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 lacy's Slavewine ans Exam File 1-3-13

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PostSubject: lacy's Slavewine ans Exam File 1-3-13   Thu Jan 03, 2013 10:20 pm

HyukiSun: as the girl enters he finishing washing his hands - taking up a soft cloth he sweeps it over his hands and smiles -we ready girl?
HyukiSun: tal lacy
HyukiSun: welcome
HyukiSun: he lays a fur across the stone exam table and summons her to come get up and sit-
HyukiSun: setting the tools of his trade out he checks all and places them as he'd need -he slips on a pair of gloves -snapping them tight about his wrists-
lacyann22: greetings Master
HyukiSun: come come
HyukiSun: lets do this-
lacyann22: -smiles looking to the floor-
lacyann22: Yes Master whenever you are ready
HyukiSun: First i must as a series of questions to know of your past health and issues
HyukiSun: have you any ails now that need addressed ?
lacyann22: No Master
HyukiSun: he writes as she responds - listening to her words-
HyukiSun: very good
HyukiSun: now open your mouth I want to see your teeth
lacyann22: - she does as Master Physician instructs her to do the girl opens her mouth widely revealing her pearly white teeth-
HyukiSun: taking a small lit instrument he shines it to her teeth and throat as he notes all he sees- then shines it to her eyes briefly - then to her ears and nose -
HyukiSun: ok looks ok in there and elsewhere - your well tended dirl
HyukiSun: now......have you had any injuries ? broken bones -surgeries?
lacyann22: - closes her mouth quietly-
lacyann22: no Master.. girl has not
HyukiSun: have you been bred ? if so how many times and were they healthy?
lacyann22: girl has had no offspring - blushes looking down-
HyukiSun: noting the say he writes all of this down , very well and we will examine for your purity as well this day -
HyukiSun: now I will be listening to your lung function - he states as he lifts the stethascope placing the buds to his ears - leaning forward a step closer he places it to her front and listens - breathe deeply for me girl in then out -do this twice for me
lacyann22: Master? may girl speak freely?
HyukiSun: he slips it upward once -
lacyann22: - takes a deep breath-
lacyann22: - breathes out slowly-
HyukiSun: then doward the second time - then moves it to her back -
HyukiSun: yes - looks to her-
lacyann22: - breaths in deeply and lets her breath out slowly-
HyukiSun: good - now what is it you wish to say?
lacyann22: girl would like to note that her Mistress didnt fur her ften if at all and she wasnt furred by free men hardly either
HyukiSun: well opened is opened and I must note a certificate for you owner here
lacyann22: - looks to the floor lightly ashamed-
lacyann22: Yes Master
HyukiSun: and you feel bad of that?
HyukiSun: seems your lucky to not be a fuck sack -
lacyann22: girl doesnt feel bad... just does not know how the free would feel about it
lacyann22: that is all Master..
HyukiSun: no worries Im sure you will be very pleasing
HyukiSun: now lay back
HyukiSun: his arm aids her as she lays back-
lacyann22: -smiles to his great compliment-
HyukiSun: he readys his hands as e palpates about her neck -any pain?
lacyann22: - lays down upon her back as instructed-
lacyann22: No Master
HyukiSun: moving his hands down to her belly he rolls his fingers deeply feeling for any abnormalaties
HyukiSun: here? he watches her and looks to her eyes-
HyukiSun: then going lower to her womb and ovaries feeling them , he smiles and nods any here?
lacyann22: no Master
HyukiSun: noting all findings once more he gives her a quick wink - sit up
lacyann22: - squints her eyes and wrinkles her nose a bit-
HyukiSun: very well then-
HyukiSun: he turns and removes a syringe - placing it close he takes up a cleansing bottle filling a small bowl carefully -then takes a guaze and dips it -he swipes her upper lower back -then pressing her back slightly to lean forward , he lifts the syringe filled with stabilization syrum - and pokes it deep to her back-injecting quickly then removing the needle he places a soft dry gauze over it , holding it tight for a minute
lacyann22: - sits up quietly listens to Master speak-
lacyann22: - looks to the needle master holds and as she gets woosy-
