mistress-
YingfaLee: -looking up to the Young Mistress- may this one see if her caged sister needs any water or gruel?
MagikalMoon: ~she lay's down on the cage bottom.. curling in a ball. drifting off to sleep~
TalinaofGor: you may
YingfaLee: thank you Young Mistress
YingfaLee: -moving softly she rises and walks to the cages, keeping her eyes down around the guards, she sees the girl sleeping. giving her sisters ankel a gentle tug to wake her as she whispers- sister Free are present you must not sleep
MagikalMoon: ~she looks up battting her eye's.. feeling sister tugging at my ankle.. she sit's up~
MagikalMoon: aye sister
YingfaLee: -nods softly- have you been given water or gruel yet today?
MagikalMoon: nae sister ~she shakes her head.. her green eye's sparkling as she gazes at sister~
YingfaLee: -with another nods she turns and walks back to the kitchens, once again washing her hands and drying them-
MagikalMoon: ~she look's out licking her lips.. her tummy rumbling~
YingfaLee: -moving to the shelves of slave bowls she takes two and wipes them quickly, then moving to the ovens she ladels some of the hot gruel into one bowl. then moving and carrying both bowls on one arm she ladels some water into the second bowl. leaving the kitchens carrying a bowl in each hand she moves back to the cages and slides the bowls between the bars setting them down for her sister, she whispers once more- remember sister stay awake the Free do not like when a slave is not attentive and awake, she knows it is hard in the cage but it can be done
MagikalMoon: aye sister ~watching as she slides the bowl's in.. hearing her word's she agree's grasping the bowl of water and drinking it half down~
MagikalMoon: thank you sister
YingfaLee: -with a nod she walks away and returns to the Young Mistress's side settling down, kneeling-
YingfaLee: towerdown
MagikalMoon: ~she smiles.. setting the water down.. she lift's the bowl of hot steamy gruel as tasteless as it was.. she is hungry..dippin her finger in.. she jumps pulling it out quickly.. then setting it down to cool~
MagikalMoon: ~shaking her finger's.. she would suck one in her mouth.. watching as the guard would give a belly laugh.. her green eye's slanted as she huffed and turned away~
CrimsonGrk: it was nice meeting you
CrimsonGrk: but i have to take my leave
MagikalMoon: be well Jarl
YingfaLee: -bows- you as well Jarl, be well and safe travels
MagikalMoon: ~she looks out with sad eye's as He walks by the cage~
TalinaofGor: -she smiles as she watches-
CrimsonGrk has left the chat
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PostSubject: Re: Visit by CrimsonGrk   Visit by CrimsonGrk Icon_minitimeMon Mar 04, 2013 2:03 am

he seemed very nice but interesting reaction there
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PostSubject: Re: Visit by CrimsonGrk   Visit by CrimsonGrk Icon_minitimeMon Mar 04, 2013 4:10 am

Yes Love True he seems to be nice. But again there is a question I have If the Northern Jarl move to south specially in Tahari where the Temp is very High do they need to wear the Furs?? coz technically if u wear fur in desert in U might die of sweating and High Temp... and if ur wearing robes then how one would find if he is from North? lol
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PostSubject: Re: Visit by CrimsonGrk   Visit by CrimsonGrk Icon_minitimeMon Mar 04, 2013 10:03 am

nice that he stopped by
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PostSubject: Re: Visit by CrimsonGrk   Visit by CrimsonGrk Icon_minitime

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Visit by CrimsonGrk
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