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 Master pof Turia visited with concerns

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Master pof Turia visited with concerns  Empty
PostSubject: Master pof Turia visited with concerns    Master pof Turia visited with concerns  Icon_minitimeSun Dec 23, 2012 8:57 pm

phoenyxblissSchendi: yes Master girl is happy to serve you she rises her hips swaying as she moves across the sands to the kitchen
phoenyxblissSchendi: she moves to the basin washing her hands and drying them, she moves ot the shelfpullingdown a plate setting it onthe work station. turning she grabs the cutting board and the torch moving dow the stairs into the underground cold room. placing the torch in its holder she prances to the shelf with the cheese wheels, she unraps the papere covering and taking the s=cheese knife she slices a few large slices off i=of the verr chees, rapping it bake up, she moves ot the rack of meats and cuts some curred vosk off a hanging slab , grabbing some ta- grapes and ramberries she lays them all upon the cutting board , grabbing the torch she moves slwoly and carefully up the steps to lay it upon the work station as she turns replacing the torch. she shivers her nipples hardened from the cold room she lays them with sliced sul bread on the plate . taking a flower tfrom the vase she lays the pretty thing on the plate also , and heads to the tent-
KilikTheRed: ~ eyes Bliss as she returns to the tent smiling watching the way her hips sway as she moves ~
diesil77: Tal A/all
KilikTheRed: he eyes the Guards movements assuming we have a vistor he sits upright in his seat and waits for the guest to enter the tent ~
KilikTheRed: Tal Sir welcome to the Oasis Of Two Scmitiars
diesil77: thank you
diesil77: ~smiles~
phoenyxblissSchendi: -she comes before him gliding to her knees her thighs parted for him , she presses the plate to her belly , then to her heart for an ehn, and finlaly kissing the rim with soft plump lips, she raises the plate to him her head lowered, her eyes cat down hereis your verr chees , curred vosk, warm sliced sul bread, and ta-grapes for you Master, her eyes trailto her large hard nipples still errect foirm the cool room, she speaks softly girlhopes your meal is as pleassing toyou Master and her sever too -
diesil77: sorry to just barge in on you but i have come with a few questions
KilikTheRed: takes the tray from the girl smiling thank you bliss
KilikTheRed: then ask away
phoenyxblissSchendi: yur welcome Master -smiles sweetly, rising moves to the Master visitors feet-
diesil77: i had a slave come to my home ragged and beaten and she claims she was beaten here
phoenyxblissSchendi: -she smiles her eyes lowered to her knees that are firmly closed Tal Master welcome to Oasis -
KilikTheRed: does this slave have a name ?
diesil77: skaura was her name
diesil77: sakura*
KilikTheRed: is there a chat log of this or only her word ?
diesil77: only her word
phoenyxblissSchendi: girlwill look in forum for you
diesil77: witchs is why i have came
KilikTheRed: i see
diesil77: to ask if it was legitiment
KilikTheRed: i have not seen the girl and have no memory of ever seeing a girl with that name
KilikTheRed: did this occur today or a day past ?
diesil77: it was yesterday evening
KilikTheRed: mel bliss were either of you here last night ?
melOasisScimitars: ~listen~
phoenyxblissSchendi: nothing i can find
melOasisScimitars: Yes Master
KilikTheRed: thank you
phoenyxblissSchendi: no Master girl does no recognize the name
KilikTheRed: did you mel see a girl by that name ?
KilikTheRed: i didnt arrive until late last night and as i mentioned i never saw her
phoenyxblissSchendi: there was a girl here the other day seeking to join and she was beaten for her insulance
phoenyxblissSchendi: do not thinkit was the same girl
diesil77: oh
diesil77: lilprincessSakura* i believe was her full name
phoenyxblissSchendi: aii that may have been here
KilikTheRed: oh i have seen that name before
phoenyxblissSchendi: her*
phoenyxblissSchendi: she wanted to join our homestone
phoenyxblissSchendi: did she run away Master Visitor of Turia
phoenyxblissSchendi: she was very insulting to Ubara
KilikTheRed: i saw her maybe a weekago came in while i was in a sparring match ran her mouth wanting to join claiming she was a princess of earth and could not be talked to like a meer slave girl
phoenyxblissSchendi: called her a whor and many other names
KilikTheRed: i rember that vividly
diesil77: not from me i still have her my Fc the Physcian of Turia mended her
phoenyxblissSchendi: she claimed to be a slave
diesil77: she claimed to us she was a white silk in need of training
phoenyxblissSchendi: we did not understand why she did not just leave itf she didnt like it here
KilikTheRed: if it is indded the same girl she was quite rude
diesil77: i see
phoenyxblissSchendi: it is the same Master First Spear
diesil77: ~nods~
phoenyxblissSchendi: she has a wild mouth on her
KilikTheRed: as far as the beating i have no knowledge i didnt witness anything
phoenyxblissSchendi: oh yes she was beheaded
phoenyxblissSchendi: Master First Sword took his sword to her lopping off her head
diesil77: ah so she is dead then
phoenyxblissSchendi: we wer quite shaken
phoenyxblissSchendi: yes she is well dead Master
diesil77: good then i will not tolerate that behavoir in my house either
phoenyxblissSchendi: =aii nods yes Master this one understands-
KilikTheRed: let me thank you sir for your cool head and not coming in here in a rage and making a simple thing a big deal
phoenyxblissSchendi: would you like to leave a message for our Ubara Master ?
diesil77: no thanks are needed respect and honor of my caste dictates such