HyukiSun: he massages it a bit as the syrum is thick -
HyukiSun: may burn as i said but irritation should not last but a day - dont rub it or itch it -understood?
lacyann22: Yes Master
HyukiSun: he writes the dates down as they must be kept in order - he lifts a cup filled with slave wine and hands it to her ~ now this ... not only do I keep the record - you to must post on your ovulation thread so there be NO discrepencies
HyukiSun: the loved slavewine
HyukiSun: lol
HyukiSun: drink it down as I have to see
lacyann22: girl has already done her ovulation for this month Master
HyukiSun: wellslaves post slavewine date given lacy
HyukiSun: as i do as well to my files
HyukiSun: so we both have co submitted information
HyukiSun: you will be given it every month from now on
lacyann22: - - takes the small cup from from Masters hand and tilts the cup to her mouth emptyin it completely closing it... she swallows the liquid quickly gagging after swallowing it-
HyukiSun: open and show
lacyann22: -opens her Mouth to show Master she has consumed it-
HyukiSun: very good - ty
HyukiSun: he places the small tin cup aside to proceed with her blood draw -
HyukiSun: reading the syringe he slips it to her vein - loosing the tie he places the stoppered vile inside pushing it slight till the crimson blood flushes quickly within filling it -his finger take a small guaze placing pressure over the needle as he removes it swiftly-
lacyann22: - lays her arm flat for master t continue to do his physicians work-
HyukiSun: he would bend her arm upward from the elbow -hold like this for a few moments- smiles to her -
HyukiSun: your very brave
HyukiSun: lol
lacyann22: - holds her arm up at a 90 degree angle-
HyukiSun: stepping back he writes all samples collected and to be screened - waiting a good moment - turn back to the tray taking a glass cup and producing it before her ,for her take- pee and leave on the tray in the other exam room then get into the exam chair so we may finish
lacyann22: oh no Master... girl felt like she was going to cross her eyes at the taste of the slavewine
HyukiSun: hahahah
HyukiSun: it is not pleasent
lacyann22: girl didnt feel brave
HyukiSun: he smiles warmly and goes to wash and change his gloves to ready for her pelvic exam - well youve done very well
HyukiSun: one last exam and you may go
lacyann22: - the girl pops up off the table as her ambple breasts bounce lightly she takes the tray from Master as she does what he instructs and lightly pees in the cup and leaves it where Master told her too... Putting one leg infront og the other she makes her way to the exam table in the other room-
HyukiSun: slipping to the other room he places the greased tube , some soft cloths ,he tugs down the power bulb by its thin cord -he lowers to the small stool before her -his hands press her thighs wide to expose her heat - he notes all he sees before beginning
HyukiSun: this will be fast girl he states as he slips the tube upward and deep into her canal - he leans in and shines his light deep as he notes the slave is opned - he removes the tube and tosses it to the bucket of warm soapy water - and leans back as he tugs off his gloves - and smiles -- all is well and will noted , results posted to my vault -
HyukiSun: I am certifing you as opened
lacyann22: -smiles to herself as she is glad Master Physician is pleased-
HyukiSun: he tosses her a soft cloth to wipe her self - and you may wash then return
lacyann22: Yes Master
HyukiSun: you've done very well girl
lacyann22: - takes the cloth from him as she cleans herself very clean she would npot have it any other way-
lacyann22: Thank you Master girl tries
HyukiSun: your welcome your a picture of perfect health
HyukiSun: we will get results of your samples and keep an eye on your shot area
HyukiSun: ok
lacyann22: Thank you master for examining girl
HyukiSun: remeber to post slave date as this day
HyukiSun: most welcome you may return lacy
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PostSubject: Re: lacy's Slavewine ans Exam File 1-3-13   Thu Jan 03, 2013 10:21 pm

slavewine given this day 1-3-13 - next dose 2-3-13 No
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lacy's Slavewine ans Exam File 1-3-13
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