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PostSubject: mel's SLAVEWINE AND EXAM FILES 1-2-13   Wed Jan 02, 2013 4:58 am


slave wine given this day for month of Feruary 1-28-13 next dose 3/13
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PostSubject: mel's exam 12/1/2012   Mon Jan 28, 2013 3:37 pm

mels slavewine schedual and exam file 12-1-12

Post MasterHyukisun on Sat 1 Dec - 20:07
HyukiSun: ~washing hands - he steps to the tables and places all his needed items and fluids -checking over the new scroll of the slave mel~
HuntersMel: naduup
HyukiSun: please enter mel and hop up to the table before me
HyukiSun: have a few questions first , and then we will proceed -Understood?
HyukiSun: wb)
HyukiSun: stay put you
HyukiSun: lol
HyukiSun: first I need to ask if you have any issues now ?
HyukiSun: pain , dizziness
HyukiSun: sick belly?
HuntersMel: No Master
HyukiSun: have you suffered any illnesses or broken bones?
HuntersMel: No Master
HyukiSun: scars or any defining marks ?
HyukiSun: have you been bred to bare children if so how many times?
HuntersMel: No Master
HyukiSun: he looks to her flesh and to his eye sees none as well
HuntersMel: ~smiling at Master~
HyukiSun: he slips before her and gazes to her face - her eyes - taking a small lighted bulb and examines her eyes ears and nose - noting all is well
HyukiSun: open your mouth mel
HuntersMel: Girl open her mouth
HyukiSun: he checks her teeth and looks at her gums and throat as well - noting his findings- he smiles to the slave ~
HyukiSun: very nice -- he comments -- any issues you feel with your mouth or teeth?
HuntersMel: ~smiling back at him~
HyukiSun: it looks ok but a tooth ache can hide
HuntersMel: No Master teeth feel fine
HyukiSun: lifting the stethascope he places it to her mid chest beneath her breast --breathe deeply for me in and out
HuntersMel: giggling its cold
HyukiSun: the sweeping to her back moving first to her upper back then lower back -
HyukiSun: breathe deep
HyukiSun: exhale
HuntersMel: Taking a deep breath
HyukiSun: very good sounding lungs girl --- he chuckles
HuntersMel: Giggling and wiggling
HyukiSun: now - the shot --- he turns with ease to his side and lifts a clean gauze setting in sterile solution , and swipes across her upper mid back -- this may burn ,,, but this is normal - some redness may occur as well
HyukiSun: he lifts the glass needle and pokes it to her flesh and injects the stabilization serum to her ~then quickly removes it - massaging it soft for a second
HuntersMel: ~biting her bottom lip~
HyukiSun: you will get 2 more
HyukiSun: this is a series of 3 shots -he states
HyukiSun: now blood
HuntersMel: When?
HyukiSun: every day till done
HuntersMel: Yes Master
HyukiSun: taking her arm to his side as he lowers to a stoll he wraps a leather tie about her upper arm and looks to her - oump your fist then I will tighten this
HyukiSun: stool*)
HyukiSun: pump*)
HuntersMel: Ouch
HyukiSun: he tightens the band as he grabs the first section of the needle and then slips the second vile inside - wiping her vein off he glides the needle into her vein as the crimson blood flows swift to the vial-
HyukiSun: there there - he places pressure to it and removes the needle - setting a gauze tight it and beds her her arm upward - keep it tight for a minute or two
HyukiSun: he turns setting the samples to the tray and then looks to her
HyukiSun: he hands her a small glass cup --- pee in this and set it to the tray
HuntersMel: Yes Master
HyukiSun: then
HyukiSun: lie back
HuntersMel: Laying back
HyukiSun: he rolls his hand over her belly and lower abdomen
HyukiSun: any pain?
HuntersMel: No master
HyukiSun: is you menses normal or irregular?
HyukiSun: heavy or slow?
HuntersMel: normal
HuntersMel: heavy
HyukiSun: he notes all her answers and checks them over -
HyukiSun: handing her the cup of slave wine -- drink up
HuntersMel: Yes Master taking the cup drinking it down
HyukiSun: now go pee and leave sample on the tray --
HyukiSun: ill be in the next space
HyukiSun: leave it on the tray
HyukiSun: he prepares the tube and tugs the bulb - it hanging to a thin wire and slips to the stool before the table - he slips on the rubber gloves and greases the tube with oils as he waits
HuntersMel: Standing up holding it under her peeing
HyukiSun: your almost done girl -he snaps
HuntersMel: Ok Master here you go
HyukiSun: set it to the tray
HyukiSun: and come
HyukiSun: he relaxes back on the stool awaiting the girl~
HyukiSun: he presses her thighs apart - her camisk he roll sup her to her waist
HuntersMel: Crawling on the table
HyukiSun: taking the tube he inserts it slow and then lowers the light -- i see your opened
HuntersMel: Yes Master
HyukiSun: noted and certified -- he notes the look color and wellness of her heat making it known she is healthy~ he slips the tube from her - and hands her a cloth
HyukiSun: you may clean yourself and return to your Master girl
HyukiSun: you did very well
HyukiSun: he turn and heads to his desk and begins to write out her scroll to post

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PostSubject: mel's slave wine 12/1/2012   Mon Jan 28, 2013 3:38 pm

mel received her slave wine this day 12-1-12
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PostSubject: Re: mel's SLAVEWINE AND EXAM FILES 1-2-13   

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