phoenyxblissSchendi: -nods-
phoenyxblissSchendi: yes Master
diesil77: not unless she is wanted , then i will return her
KilikTheRed: no we have no use for her
KilikTheRed: as the girl mentioned she was beheaded here
phoenyxblissSchendi: do not think so Master as Master First Sword killed her we no need of her carcus lol
diesil77: ~nods then i will pass her to the Admin of Turia and he can do as he pleases
diesil77: yes indeed
phoenyxblissSchendi: -yes Master she smiles -
phoenyxblissSchendi: smiles may girl ask a question Master of Truia
diesil77: yes you may
phoenyxblissSchendi: how is Master Envoy to Turia, giurl used to train his chain -
diesil77: ah Arkin is well
phoenyxblissSchendi: -smiles good to hear -
diesil77: he is a good freind and Brther
diesil77: Brother*
phoenyxblissSchendi: yes he is a respected Master from many -
diesil77: indeed
KilikTheRed: the trip from turia must have been and the trip across the desert is Hot can one of our Girls get you some water or other refreashments ?
diesil77: some water would be nice
KilikTheRed: bliss would you see to it as i think mel may not be with us
phoenyxblissSchendi: yes Master girl would be pleased to serve May she have your water bags as well to fill for your trip home?
diesil77: ~he hands the girl his water bags dry and empty for it was a long hot trip~
KilikTheRed: excuse me a moment (brb)
phoenyxblissSchendi: -Thank you Master she smiles taking the bags form his large Masterful hands, as she rises padding across the floor her curvacious hips swaying side ot side with each step she heads out to the warm sands -
diesil77: (tyt)
phoenyxblissSchendi: -washing her delicate hands shepicks up the water bags she moves to the wall grabbing the torch and a piture she moves tot he step down to the cool storgae. as she opens the door her nipples erect tothe coolness she pads over tot he water barrel lifting hte lid she fills each bag with cold chilled water, then filling the piture, covering the barrel. she moves up the steps again, replacing the torch , she lays the bags and the piture upon a lagrge tray. she then prances over tot he shelf pulling a large gobblet of cold trim with the scimitars etched into it, she inspects it rubbing it avcrossher slave belly , finding none she moves to clean it making it shine . then she moves back tot he room to serve -
diesil77: ~smiles as the girl returns~
KilikTheRed: back)
diesil77: (wb)
phoenyxblissSchendi: -she stops as she passes the table grabbing a sack she fills it with huge slabs of dryed curred bosk, sul bread , a few larmas, peaches, and dates from the friut basket and ver cheese slabs wrapped in cheese cloth hooking it to her side she walks back tot he room her bells chime a soft tune -
KilikTheRed: ty
KilikTheRed: looks to the food in front him he had forgotten about he makes a small sandwhich from whats infront of him and downs it quickly ~ how is Turia this time of year i have never been there ?
diesil77: ah it is well the weather still warm and people seem to be flocking there so it has became uite busy
diesil77: quite*
phoenyxblissSchendi: she comes before his feet she kneels slowly and cautiously, she lays the tray beside her lifting the pitcure of water she fills his goglet full, lifting it to her belly in passion to serve, then to her heart for an ehn in her show of love to please her Master, and then toher lips with respect to him and safe travels, turning it half way around she ilfts it up with outstretched arms her lovely raven haired head lowered , girl hopes this water quentous your thirst Master and that you are pleased with her serve-]
KilikTheRed: warm is good and busy is better
diesil77: ~he smiles and takes the goblet gracfully~thank you
diesil77: indeed
phoenyxblissSchendi: -Thank you Master of Turia girl has prepared your water bags for your return and also a sack of food for your trip -
diesil77: ~he sips the cool water pleasing for he was very thursty~
phoenyxblissSchendi: =sjhe lays them to the side of him on the tray, smiles -
KilikTheRed: yep i knew she was a goner lol
diesil77: ah thank you girl
phoenyxblissSchendi: your quite welcome Master may your bags always be full and your trip be uneventful May the High Priest bless your journey-
diesil77: ~he looks to the girl that served him so well~you are definialty a credit to your masters skills
diesil77: thank you again
phoenyxblissSchendi: -smiels thank you very much my Master would be pleased to hear that she is honored to honore him -
phoenyxblissSchendi: -rising she moves to Masters side -
diesil77: ~nods smiling~
phoenyxblissSchendi: Master may thisone be excused [[reallife calling me]]
KilikTheRed: yes girl go
KilikTheRed: imma have to brb myself)
phoenyxblissSchendi: thank you Master she rises kissing his hand -
diesil77: and thank you Kilik i must go awell
phoenyxblissSchendi: well wishes Master First Spear
diesil77: you take care bliss
KilikTheRed: well wishes sir and safe travels
phoenyxblissSchendi: well wishes Master of Truia
KilikTheRed: well wishes bliss i hope to see you again soon
diesil77: ~smiles~ if you ever come to Turia stop and visit
phoenyxblissSchendi: she rises taking her leave she runs quickly across the hot sands to her Masters home-
KilikTheRed: bliss will save the log for Ubara to see
diesil77: ~nods ~very good
phoenyxblissSchendi: you will post Master>
phoenyxblissSchendi: oh yes girl will post
: thank you just do it when you take care of your stuff
diesil77: ~he waves farewll and grabs his things and sets out for home ~
phoenyxblissSchendiphoenyxblissSchendi : yes Master thank you
KilikTheRed: be well bliss
diesil77 has left the chat
phoenyxblissSchendi: -waves good bye -
phoenyxblissSchendi: you as well

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PostSubject: Re: Master pof Turia visited with concerns    Master pof Turia visited with concerns  Icon_minitimeSun Dec 23, 2012 10:30 pm

all looks good - but .... a kind suggestion bliss... you do the serve -as mel had done one and is then your serve as second girl (and she really isnt to serve as often as others ))
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PostSubject: Re: Master pof Turia visited with concerns    Master pof Turia visited with concerns  Icon_minitimeThu Dec 27, 2012 10:12 pm

still not fond of Turia or Arkin for that matter
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Master pof Turia visited with concerns  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Master pof Turia visited with concerns    Master pof Turia visited with concerns  Icon_minitimeFri Dec 28, 2012 1:10 am

I don't trust him or any Turians
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Master pof Turia visited with concerns  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Master pof Turia visited with concerns    Master pof Turia visited with concerns  Icon_minitimeMon Dec 31, 2012 12:27 pm

I agree, no Turians are to be trusted as we have seen with past and recent events.

No disrespect meant to MasterPhysician, but maybe mels duties (requirements) should once again be defined and explained so all will know exactly what she can and cannot do so there is no misunderstandings and making it easier on her sisters as well as free knowing what to ask and expect.
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PostSubject: Re: Master pof Turia visited with concerns    Master pof Turia visited with concerns  Icon_minitimeWed Jan 02, 2013 7:07 am

read and acknowledge Neutral
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Master pof Turia visited with concerns  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Master pof Turia visited with concerns    Master pof Turia visited with concerns  Icon_minitime

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Master pof Turia visited with concerns
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